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ListIDJob TitleManufacturerStatusPrice
474310Lakso 990 Tablet Bottle Filling Line (No Cartoner)NJM PackagingActive$245,000.00
304075Inova Rod Inserter Labeler ComboInovaActive$150,000.00
404969Impresstik 2000 VAC Labeling System And Carton Verification Line H1Impresstik Systems Pty Ltd.Active$99,884.58
405120Impresstick Bottle Labeling System With IWKA Cartoner Line EVariousActive$97,664.92
451225Harland Europa Rotary 2 Head Front and Back Labeler HarlandActive$85,000.00
417801Accraply Vial Labeling and Packaging LineAccraplyActive$75,000.00
417801Accraply Vial Labeling and Packaging LineOpen DateActive$75,000.00
450713NERI RL450 Labeler with Control PanelNeriActive$55,940.30
473759Harland Jupiter Pressure Sensitive Front and Back Labeler OutserterHarlandActive$52,000.00
365399Sacmi RA600 Self Adhesive LabelerSacmiActive$49,942.29
448855Harland Sirius MK5 Twin Label System For Zero DowntimeHarlandActive$46,000.00
418864Unused Axon ST-2650 Stretch Sleeve Labeling MachineAxonActive$45,000.00
424372Sancoa Weiler RL-1 Rotary Labeler with Sancoa Weiler Leaflet PlacerSancoaActive$45,000.00
405109Partial Bottle Labeling and Packaging Line HNewmanActive$44,393.15
265333Krones Autocol Pressure Senitive Labeler KronesActive$38,000.00
365526Krones Contiroll 745 Wrap Around LabelerKronesActive$36,624.35
259218Sancoa Labeler and Inserter Model OP-2000SancoaActive$36,000.00
416751Label Systems 1900 Pressure Sensitive LabelerLabel SystemsActive$35,000.00
442828Krones 747-284 Autocol Pressure Sensitive Labeler KronesActive$35,000.00
182976Hoppmann Front and Back LabelerShibuya Hoppmann CorporationActive$33,500.00
81555Etipack model S-9 Self Adhesive Labelling MachineEtipackActive$33,294.86
459562NJM Packaging CLI UNI-300VA Single Head Wrap Around Labeler NJM PackagingActive$32,500.00
365401Krones Contiroll 745 Wrap Around LabelerKronesActive$31,075.20
465188Neri SL200 TV1 LabelerNeriActive$29,965.37
417234Krones Solomatic LabelerKronesActive$28,500.00
417243Krones Solomatic LabelerKronesActive$28,500.00
464129Nuova BRB Mega ADE 611 Rotary Single Head Labeler NuovaActive$27,500.00
341024Unused TotalPack Solutions Pressure Sensitive Labeler Model TLB-100ATotalPackActive$27,000.00
375901NJM Packaging 334RSBP-273 Pressure Sensitive LabelerNJM PackagingActive$26,000.00
384536Refurbished NJMCLI Single Head Wrap Around Labeler Model UNI-310NJM PackagingActive$25,000.00
428723Neri SL400 Carton Top and Side LabelerNeriActive$24,971.14
411445Neri BL 400 VLE Three Headed LabelerNeriActive$24,416.23
411446Neri SL 400V Single Head Labeler with PrinterNeriActive$24,416.23
410280Neri SL300 Labeling MachineNeriActive$23,306.40
416246Altech Model Impianto Speciale LabelerAltechActive$23,306.40
242563Avery Pressure Sensitive LabelerAveryActive$22,500.00
341025Unused TotalPack Solutions Pressure Sensitive Labeler Model LB-200ATotalPackActive$22,500.00
451797Hoppmann Front and Back 4 Heads Rotary Labeler Hoppmann CorporationActive$22,500.00
459116Pago 165 System Labeler PagoActive$22,196.57
435532Accraply 35B Labeler Top and Bottom LabelerAccraplyActive$21,000.00
441968Krones Kosme Cartina 4AS1E1 LabelerKronesActive$20,000.00
441969Krones Kosme Cartina 4AS1E1 LabelerKronesActive$20,000.00
442821Accutek Labelette Model 42-3L2-200 SleeverAccutek Packaging EquipmentActive$20,000.00
424497IMA Libra Three Headed Carton LabelerIMA LibraActive$19,976.92
423321Ocea Zaffiro 600.8T.S2 LabelerOceaActive$18,867.09
415820Norprint LabelerNorprintActive$18,758.21
385330NJM Single Head Wraparound Labeler Model 304R-1149NJM PackagingActive$18,500.00
242552Quadrell Pressure Sensitive Vial Labeler with Markem Smart Date CoderQuadrelActive$17,500.00
372489Label Star SYS 2/1 DX Labeling MachineLabel StarActive$17,500.00
433878Axon EZ-200 Shrink Sleeve Labeler AxonActive$17,500.00