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484909Linea blistera | Blister packaging line3MActive$120,000.00
4934252002 Skinetta Full Automatic Streachbanding Machine Model ASK 450SkinettaActive$18,500.00
264920Doran Danbury Auto Hot Melt Case Sealer Model MPPH6Q12Doren DanburyActive$14,500.00
264915Marq Top Case Sealer Model 02TBLHMarq Case Sealing SystemsActive$14,000.00
283183Combi Packaging TBS-100FC Top Case Taper - Line 3CombiActive$9,500.00
416029Freemantle Gluer Stainless Mobile UnitUnknownActive$9,459.36
283126Marq Top and Bottom Case TaperMarq Case Sealing SystemsActive$8,500.00
454149Little David LD16A Top and Bottom Case TaperLittle DavidActive$8,500.00
486582Belcor Bel 185 Automatic Random Taper BelcorActive$7,997.00
429603One Lot of Two Little David LD-7D Case Tapers - Line 15Little DavidActive$6,500.00
2831303M Top and Bottom Case Taper3MActive$6,000.00
2831373M Matic Top and Bottom Case Taper3MActive$6,000.00
448926Loveshaw Little David Top Bottom Case TaperLove Shaw CorpActive$5,600.00
416099Jacob White Packaging 200 Continuous Motion GluerJacob WhiteActive$5,093.50
418782Jacob White Packaging TFS Tabletop Carton GluerJacob WhiteActive$5,093.50
276538BEDO Case Sealer Taper Model VA 300BedoActive$5,040.89
4933273M-Matic Adjustable Case Sealer and Bottom Case Taper 3MActive$5,000.00
2592323M 700R Case Sealer3MActive$4,500.00
2831923M-matic Top and Bottom Case Taper - Line 213MActive$4,500.00
4556432006 3M Case Taper Machine Model 110A3MActive$4,500.00
4556442006 3M Case Taper Machine Model 110A3MActive$4,500.00
469177Bel 150SS Taper - Line 15BELActive$4,500.00
4936043M Matic Case Sealing System 3MActive$4,500.00
441954Robopac Robotape 50 CF Cardboard Box Taping MachineRobopacActive$3,696.65
504235Comarme GEM-X37 Case Taper SealerComarmeActive$3,696.65
384402Endoline 625 Case SealerEndolineActive$3,638.22
504164Siat SM8PA Case SealerSiatActive$3,136.55
457036Encintadora cerradora de caja colectiva marca 3M | 3M 110A case sealing taper3MActive$3,000.00
457037Encintadora cerradora de caja colectiva marca 3M | 3M 100a case sealing taper3MActive$3,000.00
490047NNP XTA-07 Top and Bottom Case TaperNNP CorporationActive$2,910.57
467099Little David LD16SBC|2 Case Taper With Top And Bottom Tape HeadsLittle DavidActive$2,800.00
467264Little David LD16SB Case Taper With Top Tape HeadLittle DavidActive$2,800.00
473529Slautterback KB 10 Hot Melt Glue ApplicatorSlautterbackActive$2,688.47
504167Siat SM8 Case SealerSiatActive$2,576.45
4353453M Matic 200A Adjustable Case Taper3MActive$2,500.00
442985Soco Systems T55 Top Bottom Carton TaperSoco SystemsActive$2,500.00
467251Little David LD16SB Case Taper With Top Tape HeadLittle DavidActive$2,500.00
469179Bel 150S Taper BELActive$2,500.00
469517Comarme Collective Sealer Wrapper |Encintadora Cerradora de Caja Colectiva ComarmeComarmeActive$2,500.00
467091Little David LD16SBC/2 Case Taper With Bottom Only Tape HeadLittle DavidActive$2,400.00
467111Little David LD16SBC/2 Case Taper With Bottom Only Tape HeadLittle DavidActive$2,400.00
276535Soco System Top and Bottom Case TaperSoco SystemsActive$2,240.39
264917Soco Taper Box SealerSoco SystemsActive$2,000.00
485091Elliot 85ATSL Carton Taper Top Taper OnlyElliot ManufacturingActive$2,000.00
490152Soco Case TaperSoco SystemsActive$1,680.30
436431Interpack RSA-2024-TB Carton SealerInterpackActive$1,100.00
466162Interpack RSA-2024-TB Carton SealerInterpackActive$1,100.00
466163Interpack RSA-2024-TB Carton SealerInterpackActive$1,100.00
469516LoveShaw Collective Sealer Wrapper | Encintadora Cerradora de Caja Colectiva LoveShawLoveShawSold1$500.00
411437Siat XL45 PA Top Seal Case TaperSiatActive$0.00