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482045Unused Tetra Pak Alblend - TH15Tetra PakActive$569,258.16
516167American Process U270-5722 Sanitary Stainless Steel Ribbon BlenderAmerican Process SystemsActive$137,500.00
535898Complete Bacon Snack Chips LineMaddox Metal WorksActive$132,826.90
526447Matcon IBC Tote BlenderMatconActive$120,000.00
481422Tetra Pak Alblend - TH10Tetra PakActive$110,689.09
481433Tetra Pak Alblend - TH11Tetra PakActive$110,689.09
482036Tetra Pak Alblend - TH13Tetra PakActive$110,689.09
587589O Hara Technologies Inc. 150 cf V blender with intensifier barO Hara Technologies Inc.Active$90,000.00
396166100 Cubic Foot Double Cone BlenderGemcoActive$65,000.00
366249Stainless Steel 20000 Liter Jacketed Ribbon BlenderUnknownActive$60,824.40
577406Bohle PM 1000 Bin Blender Unused and CratedBohleActive$58,485.00
440043Patterson Kelly 75 Cubic Foot Twin Shell BlenderPatterson Kelley Co.Active$56,000.00
465325Patterson Kelley 60 Cubic Feet Twin Shell BlenderPatterson Kelley Co.Active$35,500.00
527936Gemco 30 CUFT Stainless Steel V BlenderGemcoActive$35,000.00
350532Unused 304 Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender 500 gal Model 019UnknownActive$32,517.66
526245Morton D10 RB 1000 Liter Jacketed Continuous Ribbon BlenderMortonActive$32,171.72
577405Bohle PM 400 Bin Blender Unused and CratedBohleActive$29,242.50
516066Gemco 30 Cubic Feet Stainless Steel Double Cone BlenderGemcoActive$28,900.00
491664Gardner 1000 Liter Stainless Steel Ribbon BlenderGardner Mfg, Co.Active$28,311.11
505364Werkuizen Schepens Inclined Stainless Steel Soap Powder Mixing Drum BlenderWerkhuizen SchepensActive$28,072.80
508693Patterson Kelley 60 Cubic Foot V-BlenderPatterson Kelley Co.Active$25,000.00
508698Charles Ross 100 Cubic Foot Jacketed Paddle BlenderCharles Ross and Son Co.Active$25,000.00
508699Charles Ross 100 Cubic Foot Jacketed Paddle BlenderCharles Ross and Son Co.Active$25,000.00
568852Gardner Stainless Steel 1000L Ribbon Blender Overhauled 2016Gardner Mfg, Co.Active$22,520.20
503663Cepem MH450 Stainless Steel 450 Liters Ribbon Blender With 2 Lung TanksCepemActive$22,137.82
445205De Dietrich Stainless Steel Double Cone Blender De DietrichActive$21,931.88
348237Stainless Steel Double Cone Blender 40 Cubic FeetUnknownActive$21,000.00
576842Marion Mixers 100 CUFT Carbon Steel Paddle BlenderMarion MixersActive$20,000.00
503664Stainless Steel 450 Liters Ribbon Blender With One Lung TankUnknownActive$19,924.04
415959NNP Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 500 Liter Twin Shaft Paddle BlenderNNP CorporationActive$19,303.03
613930Palmia 450L stainless steel twin shaft paddle BlenderPalmiaActive$19,303.03
582559Semco 600 L Double Cone BlenderSemco EngineeringActive$18,975.27
467291Bohle PM1000 Powder Bin Lifter and Mixer BohleActive$18,715.20
5876311000 L Double Cone BlenderUnknownActive$18,715.20
581356IBC Rotation BlenderUnknownActive$18,500.00
589988Patterson Kelley 5 Cubic Foot Portable Stainless Steel Explosion Proof Double Cone BlenderPatterson Kelley Co.Active$18,500.00
470378Stainless Steel 800 Kgs Ribbon Blender with Loading MezzanineUnknownActive$15,180.22
49935210 Cubic Ft Creative Design V BlenderCreative Design EngineeringActive$15,000.00
470368Bonsucesso BMI 800 Stainless Steel 800 Lts Ribbon Blender with Loading MezzanineIndustria de Misturadores Bonsucesso LtdaActive$14,863.96
470369Stainless Steel 800 kgs Ribbon Blender with Loading MezzanineUnknownActive$14,863.96
470387Aluminox SLALU300 Stainless Steel 600 Kgs Ribbon Blender with HopperAluminox Equipamentos Industriais LtdaActive$14,863.96
572980Dorit 1000L Stainless Steel TumblerDoritActive$12,868.69
415348Apple Engineering Twin Shaft Paddle Blender Model BM300AppleActive$12,225.25
503476Treu 1000|560 Liters Stainless Steel V BlenderTreuSold1$12,017.67
503891Bohle LM40 Portable Bin BlenderBohleActive$12,000.00
508665Patterson Kelley 30 Cubic Foot V Blender - Dry Blender OnlyPatterson Kelley Co.Active$12,000.00
470370Stainless Steel 600 kgs Ribbon Blender with Loading MezzanineUnknownActive$11,859.55
470371Stainless Steel 600 kgs Ribbon Blender with Loading MezzanineUnknownActive$11,859.55
470372Stainless Steel 600 Kgs Ribbon Blender with Loading MezzanineUnknownActive$11,859.55
470373Stainless Steel 600 Kgs Ribbon Blender with Loading MezzanineUnknownActive$11,859.55