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273386WHE Systems 250 Liter Bio Reactor Skid, CIP Skid and Utility SkidWHE Biosystems Inc.Active$140,000.00
414370Reactor homogenizador marca Olsa / Olsa homogenizer reactorOlsaSold1$120,000.00
412640Poligono Industrial El Pla 15,000 Liter 316L Stainless Steel ReactorPoligono Industrial El PlaActive$82,289.94
433622Unused Pfaudler 5500 Gallon Glass Lined Glass Lined Vertical ReactorPfaudlerActive$75,000.00
369177Stainless Steel 27000 Liter ReactorUnknownActive$67,730.95
433621Pfaudler 3000 Gallon Glass Lined Glass Lined Vertical ReactorPfaudlerActive$55,000.00
333151Pfaudler 6000 Gallon Glass Lined ReactorPfaudlerActive$50,000.00
88252***Pfaudler 1500 Gallon Glass Lined ReactorPfaudlerActive$45,000.00
288060Unused Pfaudler 1500 Gallon GL Reactor Body with 3'' Foamglas Insulation and SS SheathedPfaudlerActive$45,000.00
423696De Dietrich 100 Gallon Glass Lined ReactorDe DietrichActive$45,000.00
119973***Pfaudler 1500 Gallon Glass Lined ReactorPfaudlerActive$39,000.00
423661De Dietrich 100 Gallon ReactorDe DietrichActive$37,500.00
335640ABEC 180 L ReactorAbecActive$32,400.00
335641ABEC 180 L ReactorAbecActive$32,400.00
359654Brighton 2000 gallon 304 Stainless Steel Inner Coil ReactorBrighton CorpActive$27,500.00
423862De Dietrich 30 Gallon Glass Lined Reactor with Budzar Fluid Heat Transfer SystemDe DietrichActive$27,500.00
119768***Glass Lined 1000 Gallon DeDietrich ReactorDe DietrichActive$25,000.00
119992***Dynamic Welding 316L Stainless Steel 750 Gallon ReactorDynamic WeldingActive$25,000.00
388078Applikon Pilot System 60L Jacketed Stainless Steel BioreactorApplikonActive$25,000.00
867201000 Gallon De Dietrich Glass Lined ReactorDe DietrichActive$22,500.00
335642Kinetics 750 L Kill System Reactor Kinetic SystemsActive$22,500.00
388070Applikon Bio Bench 30L Jacketed Stainless Steel BioreactorApplikonActive$20,000.00
433606De Deitrich 1000 Gallon Glass Lined ReactorDe DietrichActive$20,000.00
399188PDC Machines 2 Gallon Stainless Steel Reactor PDC MachinesActive$19,500.00
308317Kosik 7600 Litre Stainless steel jacketed Reactor complete with Condenser unitKosikActive$18,989.99
308318Kosik 7400 Litre Stainless steel jacketed Reactor KosikActive$18,989.99
308329W Shulz Stainless steel 5685 Litre capacity jacketed Reactor and Stainless steel Condenser unitW.Schulz, KrefeldActive$18,989.99
366792Tolan 300 Gallon 316L Stainless Steel ReactorTolanActive$18,000.00
335343DeDietrich Glass Lined 100 Gallon ReactorDe DietrichActive$17,500.00
308331Pfaudler Glass Lined 6875 Litre Capacity Jacketed Reactor PfaudlerActive$15,824.99
438861Thermo Scientific HyClone Single Use 200L MixerThermo ScientificActive$15,750.00
381970Pfaudler 6000 Gallon Glass Lined Reactor BodyPfaudlerActive$15,500.00
119756***1000 Gallon DeDietrich Glass Lined Vertical ReactorDe DietrichActive$15,000.00
119986DeDietrich Glass Lined 1000 Gallon ReactorDe DietrichActive$15,000.00
371788250 Liter Pure Flow Precision portable 316SS agitated reactor with PH and Conductivity yr 2003Pure Flo PrecisionActive$15,000.00
271577REMOVED FROM CATALOG ***Pfaudler 300 Gallon Glass Lined Reactor Body R-2300PfaudlerActive$14,400.00
308320K Lev 6419 Eiterfeld 5685 Litre Stainless steel jacketed Mixing Vessel and adjacent Condenser unitK.Lev 6419 EiterfeldActive$14,242.49
366357DCI 2200 Liter Stainless Steel ReactorDCIActive$13,000.00
334483B. Braun Biotech (Sartorius) B17518 Mobile 30 Litre Spin Filter B. Braun BiotechActive$12,659.99
350141Pfaudler 160 Liter Conical Bottom Glass Lined ReactorPfaudlerActive$12,500.00
330350Pfaudler 500 Gallon Double Jacketed Glass Lined ReactorPfaudlerActive$12,000.00
366356Northland Stainless 1500 Liter Stainless Steel ReactorNorthland StainlessActive$12,000.00
371787Portable Walker Stainless Equipment 100 Liter Jacketed Agitated 316 SS Reactor 100/FV @ 215FWalker Stainless EquipmentActive$12,000.00
350140Pfaudler 100 Liter Conical Bottom Glass Lined ReactorPfaudlerActive$11,500.00
308319Kirsch 3300 Litre Stainless steel jacketed Reactor KirschActive$11,393.99
334482B. Braun Biotech (Sartorius) B17517 Mobile 9 Litre Spin Filter B. Braun BiotechActive$11,393.99
81690REACTOR 4000 GALLON GLASS LINED DEDIETRICHDe DietrichActive$9,000.00
404389Pfaudler 50 Gallon Glass Lined ReactorPfaudlerActive$9,000.00
333839Sapphire Eng Mobile 300 Litre 316 L Stainless Steel ReactorSapphire Eng LtdActive$8,102.39
333844Sapphire Eng Mobile 800 Litre 316 L Stainless Steel ReactorSapphire Eng LtdActive$8,102.39