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529013Unused Ekato SRA 10000 Liter Stainless Steel Mixing Vessel w HomogenizationEkatoActive$650,000.00
488091Cominox 35 m3 ReactorCominox s.r.lActive$86,239.88
527373Pfaudler 12,500 Liter Glass Lined ReactorPfaudlerActive$60,000.00
527375Pfaudler 12,500 Liter Glass Lined ReactorPfaudlerActive$60,000.00
486360Bertocchi 24 Cubic Meter Stainless Steel ReactorBertocchi s.r.l.Active$59,700.00
369177Stainless Steel 27000 Liter ReactorUnknownActive$57,817.46
527376Pfaudler 8,000 Liter Glass Lined ReactorPfaudlerActive$45,000.00
568958Pfaudler 70 Gallon Ultra-High Purity Edlon Lined ReactorPfaudlerActive$32,500.00
568959Pfaudler 70 Gallon Ultra-High Purity Edlon Lined ReactorPfaudlerActive$32,500.00
516548Pope 32 Gallon Scientific Pharmaceutical ReactorPope ScientificActive$31,900.00
527377Pfaudler 2,500 Liter Glass Lined ReactorPfaudlerActive$25,000.00
5678961000 Gallon Stainless Steel ReactorNolte Active$25,000.00
375779Olsa 300 Liter 316L Stainless Steel Reactor with Side SweepOlsaActive$22,500.00
345515Precision Stainless 2500 Liter Stainless Steel Jacketed ReactorPrecision StainlessActive$22,000.00
499030Applied Materials 7810 EPI ReactorApplied Materials IncActive$20,000.00
499029Applied Materials AMC 7810 Cylidrical Epitaxial ReactorApplied Materials IncActive$18,000.00
521147Ross RVMS-100 100 Gallon Pharmaceutical Mixing ReactorRossActive$18,000.00
471201Chaudiere 3400 Liter Stainless Steel ReactorChaudiereActive$16,210.50
345516Pfaudler Approx 900 Gallon Glass Lined ReactorPfaudlerActive$15,000.00
467510Noorden 100 Litre Stainless Steel Jacketed ReactorNoorden BVActive$14,049.10
471203Chaudiere 890 Liter Stainless Steel ReactorChaudiereActive$12,968.40
465367Pfaudler 200 Gallon Stainless Steel ReactorPfaudlerActive$12,500.00
465421Pfaudler R 200 Gallon Stainless Steel ReactorPfaudlerActive$12,500.00
334483B. Braun Biotech (Sartorius) B17518 Mobile 30 Litre Spin Filter B. Braun BiotechActive$10,807.00
471202Chaudiere 320 Liter Stainless Steel ReactorChaudiereActive$10,807.00
524735Baskerville and Lindsey 9288 ReactorBaskerville and Lindsey LtdActive$9,961.51
334482B. Braun Biotech (Sartorius) B17517 Mobile 9 Litre Spin Filter B. Braun BiotechActive$9,726.30
467323Scholl 1000 Litre Stainless Steel Reactor SchollActive$9,726.30
491443Pfaudler 50 Gallon Glass Lined ReactorPfaudlerActive$9,000.00
463165Feldmeier 150Liter Portable Stainless Steel Jacketed Bottom Mixing Vacuum Reactor With Control PanelFeldmeier Equipment Inc.Active$8,750.00
497678Parr 452HC 0.5L Stainless Steel Pressure Reactor with Parr 4841 ControllerParrActive$7,500.00
517411Stainless Steel 600 Liter Agitated ReactorCustomActive$7,024.55
298535Mettler Toledo laboratory synthesis reactorMettler ToledoActive$5,000.00
518274Antico Olindo E Cesare Srl AFE e 2 80 Liter ReactorAntico Olindo E Cesare SrlActive$3,242.10
475962Unused Lleal 700 Liter Stainless Steel Agitated ReactorLlealActive$0.00