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568351Iwka BPS Blister Packaging Line for TabletsHermaActive$237,892.59
544452Liquids Packaging Line-R2HermaActive$200,358.42
544452Liquids Packaging Line-R2OceaActive$200,358.42
544454Liquids Packaging Line-R1EtipackActive$187,459.36
544454Liquids Packaging Line-R1HermaActive$187,459.36
524319Sidel Alfa Adhesive F35 16T S4|E2 LabelerSidelActive$125,000.00
525004Martinez Hermanos Olive Complete Filling LineTatxa Sistemas Etiquetaje y Embalaje s.lActive$120,000.00
544468Liquids Packaging Line-L1Acma GdActive$104,038.36
451225Harland Europa Rotary 2 Head Front and Back Labeler HarlandActive$85,000.00
487710DL Tech Aesus H400 Single Head Pressure Sensitive LabelerDL TechActive$85,000.00
437786Krones Universela K723-E33 LabelerKronesActive$84,584.03
524722Krones Autocol LabelerKronesActive$84,500.00
491233Krones Autocol LabelerKronesActive$75,000.00
532507Rota RE300 LabelerRotaActive$63,438.02
450713NERI RL450 Labeler with Control PanelNeriActive$61,940.26
504878IMA Libra Sensative AV Automatic Pressure Sensitive Vial LabelerIMA LibraActive$60,000.00
464085Sacmi Opera 2100AD 12T S2|E2D Labeler with Sleeving ApplicationSacmiActive$58,151.52
520532Harland Wrap Around Labeler with Gemini Dual Label UnwinderHarlandActive$58,151.52
473759Harland Jupiter Pressure Sensitive Front and Back Labeler OutserterHarlandActive$52,000.00
484724Neri SL400 VTE Tamper Evident LabelerNeriActive$50,286.35
365399Sacmi RA600 Self Adhesive LabelerSacmiActive$47,578.52
418864Unused Axon ST-2650 Stretch Sleeve Labeling MachineAxonActive$45,000.00
265333Krones Autocol Pressure Senitive Labeler KronesActive$38,000.00
523830Krones Universella LabelerKronesActive$38,000.00
375084Harland Sirius LabelerHarlandActive$37,500.00
259218Sancoa Labeler and Inserter Model OP-2000SancoaActive$36,000.00
529011Xu Yuan XL 250 Automatic Shrinkable Label Inserting MachineXu Yuan Packaging Technology Co LTDActive$35,882.75
529190Xu Yuan XL 250 Automatic Shrinkable Label Inserting MachineXu Yuan Packaging Technology Co LTDActive$35,882.75
416751Label Systems 1900 Pressure Sensitive LabelerLabel SystemsActive$35,000.00
442828Krones 747-284 Autocol Pressure Sensitive Labeler KronesActive$35,000.00
466442Krones Contriroll LabelerKronesActive$35,000.00
466443Krones Contriroll LabelerKronesActive$35,000.00
516540Weiler PRL1500 Pressure Sensitive LabelerWeiler Labeling SystemsActive$35,000.00
365526Krones Contiroll 745 Wrap Around LabelerKronesActive$34,890.91
568427Krones Autocol 480-8 TIPO 747 LabelerKronesActive$33,304.96
459562NJM Packaging CLI UNI-300VA Single Head Wrap Around Labeler NJM PackagingActive$32,500.00
529120Neri SL300 LabelerNeriActive$31,719.01
490118Krones Autocol Self Adhesive LabelerKronesActive$31,233.76
518195B and H BH8000 Wrap Around Labeler B and H ManufacturingActive$31,233.76
365401Krones Contiroll 745 Wrap Around LabelerKronesActive$29,604.41
529114CDA Ninon Solo Print LabelerCDAActive$29,604.41
465188Neri SL200 TV1 LabelerNeriActive$28,547.11
520845IMA Libra Sensitive 300TE Vignette LabelerIMA LibraActive$28,500.00
464129Nuova BRB Mega ADE 611 Rotary Single Head Labeler NuovaActive$27,500.00
341024Unused TotalPack Solutions Pressure Sensitive Labeler Model TLB-100ATotalPackActive$27,000.00
375901NJM Packaging 334RSBP-273 Pressure Sensitive LabelerNJM PackagingActive$26,000.00
530246Altech Alritma LabelerAltechActive$25,375.21
384536Refurbished NJMCLI Single Head Wrap Around Labeler Model UNI-310NJM PackagingActive$25,000.00
427963NJM Packaging 334LRDB0P-287 Front and Back Pressure Sensitive LabelerNJM PackagingActive$25,000.00
504400Krones Autocol LabelerKronesActive$25,000.00