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586501Complete Sachet Shampoo Line PCEActive$226,232.23
467500Eisai AIM 296 T Ampoule and Vial Inspection MachineEisai Sold1$187,688.79
544355Bonfiglioli 36 Station High Speed Rotary Leak Detection SystemBonfiglioliActive$120,000.00
541106Seidenader V90 Inspection MachineSeidenaderActive$111,093.05
578985Proditec Visitab 2 Automatic Tablet Inspection MachineProditecActive$111,093.05
529765Bosch CIM 5022 Cosmetic Inspection Machine for VialsBoschSold1$105,000.00
462877Nikka Densok HDI-2 Pinhole Leak Detector for Plastic SyringesNikka DensokActive$75,000.00
505185Seidenader SI-20 Syringe Visual Inspection MachineSeidenaderActive$46,776.02
452651Seidenader PI 40 Automatic Particle Inspection SystemSeidenaderActive$45,000.00
527264TRI Innovation TR7007 Solder Paste Inspection MachineTRI Innovation Inc.Active$45,000.00
574261Seidenader V90AVSB60LR Semi Automatic Vial Ampoule Inspection Machine With DT1202 TurntableSeidenaderActive$45,000.00
574262Seidenader V90AVSB60LR Semi Automatic Vial Ampoule Inspection MachineSeidenaderActive$45,000.00
568840Brown and Sharpe 7105 Inspection MachineBrown and SharpeActive$30,000.00
574263Optel Vision Systems OP300 PharmaProof Single Camera Inspection BoothOptel Vision SystemsActive$30,000.00
574264Optel Vision Systems OP300 PharmaProof Single Camera Inspection BoothOptel Vision SystemsActive$30,000.00
578844CI Vision Inspection MachineCI VisionActive$30,000.00
582508IMS LVIS-III Visual InspectorIMSActive$30,000.00
486799Seidenader SI-20-LR Syringe Inspection MachineSeidenaderActive$29,235.01
508678L.B.Bohle KA100 Tablet Grader - Sorter with Servolift Post HoistL.B.Bohle MaschinenActive$27,500.00
577402Optel Vision Systems OP300 Image and Print Inspection MachineOptel Vision SystemsActive$27,500.00
590638Lot of Packing EquipmentE.I.O.Sold1$23,388.01
590144Neri SL400 with Infeed Accumulator Table and Code Checking UnitEnginyeria InformaticaActive$18,710.41
416257Eisai Model AIM-578SD-9 Inspection MachineEisai Active$18,476.53
433898Eisai Model AIM-277SD-12 Inspection MachineEisai Active$18,476.53
479154Seidenader V90-AVSB|60-LR Vial Inspection MachineSeidenaderActive$15,400.00
378369Seidenader Vision SystemSeidenaderActive$15,000.00
525562Manufacturing Integration Tech Smart Flex 822A Tape and Reel Inspection MachineManufacturing Integration Technology Ltd.Active$15,000.00
538499Maschinpex Visomat IV Semi Automatic Vial Ampoule Inspection MachineMaschinpexActive$14,000.00
494781PCE Datamatrix Station PCE - Pharma Control ElectronicActive$11,810.95
304080La Calhene TLT DPTE Transfer Leak DetectorLa CalheneActive$10,000.00
544353WM Machine Tool 888 Semi Automatic Vial Ampoule Inspection MachineWM Machine ToolActive$9,600.00
193538Tisma Model TC550 Double SorterTismaActive$9,355.20
538372Eisai RMS2005 Tablet Thickness Sorting MachineEisai Active$8,500.00
508015Twin Industrial Dynamic Filtec Empty Case Inspectors With RejectIndustrial DynamicsActive$7,500.00
513125Universal Machine Infrared Empty Bottle Detection SystemUniversal Machine CompanyActive$7,500.00
429982Vibratory Tablet FeederUnknownActive$6,500.00
571626IMA Nova 97 Capsule Polishing Inspection ConveyorIMA NovaActive$6,500.00
416286Brevetti CEA-5A/58 Ampoules Inspection MachineBrevettiActive$6,431.70
509076M.W. Technologies Semi Automatic Visual Inspection Belt with Feed Hopper And LightM.W. TechnologiesActive$5,500.00
416285Strunck Model KVL A06 Visual Inspection Machine for AmpoulesStrunckActive$5,262.30
568766Unused Zistos IAD-TIPZ-A6 Railcar Inspection SystemZistos CorporationActive$5,200.00
232904LA Vibration Industrielle SievesLa Vibration IndustrielleActive$5,000.00
543912Starrett HE400 Horizontal Benchtop Optical ComparatorStarrettActive$4,500.00
586963Generic MX9854 Plastic Bottle Inspection MachineUnknownActive$3,668.30
571624Teco 200 Rewind Inspection TableTecoActive$3,000.00
509074Web Techniques WT-25 LC1 Label InspectionWeb TechniquesSold1$2,500.00
578866Lakso 97 Single Sided Tablet Capsule Inspection Belt With TurntableLakso CompanyActive$2,500.00
493337Omron F-30 Vision Inspection SystemOmronActive$2,250.00
479153Seidenader STS 2000 Product ElevatorSeidenaderActive$1,750.00
482092Tap Tone TRB2000 Level Inspector with Pneumatic RejecterTeledyne TapTone Active$1,581.81