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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W441206Looking for a Perkin Elmer Serie 200 Autosampler with tray. thanks in advance.Sample EquipmentI Have It
W44119475 Cu' V BlenderBlendersI Have It
W441144Looking for a Douglas case packer, client is packing paint cans 2*2*1 Case PackersI Have It
W441128Buchi Mini Spray Dryer B-290Spray DryersI Have It
W441127GEA Niro SDMICRO™ Spray DryerSpray DryersI Have It
W441126GEA Niro MOBILE MINOR™ Spray dryerSpray DryersI Have It
W441106Immediate need for a 3000 gallon high pressure agitated reactor. Our preference would be a 3000 gallon, stainless steel, reactor good for 1500 psig. We can use as low as 1000psig but would prefer a little higher pressure.ReactorsI Have It
W44098438'' 42" 48" Stainless Steel Coating Pan in EuropeConventional Coating PansI Have It
W440983Lot of 2 Advanced Instruments QCount Model 510 Colony Counters I Have It
W440980PK 60 Cu' V-BlenderBlendersI Have It
W440979Spray Dryer 30Kg/Hr Evaporation Rate Spray DryersI Have It
W440975Beckman Coulter Particle Size Analyzer Model LS13320 I Have It
W440974Perkin Elmer Janus Varispan+ MDT Automated Workstation Model AJI 8001Liquid HandlersI Have It
W44093510 L Parr Reactor needed for around 250-300 PSI. To be used in a GMP environment.ReactorsI Have It
W440926Bi-layer Press w/ Core Capability (B Tooled)Tablet PressesI Have It
W440910Client needs a 100 & 50 liter tanks on casters 316ss agitation preferred. TanksI Have It
W440908Riva Piccola PressTablet PressesI Have It
W440900Looking for a bench top Pellet ExtruderExtrusion EquipmentI Have It
W440896Looking for an eppendorf 5424r with titanium rotor CentrifugesI Have It
W440891Gerteis Mini PactorRoller CompactorsI Have It
W440886scale display Mettler-Toledo model panter plus I Have It
W440885needing a biogás blower or compressor, 100 cubic meter per hour, 3 to 4 psig discharge pressure, 3 milibars suction pressure, 240/480/3/60, explosión proof, stainlees SteelBlowersI Have It
W440828Reactor Stainless still 30 Liters ReactorsI Have It
W440826Slant Cone 10 cu'BlendersI Have It
W440819Looking for a 30-40 cubic foot double cone vacuum dryer. Needs to be hastelloy or glass lined.DryersI Have It
W440813Kikusui Libra 2 - 36 stationTablet PressesI Have It
W440775Manesty Novapress - InstrumentedTablet PressesI Have It
W440762500gal Stainless Steel Jacketed Mix TankTanksI Have It
W440756Alexanderwerks WP200 Roller CompactorsI Have It
W440754400-500 square ft. Freeze Dryer w/ Stoppering CapabilityFreeze DryersI Have It
W440746LAUDA WK class WK 3200 circulation chiller, cooling output at 20 °C 3.5 kWChillersI Have It
W440633European buyer is looking for lipstick machine. Miscellaneous Processing EquipmentI Have It
W440632European buyer is looking for powder/mixed spices welding aluminium/plastic bags packing machine. Each pack from 1,5 to 2,5kg of spices. FillersI Have It
W440631Buyer is looking for a rotary blender of 40-60 cu ft in SSBlendersI Have It
W440629European buyer is looking for bioreactor/fermentor. Over 75 Liter. Preferably Braun, Sartorius or New Brunswick. BioreactorsI Have It
W440596300-500 gallon 304 stainless steel (or carbon steel) high pressure pilot reactor. Needs to be rated around 1000 PSI.ReactorsI Have It
W440590Weigh-Belt FeederBelt FeedersI Have It
W440567300-500 gallon Hockmeyer/Cowles trishaft mixers, XP. Mixers/AgitatorsI Have It
W440565Neri RO 900 self adhesive rotary labelling machine with 2 application heads. I Have It
W440558Uhlmann C2205 CartonerCarton FormersI Have It
W440530Alexanderwerk WP 200Roller CompactorsI Have It
W440527Syringe making machine to produce disposable plastic syringes of size 2.5 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml I Have It
W440522Sample Preparation Device for example Micromeritics Flow Sorb 060 or newer model Sample EquipmentI Have It
W440520The Micromeritics Gemini 2360 of surface area Analyzer is fully automatic, single- or multi-point.Photometric AnalyzersI Have It
W440512Memmert UL 50 Stainless Steel Laboratory Oven Front mounted Heating controls range in the 2 sections = 30 - 300 degrees Celsius, together with a 0-14 hours timer control. Stainless steel clad Double hinged front door oven, fitted with Stainless steel chamber that measures 490 x 800 x 650mm high, fitted with 2 off perforated Stainless steel shelves, supported on side mounted shelf supports, pitched 70mm apart vertically. Double front doors each measure 475 x 700mm high. Set to operate at 200 degrees C. Fitted with an adjustable top air vent. Supplied with OEM Manual. Laboratory OvensI Have It
W440451Biacore 3000 Interaction AnalyzerPhotometric AnalyzersI Have It
W440447 (2) Side transfer conveyor for bottles I Have It
W440441We are not looking for a TTV machine complete line I Have It
W440439Potential Buyer is looking for a rotary filler, 375 gallon per hour, for cups, for small cups 3 to 4 (preference is 4 ounce size) ounce range, with spoon included. Automated, Secure lid with snap seal capability for tamper evidence. FillersI Have It
W440435Looking for at least 3 IMA 42" accumulation tables Accumulators / Unscramblers - Rotary TablesI Have It