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454132Littleford CB-100 Plow Blender LittlefordActive$125,000.00
454133Littleford KM 15 000 Paddle Blender With High Shear ChoppersLittlefordActive$125,000.00
396166100 Cubic Foot Double Cone BlenderGemcoActive$65,000.00
429930Gemco 75 Cubic Foot V Blender - Dry Blender OnlyGemcoActive$65,000.00
366249Stainless Steel 20000 Liter Jacketed Ribbon BlenderUnknownActive$58,486.11
429931Matcon Tote - Bin Blender - Number 2MatconActive$57,500.00
440043Patterson Kelly 75 Cubic Foot Twin Shell BlenderPatterson Kelley Co.Active$56,000.00
440044Patterson Kelly 75 Cubic Foot Twin Shell BlenderPatterson Kelley Co.Active$56,000.00
468090Approximately 80 Cubic Foot 316 Stainless Steel Double Paddle BlenderUnknownActive$45,500.00
445248De Dietrich Jacketed 2550 Litre Double Cone Blender De DietrichActive$44,989.32
463641Munson 100 Cubic Feet Jacketed Ribbon BlendersMunson Active$44,500.00
429921Matcon Tote - Bin Blender - Number 3MatconActive$40,000.00
492568H.B. Metal Manufacturing HB-62 Ribbon Blender 62 Cubic FeetH.B. Metal ManufacturingActive$40,000.00
485070MAP WNX6500 6.5 Cubic Meter Ribbon BlenderMAP SrlActive$36,553.82
465325Patterson Kelley 60 Cubic Feet Twin Shell BlenderPatterson Kelley Co.Active$35,500.00
429908Young Industries 45 Cubic Foot Gravity BlenderYoung IndustriesActive$35,000.00
429909Young Industries 45 Cubic Foot Gravity BlenderYoung IndustriesActive$35,000.00
464530General Machinery Co 30 Cubic Foot V Shaped Processor and Vacuum DryerGeneral MachinerySold1$35,000.00
433135Gemco 30 Cubic Foot Double Cone BlenderGemcoActive$32,000.00
491664Gardner 1000 Liter Stainless Steel Ribbon BlenderGardner Mfg, Co.Active$31,874.13
350532Unused 304 Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender 500 gal Model 019UnknownActive$31,267.57
479238Mezclador con contenedores de 100L y 300L marca Bohle | Bohle PM400 blender with 100L and 300L binsBohleSold1$29,000.00
445205De Dietrich Stainless Steel Double Cone Blender De DietrichActive$28,118.32
504128Bohle PTM 200EX Bin Blender With Control PanelBohleActive$27,500.00
433117Laska Z-arm 300L Stainless Steel BlenderLaskaActive$26,078.83
435076S. Howes Inc. 9 CU. FT. Stainless Steel Paddle BlenderS. Howes Inc.Active$25,200.00
415959NNP Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 500 Liter Twin Shaft Paddle BlenderNNP CorporationActive$21,732.36
348237Stainless Steel Double Cone Blender 40 Cubic FeetUnknownActive$21,000.00
439980Habruc Engineering HBH Stainless Steel Blending Machine SWL 100kgHabruc EngActive$19,559.12
454210American Process Systems Sanitary Stainless DRB 24 H Ribbon Blender with Top Mounted Dust CollectorAmerican Process SystemsActive$19,500.00
493346Patterson Kelley 5 Cubic Foot V Blender with Intensifier Bar and AerationPatterson Kelley Co.Active$18,000.00
440517Patterson Kelly 5 Cubic Foot Double Cone BlenderPatterson Kelley Co.Active$16,700.00
420154Patterson Kelley 40 Cubic Feet V BlenderPatterson Kelley Co.Active$15,000.00
427232Mezclador en V de 300 Kg de acero inoxidable | Stainless steel 300 Kg V blender UnknownActive$15,000.00
415348Apple Engineering Twin Shaft Paddle Blender Model BM300AppleActive$13,763.83
415834Apple Engineering BM300 Contra-Rotating 300L U Trough BlenderAppleActive$13,039.42
420148Stainless Steel 25 Cubic Feet Double Ribbon BlenderUnknownActive$12,000.00
440947Stainless Steel 500 Litre Steel Mixer BlenderUnknownActive$11,590.59
334487Inversion Machines Ltd. 55kg Drum TumblerInversion Machines Ltd.Active$10,122.60
486121Unused Custom Ribbon Blender 5 Cubic FootCustomActive$10,000.00
492422Stainless Steel 250 Liter Ribbon BlenderUnknownActive$9,500.00
491693Ranco Fertiservice Stationary Model 2 Double Bin MultiblenderRanco Fertiservice IncActive$8,000.00
426976Mezcladora en V de acero inoxidable marca Micron / Micron RVV25LTS stainless steel V blender Micron SA de CVActive$7,500.00
468134Blendmaster Lab Blender C409956 V BlenderPatterson Kelley Co.Active$7,500.00
468137Pydee Engineering Stainless Steel Double Paddle BlenderPydee Engineering Co. LtdActive$7,500.00
492575Maguire WSB-MB Micro BlenderMaguireActive$7,500.00
504114Patterson Kelley Co. Blend Master Laboratory V BlenderPatterson Kelley Co.Active$6,500.00
488361Viani ST25 Stainless Steel Paddle BlenderViani Sold1$6,186.03
421831NNP 100 Liter Stainless Steel Paddle MixerNNP CorporationActive$5,500.00
515118W C Smith Inc Creme BeaterSmithActive$5,500.00