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225065Machine pour sacs thermo-soudés PFM Falcon S / PFM Falcon S Flow Pack MachinePFM Packaging MachineryActive$281,880.71
389918Pester Pac Automation PEWO-FOLD C-120 Overwrapper Like New ConditionPester Pac AutomationActive$265,000.00
436177Norden Nordenmatic 702 Toothpaste Tube Filling LinePewoActive$218,970.57
420151IMA AF60 OverwrapperIMAActive$180,000.00
351070Suremballeuse GIMA FTB 518 / GIMA FTB 518 Over Wrapper GIMAActive$150,336.38
395833SIG Flow Wrapper and Robotic CartonerSIGActive$145,000.00
395834SIG Flow Wrapper and Robotic CartonerSIGActive$145,000.00
333550Koera-Packmat CS300 Card Seal Wrapping MachineKoera PackmatActive$130,000.00
333551Koera-Packmat CS500/60 Card Seal Wrapping MachineKoera PackmatActive$130,000.00
420149Guerze CE-75 Crease WrapperGuerzeActive$110,000.00
363283Gima 518 Automatic Over Wrapping complete with Tear Tape MachineGIMAActive$89,930.36
442565Wrapmatic Multiwrap MW30 WrapperWrapmatic SPAActive$85,000.00
416138ITW Mima Octopus 1800SF High Speed Pallet WrapperITW Packaging SolutionsActive$79,867.10
417801Accraply Vial Labeling and Packaging LineBDMActive$75,000.00
442564Wrapmatic PW33 WrapperWrapmatic SPAActive$75,000.00
387305PDC Model R200 Shrink Sleeve Labeler and Heat TunnelPDC InternationalActive$65,000.00
326790Marchesini MF 910 Automated Carton Bundling and Overwrapping MachineMarchesini GroupActive$62,640.16
442595Cassoli IN 5 SUPER H BundlerCassoliActive$60,000.00
442596Cassoli IN /3AL HS BundlerCassoliActive$60,000.00
416114Bradman Lake FT120 Flow WrapperBradman LakeActive$55,906.97
330943Aries Packaging Over Wrapper (Sleever) Model 602Aries PackagingActive$55,000.00
400820Envolvedora frasco con manga termocontraible marca Karlville/Karlville SLEEVERPRO500 bottle sleeverKarlvilleActive$55,000.00
363285PDC INT R-200 Vertical Shrink LabelerPDC InternationalActive$52,500.00
333269CAM Sleeving Machine Model KOCAMActive$50,738.53
441110Fuji FW3700 Stainless Steel Flow WrapperFujiActive$47,920.26
441903Sigpack HBM Flow WrapperSigpackActive$46,353.72
333542IMA Tray Overwrapping Machine Model IMA3721ABIMAActive$40,716.10
333543IMA Tray Overwrapping Machine Model IMA3721ABIMAActive$40,716.10
209005IMA automatic bundler, model MS 500 EPIMAActive$40,000.00
4174872011 Ilapak Carrera 1000 Flow Wrapper IlapakActive$40,000.00
4174882011 Ilapak Carrera 1000 Flow Wrapper IlapakActive$40,000.00
365604Multipack F500 Bundler Packer with Shrink Tunnel Model T600MultipackActive$37,584.09
286721Skinetta Bundler ASK800TSkinettaActive$37,500.00
437292Shanklin HS-1 High Speed Shrink WrapperShanklinActive$35,500.00
415987Campbell Pioneer Horizontal Flow WrapperCampbell Wrapper Corp.Active$35,000.00
314002PESTER SHRINK WRAP BUNDLERPester Pac AutomationActive$33,544.18
377345Tadbik SLV-100 Shrink Sleeve Applicator Labeling System TadbikActive$31,946.84
418017Adpak B700 Compact Automatic Sleeve WrapperAdpackActive$31,946.84
438081Sitma Model 905 Cellophane Wrapping Machine SitmaActive$31,320.08
311442Scandia Over Wrapper Model 350ScandiaActive$30,000.00
421188Novopac CD 090 F2+BM 1409 Automatic Shrink BundlerNovopacActive$28,814.47
389922BFB IMA 3711A BundlerBFB IMAActive$28,500.00
265345Ameripak Model S3500 Flow OverwrapperAmeripakActive$28,000.00
422206Conflex RSW 140 Shrink WrapperConflexActive$28,000.00
416025Ilapak Carrera 1000M Stainless Steel Flow WrapperIlapakActive$27,154.81
195165Flowpack Packaging Machine, Packaging machineUnknownActive$26,308.87
312718BFB/IMA Automatic Shrink Wrapper BanderIMAActive$25,557.47
195171Flowpack Packaging Machine, Packaging machineUnknownActive$25,056.06
385879Multipack Multistack Bundler Model F42MultipackActive$25,000.00
419370Ilapak Cougar Sr Model Uno 1 Horizontal Flow WrapperIlapakActive$24,500.00