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64432Complete Distillation System (Installed in 2002) - includes DeDietrich Glass Lined Packed Column VariousActive$775,000.00
526174Mueller 14 Inch Glycerin Distillation ColumnPaul Mueller CompanyActive$40,000.00
526175Mueller 24 Inch Methanol Distillation ColumnPaul Mueller CompanyActive$40,000.00
522219Lot of 3 Pall DP1000-50-3000AM DAP-M Chromatography Column Pump and Slurry Packing Station Pall CorporationActive$30,000.00
471029Pall Resolute Manual Packing Station Pall CorporationActive$22,579.03
522516Unused Millipore Isopak 1000 x 500 Acrylic Chromatography Column 30-CH-55405MilliporeActive$15,000.00
414810Mann Welding 60 cm Stainless Steel Jacketed Chromatography Column 22-COL-7004Mann WeldingActive$12,000.00
414801Euroflow 450-V-EP5203 Acrylic Chromatography Column C-1560.1EuroflowActive$7,500.00
273422Amersham Biosciences Chromaflow 21 Liter Chromatography ColumnAmersham BiosciencesActive$5,000.00
520917Pharmacia Biotech Chromatography Column with Packing StationPharmacia BiotechActive$5,000.00
520921Pharmacia Biotech Chromatography Column with Packing StationPharmacia BiotechActive$5,000.00
491196BPG Portable Chromatography Column BPGActive$4,000.00
491197Pall Corporation Resolute 37.7 Liter Portable Chromatography ColumnPall CorporationActive$4,000.00
519094Amersham Pharmacia Biotech ColumnAmersham Pharmacia Biotech IncActive$3,500.00
484030Pall Resolute 84.9 Liter Chromatography ColumnPall CorporationActive$3,000.00
484675BPG 35 Liter Glass Chromatography ColumnBPGActive$2,000.00
281550Agilent Zorbax ODS C18 Column 150 x 4.6 mm AgilentActive$350.00
522739YMC TDH12S03-1003WT HPLC ColumnYMCActive$320.00
484673Lot of 2 Assorted Bubble TrapsAssortedActive$300.00
269616Millipore G600X500X250 Coupling ColumnMilliporeActive$0.00
411969Unused Mann Welding Hastelloy/316L Stainless Steel 180 CM Chromotography ColumnMann WeldingActive$0.00
471103Ekstrom Carlson 15m3 Distillation ColumnEkstrom CarlsonActive$0.00
471104Ekstrom Carlson 8m3 Distillation ColumnEkstrom CarlsonActive$0.00