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338234Ingersoll Rand Centac C310MX3-4C1 Air CompressorIngersoll RandActive$450,000.00
270119Demag Centrifugal Compressor VK-45 6000 HPDemagActive$225,000.00
450489Demag VK-28 Air CompressorDemagActive$212,000.00
504883Ingersoll Rand Centac C50MX4 Oil Free Air CompressorIngersoll RandActive$158,567.70
270109Demag Centrifugal Compressor VK-40C 5500 HPDemagActive$100,000.00
270110Cooper Bessemer 5 Stage Reciprocating Compressor 2500 HPCooper BessemerActive$100,000.00
366944Demag VK40C Centrifugal CompressorDemagActive$100,000.00
366945Demag HVK14 Centrifugal CompressorDemagActive$100,000.00
366946Demag VK40C Centrifugal CompressorDemagActive$100,000.00
270111Cooper Bessemer Reciprocating Compressor 2250 HPCooper BessemerActive$85,000.00
385292Unused Clark CFB-4 Cummins Natural Gas EngineClarkActive$75,000.00
395841800hp Ingersoll-Rand Centac Air Compressor Ingersoll RandActive$75,000.00
414772Cameron Turbo Air 2000 Plant Centrifugal Air Compressor with Support Equipment CameronActive$75,000.00
366939Atlas Copco HM 9-3.7 Centrifugal CompressorsAtlas CopcoActive$70,000.00
395840700hp Ingersoll Rand Centac Air CompressorIngersoll RandActive$65,000.00
270094Clark 3500 HP Horizontally Split Centrifugal CompressorClarkActive$60,000.00
270071Joy Model TAE 100 Turbo Air Centrifugal Air CompressorJoy ManufacturingActive$56,250.00
427027Lote de 17 compresores marca Carlyle / Lot of 17 Carlyle 06TRH088B2EA compressors CarlyleActive$51,000.00
270089York Centrifugal Compressor 426A7YorkActive$50,000.00
270122Atlas Copco Centrifugal 02 CompressorAtlas CopcoActive$50,000.00
366935Atlas Copco HR 6.5 Centrifugal CompressorsAtlas CopcoActive$50,000.00
366947York 526B8 Centrifugal Refrigeration CompressorYorkActive$50,000.00
400211Atlas Copco Air Compressor Model ZT3AAtlas CopcoActive$50,000.00
359529Joy TA60MR2 Two Stage Air CompressorJoy ManufacturingActive$45,000.00
359530Joy TA60MR2 Two Stage Air CompressorJoy ManufacturingActive$45,000.00
359531Joy TA60MR2 Two Stage Air CompressorJoy ManufacturingActive$45,000.00
359532Joy TA60MR2 Two Stage Air CompressorJoy ManufacturingActive$45,000.00
359533Joy TA60MR2 Two Stage Air CompressorJoy ManufacturingActive$45,000.00
395839500hp Ingersoll Rand Centac Air CompressorIngersoll RandActive$45,000.00
270099Sulzer Oilfree Piston CompressorSulzerActive$40,000.00
270113Penn Reciprocating Gas Compressor Class 3ATP-CPPenn Pump ProductsActive$40,000.00
244778Atlas Copco ZR37 Rotary Screw Air Compressor with Desiccant Air DryerVariousActive$35,000.00
464682Mobile Containerized Sullair 100 HP Compressor with Air DryerSullairActive$35,000.00
4678312005 Atlas Copco Air Compressor Model ZR 110Atlas CopcoActive$35,000.00
270121Joy Centrifugal Nitrogen CompressorJoy ManufacturingActive$30,000.00
504257Atlas Copco GA90VSD Air CompressorAtlas CopcoActive$28,830.49
456168Atlas Copco GA55 Plus Air CompressorAtlas CopcoActive$27,872.78
456169Atlas Copco GA808AP Air CompressorAtlas CopcoActive$27,872.78
504570Atlas Copco GA315WVSD Air CompressorAtlas CopcoActive$27,500.00
270072Clark Isopac 4-3-2 Centrifugal Compressor 1250 HPClarkActive$25,000.00
270073Clark Isopac 4-3-2 Centrifugal Compressor 1250 HPClarkActive$25,000.00
270108Belliss & Morcom Reciprocating Compressor 150 HPBelliss and MorcomActive$25,000.00
366955Gas and Air Systems 3AT-CP Reciprocating CompressorGas and Air Systems IncActive$25,000.00
448978Ingersoll Rand 2CV29M3HP Centrifugal Compressor| Compresor Centrífugo Ingersoll Rand 2CV29M3HPIngersoll RandActive$25,000.00
467832Atlas Copco Air Compressor Model ZR 145Atlas CopcoActive$25,000.00
480984Compresor de aire marca Atlas Copco | Atlas Copco ZE4E air compressor rated 160 HPAtlas CopcoActive$24,500.00
504882CompAir L75SR Variable Speed Air CompressorCompAirActive$20,757.95
270090Turbonetics 150 HP Centrifugal CompressorTurbonetics IncActive$20,000.00
270112Clark 360 HP Reciprocating CompressorClarkActive$20,000.00
504880Atlas Copco ZT22 Oil Free Air CompressorAtlas CopcoActive$15,568.47