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ListIDJob TitleManufacturerStatusPrice
459951Lee Industries 100 Gallon Dual Motion Dimple Jacketed Vessel And High Shear Mixer and Flame ArrestorLee IndustriesActive$45,000.00
384519Refurbished Giusti 120 Liter Jacketed Kettle GiustiActive$32,500.00
441090Giusti 500 Liter Stainless Steel Jacketed KettleGiustiActive$23,076.92
425454Roben Mfg. Co. 200 Gallon Hastelloy Jacketed Kettle With Lightning AgitatorRoben Manufacturing CoActive$22,500.00
459884100 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Dual Agitator Mixing Vessel With Control PanelUnknownActive$22,500.00
304183Lee 50 Gallon Kettle With AgitatorLee IndustriesActive$16,000.00
206501Hot Water GeneratorUnknownActive$15,263.23
383927Surmet 1000 Liter Multimix 220A Mixing KettleSurmetActive$15,000.00
419403Groen Model N150 Stainless Steel Jacketed KettleGroenActive$12,500.00
416059Cougar Food Machinery 80 Liter Fondant Kettle with PumpCougar Food MachineryActive$12,307.69
392795Hamilton 100 Gallon KettleHamilton ScientificActive$12,000.00
435063Lee 150LU Jacketed Stainless Steel KettleLee IndustriesActive$11,000.00
415989Groen AH 60 Stainless Steel Gas Fired Kettle with Scrape Surface MixerGroenActive$9,500.00
415990Groen AH 60 Stainless Steel Gas Fired Kettle with Scrape Surface MixerGroenActive$9,500.00
459954Groen N-25 Gallon Steam Kettle with Admix 80XP63 High Shear EmulsifierGroenActive$9,500.00
437612Keychoc MT500 Stainless Steel 500L Chocolate KettleUnknownActive$9,000.00
425453Lee 200 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle With Lightnin AgitatorLee IndustriesActive$8,500.00
453292Lee Industries 250 Gallon Portable Stainless Steel Jacketed KettleLee IndustriesSold1$8,500.00
453297Feldmeier 500 Gallon Portable Stainless Steel kettleFeldmeier Active$8,500.00
435259Groen GPT 150 Kettles GroenActive$8,000.00
234614Lot of (2) Coulter 200 Gallon Jacketed Process Tanks CoulterActive$7,600.00
234642Lee 10 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle, Model 10D7TLee IndustriesActive$7,500.00
390019Walker 400 Gallon Sanitary Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle With AgitatorWalker Stainless EquipmentActive$7,500.00
415992Perfect Equipements 40 Gallon Sainless Steel Natural Gas Kettle with Cream AgitatorPerfect Equipements Inc.Active$7,500.00
415994Southbend KELS 100 Gallon Stainless Steel Electric KettleSouth BendActive$7,500.00
418809Chocoma 2T 130 Stainless Steel Chocolate Temperer KettleChocomaActive$6,923.08
234602Market Forge 40 Gallon Gas Fired Steam Kettle Model FT4 0GL Market Forge CompanyActive$6,500.00
311853Lee Industries 20 Gallon Jacketed KettleLee IndustriesActive$6,500.00
417834Cleveland KLG60 Stainless Steel KettleClevelandActive$5,384.62
234603Groen 40 gallon KettleGroenActive$5,000.00
291765Lot of (2) Stainless Steel Portable BowlUnknownActive$5,000.00
421750Cleveland 24GMK6200 Stainless Steel (Jacketed)ClevelandActive$5,000.00
433115Yorkshire BS 5500 Kettles - Stainless Steel (Jacketed)YorkshireActive$5,000.00
401321Burnett & Rolfe Open Stainless Steel Jacketed Tipping Kettle complete with Resin Dosing PumpBurnett Active$4,615.38
424047NNP Stainless Steel Chocolate Kettle 150LNNP CorporationActive$4,500.00
434482Stainless Steel Mobile 150L Vacuum MassagerPokelmaschinen GesActive$4,500.00
426975Marmita de 15 L de acero inoxidable marca Groen / Groen TDC/2-20 stainless steel 15 L kettle GroenActive$4,000.00
433112NNP Corporation 200L Stainless Steel KettleNNP CorporationActive$4,000.00
453307Lee Industries 300 Gallon Portable Stainless Steel KettleLee IndustriesActive$4,000.00
453308Lee Industries 300 Gallon Portable Stainless Steel KettleLee IndustriesActive$4,000.00
440972Foodmek 150 Liter Stainless Jacketed Tipping KettleUnknownActive$3,846.15
440570Stainless Steel 862 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed KettleUnknownActive$3,000.00
32991430 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Vessel with Bran Luebbe Metering PumpUnknownActive$2,500.00
41530540 Gallon Tilting KettleUnknownActive$2,500.00
452243Groen TDC/2-20 Pouring KettleGroenActive$2,000.00
268400Hamilton Stainless Steel KettleHamilton ScientificActive$1,900.00
268401Groen Stainless Steel KettleGroenActive$1,500.00
426966Marmita de 150 L de acero inoxidable / Stainless Steel 150 L kettle UnknownActive$1,200.00
452254Groen Mfg. Co. 150 gallon Stainless Steel KettleGroenActive$1,200.00
451017Market Forge Model FT-20 Stainless Steel Jacketed KettleMarket Forge CompanyActive$950.00