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451716Two Unused Pfaudler 70 Gallon Ultra-High Purity Reactor Modular Systems, Halar LinedPfaudlerActive$600,000.00
526031Complete Sulphonation Plant UnknownActive$300,000.00
488301Unused Stainless Steel 13 Cubic Meter ReactorUnknownActive$105,368.79
488091Cominox 35 m3 ReactorCominox s.r.lActive$88,978.09
489814Unused 6.3 Cubic Meter 1600 Gallon Stainless Steel 316L ReactorCustomActive$74,594.41
471032Binder Inactivation Reactor Skid BinderActive$64,670.79
486360Bertocchi 24 Cubic Meter Stainless Steel ReactorBertocchi s.r.l.Active$59,700.00
369177Stainless Steel 27000 Liter ReactorUnknownActive$59,653.23
471028ATEC PharmTechnik Inactivation Reactors Skid AtecActive$53,520.66
471037ATEC Pharmatechnik CTAB211 Chromatography Splitting Reactor Skid AtecActive$44,600.55
471040Binder CTAB311-A311 Chromatography Splitting Reactor Skid BinderActive$44,600.55
489836Unused Custom Built 2800 Liter Stainless Steel 316L ReactorCustom BuiltActive$43,485.53
516548Pope 32 Gallon Scientific Pharmaceutical ReactorPope ScientificActive$31,900.00
375779Olsa 300 Liter 316L Stainless Steel Reactor with Side SweepOlsaActive$22,500.00
467335Zurcher 1200 Litre Stainless Steel Reactor Zurcher AGActive$21,185.26
388070Applikon Bio Bench 30L Jacketed Stainless Steel BioreactorApplikonActive$20,000.00
466379De Dietrich 500 Gallon Glass Lined Jacketed Reactor BodyDe DietrichActive$20,000.00
521147Ross RVMS-100 100 Gallon Pharmaceutical Mixing ReactorRossActive$18,000.00
308317Kosik 7600 Litre Stainless steel jacketed Reactor complete with Condenser unitKosikActive$16,725.20
308318Kosik 7400 Litre Stainless steel jacketed Reactor KosikActive$16,725.20
467331Pfaulder 1485 Litre Glass Lined Reactor PfaudlerSold1$16,725.20
467336Scholl 1000 Litre Stainless Steel Reactor SchollActive$16,725.20
467327Pfaulder 3000 Litre Glass Lined Reactor PfaudlerActive$15,610.19
467329Kuhne 2500 Litre Stainless Steel Reactor KuhneActive$15,610.19
467333Kuhne 2500 Litre Stainless Steel Reactor KuhneActive$15,610.19
467510Noorden 100 Litre Stainless Steel Jacketed ReactorNoorden BVActive$14,495.18
271577Pfaudler 300 Gallon Glass Lined Reactor Body R-2300PfaudlerActive$14,400.00
467339Kuhne 2500 Litre Stainless Steel Reactor KuhneActive$14,160.67
467340Kuhne 2500 Litre Stainless Steel Reactor KuhneActive$14,160.67
308331Pfaudler Glass Lined 6875 Litre Capacity Jacketed Reactor PfaudlerActive$13,937.67
308320K Lev 6419 Eiterfeld 5685 Litre Stainless steel jacketed Mixing Vessel and adjacent Condenser unitK.Lev 6419 EiterfeldActive$12,543.90
465367Pfaudler 200 Gallon Stainless Steel ReactorPfaudlerActive$12,500.00
465421Pfaudler R 200 Gallon Stainless Steel ReactorPfaudlerActive$12,500.00
519386Lee Industries 100 Liter Jacketed Stainless Steel Reactor Vessel With Bottom AgitationLee Industries, Inc.Active$12,500.00
330350Pfaudler 500 Gallon Double Jacketed Glass Lined ReactorPfaudlerActive$12,000.00
371787Walker Stainless Equipment 100 Liter 316 Stainless Steel ReactorWalker Stainless EquipmentActive$12,000.00
334483B. Braun Biotech (Sartorius) B17518 Mobile 30 Litre Spin Filter B. Braun BiotechActive$11,150.14
524735Baskerville and Lindsey 9288 ReactorBaskerville and Lindsey LtdActive$10,463.08
308319Kirsch 3300 Litre Stainless steel jacketed Reactor KirschActive$10,035.12
334482B. Braun Biotech (Sartorius) B17517 Mobile 9 Litre Spin Filter B. Braun BiotechActive$10,035.12
467323Scholl 1000 Litre Stainless Steel Reactor SchollActive$10,035.12
491443Pfaudler 50 Gallon Glass Lined ReactorPfaudlerActive$9,000.00
463165Hastelloy 150 L Vacuum ReactorUnknownActive$8,750.00
526367Northland Stainless 500 Liter Jacketed Stainless Steel Agitated Reactor Northland StainlessActive$8,500.00
517411Stainless Steel 600 Liter Agitated ReactorCustomActive$7,247.59
471689Pellegrini 500 LT Agitated Mixing ReactorPellegriniActive$4,683.06
490487IKA LR2.ST Laboratory Reactor System (No Vessel)IKAActive$3,500.00
518274Antico Olindo E Cesare Srl AFE e 2 80 Liter ReactorAntico Olindo E Cesare SrlActive$3,345.04
298535Mettler Toledo laboratory synthesis reactorMettler ToledoActive$0.00
527505Balleststra Soap Powder Neutralised Sulphonic Acid Base Production plantBallestraActive