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ListIDJob TitleManufacturerStatusPrice
64432Complete Distillation System (Installed in 2002) - includes DeDietrich Glass Lined Packed Column VariousActive$775,000.00
359645Hebeler Inc. Sieve Tray Distillation ColumnHebeler CorporationActive$85,000.00
439982B/R Instrument Corporation Distillation SystemB and R Instrument CorporationActive$40,000.00
434992Lot of 4 Chromotagraphy ColumnsVariousActive$8,750.00
3343781 Lot of 5 Millipore Moduline 50 Litre Model P350x500 Cast Acrylic Mobile Chromatography ColumnsMilliporeActive$6,511.83
3343771 Lot of 4 Millipore Moduline 50 Litre Model P350x500 Cast Acrylic Mobile Chromatography ColumnsMilliporeActive$5,426.52
434989Lot of 4 Millipore Chromatography ColumnsMilliporeActive$5,250.00
434991Lot of 4 Amicon Chromatography ColumnsAmiconActive$5,250.00
434986Millipore P400X500 Chromatography ColumnMilliporeActive$4,750.00
434990Micron LTD P440X500 Chromatography ColumnMicron PowerActive$4,750.00
462460Novasep Process Chromatography ColumnNovasep ProcessSold1$4,500.00
273425Amersham Biosciences Chromaflow 38 Liter Chromatography ColumnAmersham BiosciencesActive$3,500.00
415792Millipore Quick Scale Chromatography ColumnMilliporeActive$3,500.00
442874BioSepra C400 Chromatography ColumnBioSepraActive$3,500.00
442876BioSepra 300x300 Chromatography ColumnBioSepraActive$3,500.00
334415Unused Millipore P630x500x500 Cast Acrylic Chromatography ColumnMilliporeActive$3,472.98
462454Amersham Bioscience Jacketed Stainless Steel ColumnAmersham BiosciencesActive$2,500.00
434988Amicon 440 X500 Chromatography ColumnsAmiconActive$2,250.00
334401Unused Millipore P350x1000x500 Cast Acrylic Chromatography ColumnMilliporeActive$2,170.61
462453Amersham Bioscience SA240 Jacketed Stainless Steel ColumnAmersham BiosciencesActive$1,500.00
363148Waters XTerra C18 Chromatography Column WatersActive$445.00
281550Agilent Zorbax ODS C18 Column 150 x 4.6 mm AgilentActive$350.00
382443Septech Annular Expansion Column on WheelsSeptechActive$0.00