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225065Machine pour sacs thermo-soudés PFM Falcon S / PFM Falcon S Flow Pack MachinePFM Packaging MachineryActive$248,002.20
420151IMA AF60 OverwrapperIMAActive$180,000.00
523149IWKA TFS20 LinePMI - Packaging Machine InternationalActive$160,000.00
523149IWKA TFS20 LineUnknownActive$160,000.00
395833SIG Flow Wrapper and Robotic CartonerSIGActive$145,000.00
395834SIG Flow Wrapper and Robotic CartonerSIGActive$145,000.00
351070Suremballeuse GIMA FTB 518 / GIMA FTB 518 Over Wrapper GIMAActive$132,267.84
333550Koera-Packmat CS300 Card Seal Wrapping MachineKoera PackmatActive$130,000.00
333551Koera-Packmat CS500/60 Card Seal Wrapping MachineKoera PackmatActive$130,000.00
484909Linea blistera | Blister packaging lineMultipackActive$120,000.00
443167ITW Mima stretch wrapperITW Mima Packaging Systemsactive$110,223.20
420149Guerze CE-75 Crease WrapperGuerzeActive$110,000.00
460889Ulma Atlanta Form Fill Seal Flow Wrapper MachineUlmaActive$105,000.00
522275Gamma MB440 Blister Packer System PRB Packaging SystemsActive$90,456.88
427054Envolvedora horizontal en bolsa marca Redpack | Unused Redpack P325 Horizontal Flow Wrapping MachineRedpack Packaging MachineryActive$80,000.00
504760Clearpack Invospeed S35 IWS Shrink Bundler OverwrapperClearpackActive$75,000.00
517505CAM G35 Cellophane WrapperCAMActive$66,133.92
416138ITW Mima Octopus 1800SF High Speed Pallet WrapperITW Packaging SolutionsActive$65,809.39
387305Unused PDC Model R200 Shrink Sleeve Labeler and Heat TunnelPDC InternationalActive$65,000.00
515781Rebuilt Sollas 20 Overwrapping MachineSollasActive$65,000.00
478610PolyPack PH-24DH Dual Lane Bundler - Wrapper with Heat Shrink TunnelPolyPackActive$60,000.00
516542Klockner P2000U Automatic Flow WrapperKlocknerActive$52,000.00
516543Klockner P2000U Automatic Flow WrapperKlocknerActive$52,000.00
490580Pester Pac Automation PEWO-pack 450 OverwrapperPester Pac AutomationActive$50,000.00
467358Pester Pewo 250 Compact Carton Collation and BundlerPester Pac AutomationSold1$49,600.44
416114Bradman Lake FT120 Flow WrapperBradman LakeActive$46,066.57
484725Multipack F500 Collator Stretch Bander MultipackActive$42,381.25
441110Fuji FW3700 Stainless Steel Flow WrapperFujiActive$39,485.63
333543IMA Tray Overwrapping Machine Model IMA3721ABIMAActive$35,822.54
209005IMA automatic bundler, model MS 500 EPIMAActive$35,000.00
462626Doboy Linium 305 Rotary Film Horizontal Flow WrapperDoboyActive$35,000.00
462668Doboy Linium 305 Rotary Film Horizontal Flow WrapperDoboyActive$35,000.00
478499Sollas 20 Overwrapping MachineSollasActive$35,000.00
519028Mollers North America, Inc. Automatic Stretch Hooding SystemMollers North America, Inc.Active$35,000.00
521745Arenco SW70 Collating Shrink BundlerArencoActive$35,000.00
308478OTEM M 300 E Double bladed Manually side loaded Multipack Flowrapper with auto Base Card InfeedOTEMActive$33,066.96
365604Multipack F500 Bundler Packer with Shrink Tunnel Model T600MultipackActive$33,066.96
517498Bergami CM40 OverwrapperBergamiActive$33,066.96
490112Aries 602 Overwrapper MachineAries PackagingActive$32,904.69
489787Fuji VFW C3400 Horizontal Flow WrapperFujiActive$32,000.00
489833Fuji FW-3400 Horizontal Flow WrapperFujiActive$32,000.00
465176Marchesini F97 BundlerMarchesini GroupActive$30,862.50
456034Ilapak Delta 2000 LD B DX Flow Wrapper with Oystar MAP SystemIlapakActive$30,000.00
459782BFB MS 500S Automatic Stretch Bundle WrapperBFBActive$29,760.26
504763PFM Falcon Horizontal Flow Wrapper PFM Packaging MachineryActive$29,000.00
265345Ameripak Model S3500 Flow OverwrapperAmeripakActive$28,000.00
438081Sitma Model 905 Cellophane Wrapping Machine SitmaActive$27,555.80
461414PFM Machinery Falcon Horizontal Flow WrapperPFM Packaging MachineryActive$27,000.00
418017Adpak B700 Compact Automatic Sleeve WrapperAdpackActive$26,323.76
490114Cermex CP18 AEL Shrink WrapperCermexActive$26,323.76