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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W464117Tecan Freedom EVO 100 or 150 handler with Air Lia, it can be a single arm, 8 tip system and it needs to have pos ID scanning capability. Air HandlersI Have It
W464092TECAN air handlers Air HandlersI Have It
W464071Isco syringe pumps I Have It
W464041Client is looking for a 4x3 valve for a glass lined reactor Valves UnitsI Have It
W463848Extruder(minimum 700 kg in an hour)Extrusion EquipmentI Have It
W463847Pactec U1 wrapping machineWrappers/Overwrappers/BundlersI Have It
W463846Gum cooling TunnelCooling Tunnels I Have It
W463845Ball Mill(Minimum 500 kg in an hour)Ball MillsI Have It
W4638443 single twist wrapping machine (minimum 300 ppm)Wrappers/Overwrappers/BundlersI Have It
W463812150-200 gallon center bottom outlet 316 stainless steel with sweep agitation & tilt out Kettles - Stainless Steel (Jacketed)I Have It
W463811150-200 gallon center bottom outlet 316 stainless steel with sweep agitation & tilt out Kettles - Stainless Steel (Jacketed)I Have It
W463805I’m looking for a Transient Absorption Spectrometer like sold by Newport or the HELIOS from UltrafastsystemsSpectrometersI Have It
W463643Oscillating retort for milk powdersRetortsI Have It
W463642Stick Pack Machine 50 per minuteVertical Form Fill Seal MachinesI Have It
W463531looking for a 100 to 150 gallon jacketed kettle stainless steel . WITH POSSIBLE MIXER ATTACHEDKettles - Stainless Steel (Jacketed)I Have It
W463508Agilent 1100 with VWD in USHPLCI Have It
W463483Buyer is looking for a case erector for an erected box measuring 25'' long by 17'' wide by 17'' high.Case ErectorsI Have It
W463478Buyer is looking for a Norland model (BM600), or a similar compact molder that produces .5-1L bottles (molds and key parts included) I Have It
W463477General Electric Humidity Generator and Calibration Chamber I Have It
W463458Ross VMC-2 MixerMixers/AgitatorsI Have It
W463453Buyer is looking for multiple K-tron T-20's both volumetric and gravimetric feedersMiscellaneous FeedersI Have It
W463411Wrap around labeler -left to right around -label 6 inches tall by 18inches long -60-70BPM -for 6 inch round gallon bottle I Have It
W463135150 or 200 gallon jacketed kettle. Double motion agitation w/ tilt out agitator. Center bottom outlet. Kettles - Stainless Steel (Jacketed)I Have It
W463130Chocolate moulding LineChocolatesI Have It
W463091Buyer is looking for a floor scale with explosion proof electrics, something similar to a Mettler Toledo Puma Portable Floor Scale I Have It
W463061Customer needs a mixing kettle. around 500 gallons with counter sweep capable of doing an extremely high viscous material. Preferably a Lee kettle needs to be 316ss.Kettles - Stainless Steel (Jacketed)I Have It
W463028client needs two 3,500 gallon 316L ss vertical tanks with agitation and heating capabilityTanksI Have It
W462976External Vial WasherVial WashersI Have It
W462975ABI 3730Analytical EquipmentI Have It
W462966Buyer is looking for a 600 – 700 L fermentation skit.Fermentation UnitsI Have It
W462901Agilent G1946-80001 Edwards Turbomolecular Pump I Have It
W462860Used hot filling and cold filling Tri-block (filler, rinser capper) for PET bottles with the capacity of around 12 000 bottles per hour for Ice Tea production in 0.5 Lt PET bottles (neck-finish diameter 29-38 mm), preferably by KHS or Krones. FillersI Have It
W462854Fryma Koruma CoBall MS-50 I Have It
W462849looking for a pro fill table size capsule filler Torpac 1100 doing roughly 20 bottles a dayFillersI Have It
W462799Buyer is looking for a 304 ss or 316 ss cone bottom or dish bottom storage tank. Preferably constructed to store flammable materials. Somewhere in the 10,000 to 15,000 gallons capacity range.TanksI Have It
W462751Akta Process SkidChromotographyI Have It
W462750Agilent 1200HPLCI Have It
W462744Buyer is looking for a 24 to 32 nozzle rotary pressure/gravity liquid filler/capper (38mm caps) with case erector and packer (30 cases per minute). Filling one USG (gallons) “F-style” HDPE plastic bottle (Length = 7-1/8” Width = 4-3/8 “ Height = 11-3/16”). Need MINIMUM 7.5” centers. Ideal filling rate between 110 cpm and 120 cpm. Need XP electrics.FillersI Have It
W462714250L. Jacketed Tank (Electric Heated Jacket)TanksI Have It
W462709100 Square ft w/ stoppering capabilityFreeze DryersI Have It
W462705Complete Tablet Bottling Line - 2010 or newer (120 BPM)Tablet or Capsule Bottle Filling LinesI Have It
W462691Buyer is looking for a quality used calcium chloride chiller (min 15 to 100+ tons would work). Temperature of -15F.ChillersI Have It
W462596Client needs to source a Norden model 700 or 702 in the next 3-6 months.  I Have It
W462522Buyer is looking for a stainless storage and/or fiberglass storage tanks that are larger than 5,000 gallons but do cannot have a height greater than 15 feet.TanksI Have It
W462497Olympus BX61 Florescent Microscope MicroscopesI Have It
W462490Buyer is looking for an environmental chamber -45 deg C to +170 deg C, 10 to 95% humidity, 10 to 20 cubic feet Environmental and Stability ChambersI Have It
W46248650 kg coating pan for beansMiscellaneous Candy or Confectionery EquipmentI Have It
W462452Advion TriVersa Nanomate Chip-Based Electrospray SystemElectronic CountersI Have It
W462350Small to midsize case erector 9.5”x11.5”x23 7/8” size caseCase ErectorsI Have It
W462346(2) 200 gallon kettles with side scrape 3" discharge in almost new conditionKettles - Stainless Steel (Jacketed)I Have It