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346797Seidenader XS-2 Ampoule Inspection MachineSeidenaderActive$348,000.00
453910Zeiss Prismo Navigator MASS 7/9/5 HTG Coordinate Measuring MachineZeiss Inc.Active$111,244.13
490533GF Automatic Ampoule Inspection MachineGF s.p.aActive$105,946.79
453911Zeiss Prismo Navigator MASS 7/9/5 S-ACC Coordinate Measuring Machine CMMZeiss Inc.Active$100,649.45
414558Seidenader Flight Conveyor Track and Trace SystemSeidenaderSold1$80,000.00
429967Unused Universal Machine Infrared Empty Bottle Detection SystemUniversal Machine CompanyActive$80,000.00
452651Seidenader PI 40 Automatic Particle Inspection SystemSeidenaderActive$75,000.00
350494Wilcomat VR300 Rotary Vial and Ampoule Inspection Machine / Headspace AnalyzerWilcoActive$69,000.00
453912Mycrona Signum SL420 Coordinate Measuring Machine CMMMycronaActive$47,676.06
283203Maschinpex Sortomat 12D Tablet Grader Sorter with Servolift Post HoistMaschinpexActive$45,000.00
486799Seidenader SI-20-LR Syringe Inspection MachineSeidenaderActive$37,081.38
423287Safeline PowerChek 500 Cabinet X-Ray Inspection SystemSafelineActive$25,000.00
385893Optel OP355 Vial Vision System with Conveyor and TurntableOptel Vision SystemsActive$22,500.00
384592Optel OP358 and OP368 Label and Code Vision SystemOptel Vision SystemsActive$20,000.00
491313BST eltromat Shark 4000LEX Label Inspection SystemBST eltromatActive$20,000.00
283113Seidenader VIS-1 Track and Trace Inspection SystemSeidenaderActive$17,500.00
416257Eisai Model AIM-578SD-9 Inspection MachineEisai Active$16,739.59
433898Eisai Model AIM-277SD-12 Inspection MachineEisai Active$16,739.59
326799SephaScan Blister Scan Mobile Stainless steel Blister Leak Detection MachineSephaActive$15,892.02
326800SephaScan Blister Scan Mobile Stainless steel Blister Leak Detection MachineSephaActive$15,892.02
304068Seidenader V90-AVSB Pre Filled Syringe Inspection Machine SeidenaderActive$15,000.00
304070Seidenader V90 Pre Filled Syringe Inspection Machine SeidenaderActive$15,000.00
378369Seidenader Vision SystemSeidenaderActive$15,000.00
478447Seidenader V90T Ampoule and Vial Inspection MachineSeidenaderActive$12,119.66
304080La Calhene LTL DPTE Transfer Leak DetectorLa CalheneActive$10,000.00
329859Pressco Technologies Bottle Inspection Device Unused In The Original Shipping CratePressco TechnologiesActive$8,500.00
193538Tisma Model TC550 Double SorterTismaActive$8,475.74
485876Semiconductor Wafer Testing SystemVariousActive$8,000.00
283131Banner - Cognex 360 Degree Camera Vision SystemBanner EngineeringActive$7,500.00
486638Semiconductor Wafer Microscopic Video Inspection StationVariousActive$7,000.00
197580 Chain Link MachineBeijing Conet Science Technology Co., LTDActive$6,615.00
429982Vibratory Tablet Feeder with Conveyor - Tablet Inspection BeltUnknownActive$6,500.00
486366CI Vision Lomax P-3 Vision SystemCI VisionActive$6,500.00
416286Brevetti CEA-5A/58 Ampoules Inspection MachineBrevettiActive$5,827.07
407318Ultraprobe 9000 Ultrasonic Inspection KitUltraprobeActive$5,500.00
232904LA Vibration Industrielle SievesLa Vibration IndustrielleActive$5,000.00
283136One Lot of Two Lakso Cap or Cotton Inspection SystemsLakso CompanyActive$5,000.00
329885ID Filtec FT-50 Bottle Inspection ID TechnologyActive$5,000.00
487718KLA Instruments 2133 Semiconductor Wafer Inspection SystemKLA InstrumentsActive$5,000.00
491470Web Techniques WT-25 LCI Label Counting SystemWeb TechniquesActive$5,000.00
491471Web Techniques WT-25 LCI Label Counting SystemWeb TechniquesActive$5,000.00
416285Strunck Model KVL A06 Visual Inspection Machine for AmpoulesStrunckActive$4,767.61
489913SDI CMS III AR Contamination Monitor System SDI IncorporatedActive$4,000.00
469118Mitutoyo Optical Comparator With Model ERC-5701 Digital ReadoutMitutoyoActive$3,500.00
415677ID Filtec FT-50 Fill Level Inspection MachineIndustrial DynamicsActive$1,000.00
464156Sabex Bar Code Inspection SystemVisuascan Inc.Active$700.00
487029KLA Instruments 1007 Semiconductor Wafer Prober SystemKLA InstrumentsActive$700.00
486980Semiconductor Wafer Film Microscopic Video Inspection SystemVariousActive$500.00
367369Lot of 7 Anglepoise Style QC Inspection LampsUnknownActive$370.81
399266Minnesota Automation Literature PlacerMinnesota AutomationActive$0.00