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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W462714250L. Jacketed Tank (Electric Heated Jacket)TanksI Have It
W462709100 Square ft w/ stoppering capabilityFreeze DryersI Have It
W462705Complete Tablet Bottling Line - 2010 or newer (120 BPM)Tablet or Capsule Bottle Filling LinesI Have It
W462691Buyer is looking for a quality used calcium chloride chiller (min 15 to 100+ tons would work). Temperature of -15F.ChillersI Have It
W462596Client needs to source a Norden model 700 or 702 in the next 3-6 months.  I Have It
W462522Buyer is looking for a stainless storage and/or fiberglass storage tanks that are larger than 5,000 gallons but do cannot have a height greater than 15 feet.TanksI Have It
W462497Olympus BX61 Florescent Microscope MicroscopesI Have It
W462490Buyer is looking for an environmental chamber -45 deg C to +170 deg C, 10 to 95% humidity, 10 to 20 cubic feet Environmental and Stability ChambersI Have It
W46248650 kg coating pan for beansMiscellaneous Candy or Confectionery EquipmentI Have It
W462452Advion TriVersa Nanomate Chip-Based Electrospray SystemElectronic CountersI Have It
W462350Small to midsize case erector 9.5”x11.5”x23 7/8” size caseCase ErectorsI Have It
W462346(2) 200 gallon kettles with side scrape 3" discharge in almost new conditionKettles - Stainless Steel (Jacketed)I Have It
W462305Buyer is looking for a Nissei 500 ton - 55 to 60 oz machine 1995 & upInjection MoldersI Have It
W46230118,000 Liter jacketed steam kettle, flat or dish bottom, 109" max. diameter up to 18' H, with prop mixerTanksI Have It
W4623005,000 Liter jacketed steam kettle, dish bottom, 7-8' diameter, agitation preferredTanksI Have It
W462292TQD Mass SpectrometerMass SpectrometersI Have It
W462285Double ribbon blender 40 -75 cb ft I Have It
W462284Buyer is looking for hydraulic hose on reels, all sizes I Have It
W462283Buyer is looking for Jensen mixers. Any series/model will workMixers/AgitatorsI Have It
W4622781,000-2,000 L jacketed kettle, high pressure steamTanksI Have It
W46214260 cubic ft I Have It
W462119Customer is looking for a Applied Biosystems StepOne Real Time PCR System PCR and Thermal CyclersI Have It
W462070Bacon Press I Have It
W462056looking for 3000 L capacity for lotions/creams kettle with side sweep or with any kind of mixingKettles - Stainless Steel (Jacketed)I Have It
W462051Urschell SlicerSlicersI Have It
W462038Client needs three jacketed 100-150 gallon tank with a sweep mixer preferably on casters stainless steel 304 or 316TanksI Have It
W462031Buyer is looking for a Cumberland granulator 7x12GranulatorsI Have It
W462025Buyer is looking for a Bekum H 111 I Have It
W462022Buyer is looking for an Aoki Direct Heat Conditioning Stretch Blow Molding Machine Model SBIII-500N-60 I Have It
W462001Client needs a 1 gallon and 5 gallon explosion proof filler, product has a very low viscosity FillersI Have It
W461999Basic Electron MicroscopeMicroscopesI Have It
W461969Buyer is looking for a Buchi Rotavapor R 220 EvaporatorEvaporatorsI Have It
W461959Buyer is looking for a ~750 gallon and ~1500 gallon 316 stainless steel jacketed mixing tankTanksI Have It
W461954Corneometer needed as soon as possible Miscellaneous Lab EquipmentI Have It
W461810Buyer is looking for a 400-500 ton Cincinnati injection molder with a shot size above 60 oz and must be mid 90's vintage or newerInjection MoldersI Have It
W461809Buyer is looking for a 10-20 hp plastics granulatorGranulatorsI Have It
W461786 Capsule filler Zanasi 40 F I Have It
W461779Buyer is looking for a Aone Union Co Part # HAN-088 and HAN-128Miscellaneous MRO EquipmentI Have It
W461759Buyer is currently looking for 2 or more ~150 gallon stainless steel mix tanks (preferably on wheels with forklift slots) as well as 2 or more ~400 gallon stainless steel mix tanks (preferably on wheels with forklift slots).TanksI Have It
W461751Direct Detect EMD Millipore Spectrophotometer Analyzer [lipids, proteins]SpectrophotometersI Have It
W461749Biotage Isolera One High Performance Flash Chromatography System I Have It
W461744Buyer is looking for a 500-600 gallon stainless steel steam jacketed vat pasteurizer I Have It
W461742UVP BioSpectrum Imaging SystemImagersI Have It
W461730Agilent 1100 or 1200 with Chemistation including DAD detector Fluorescent detector Column thermostat Auto sampler(5ºC) Degasser Quaternary pump HPLCI Have It
W461701Hydropac AWS-2500 Liquid Pouch Filling MachineVivarium Equipment - MiscI Have It
W461415Buyer is looking a 50-60 cu. ft. double ribbon w/s.s. contact parts and a 50-100 lb. bag  I Have It
W461385Roche Modular Analytics P-ModuleChemistry AnalyzersI Have It
W461369abi 4500 or 5500Mass SpectrometersI Have It
W461364Buyer is looking for a Bekum H 155, preferably with Proco take-out system. I Have It
W461292 40cuft V blender I Have It