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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W452247Buyer is looking for a 7500-10000 gallon glass lined, jacketed, storage vesselGlass Lined KettlesI Have It
W452239Buyer is looking for a vapor degreaserMiscellaneous Processing EquipmentI Have It
W451943Bosch model SVE 2510 bagger I Have It
W451897Perkin Elmer Spectrum 100 Optica SpecttrometerSpectrometersI Have It
W451858looking for a 7.5hp or a 10hp direct drive meat grinder KOCH, HOBART, ETC… . Meat GrindersI Have It
W451855Seeking an extraction fume hood rather than a recirculating oneFume and Flow HoodsI Have It
W451818Hewlett Packard 4293A Impediance Tester Miscellaneous Lab EquipmentI Have It
W451815Buyer is looking for an Enercon Super Seal SS100 induction cap sealer preferably located near the west coast.SealersI Have It
W451757Robino and Galandrino rotary heat shrinker for PVC capsules. Heat TunnelsI Have It
W451752Buyer is looking for a heat exchanger with the following specs: Type : Shell and Tube Condenser, Horizontal Design Style: BEM, one or two- Pass Tube side; one or more passes Shell Side. Material of Construction Shell : Carbon Steel or SS Tube Bundle: 316 SS Heads: 316 SS Size: Area : 1500 – 3500 Square Feet Tube Diameter : ¾ to 1+ Inches Length : 10 to 20 feet Pressure Rating: Shell Side : FV to 75 PSI (Min) Tube side : FV to 75 PSI (Min) I Have It
W451722 500 L and 1,000 L Sartorius STR disposable bioreactor systemsBioreactorsI Have It
W451685ABI 3130 DNA SequencerSequencersI Have It
W451661Buyer is looking for a Branson 920IWWelding SuppliesI Have It
W451549Looking for a lab scale spray dryer. Needs after January 1.Spray DryersI Have It
W451547Rotex MM3180-1Sieves or SiftersI Have It
W451545looking for a 1000 gallon SS Lee Kettle, Tri-Mix, with tilt out. Excellent condition.Kettles - Stainless Steel (Jacketed)I Have It
W451544Double sided Pre-Compression “D” – Tooling Can’t be Fette 3500 Tablet PressesI Have It
W451541Sharples AS-26 or AS-16CentrifugesI Have It
W4515398-15 gallon kettle stainless steel kettle - 316 stainless, double wall jacketed, tri-mixer, sweep mixer, counter sweep and homogenizer - Waukesha displacement pump, 8-15 gallon kettle stainless steel kettle -316 stainless, double wall jacketed, tri-mixer, sweep mixer, counter sweep but no homogenizer. Kettles - Stainless Steel (Jacketed)I Have It
W451529(2) 1200 gallon jacketed 304 SS tanks w/ agitationTanksI Have It
W451527Buyer is looking for a Gala #6 pelletizerPellet MillsI Have It
W451500Buyer is looking for a Mettler Toledo V30 Volumetric KF Titrator, or similar unit.TitratorsI Have It
W451495Buyer is looking for an ultrasonic cleaner that is one large tank: approx 42" x 32" x Depth does not matter. The part to be cleaned is a flat panel only 1" thick Ultrasonic CleanersI Have It
W451494Ab Sciex 4800Mass SpectrometersI Have It
W451471Buyer is looking for a transformer similar to the following: Three phase Regulating Load Tap Changing Autotransformer 16172 KVA 55 C rise Class FOW 60 Hz Input volts : 13800Y x 12470Y ---110KV BIL Output volts 3774 to 17050 -----110KV BILTransformersI Have It
W451470Buyer is looking for a transformer similar to the following: Three phase Regulating Load Tap Changing Autotransformer 16172 KVA 55 C rise Class FOW 60 Hz Input volts : 13800Y x 12470Y ---110KV BIL Output volts 3774 to 17050 -----110KV BILTransformersI Have It
W45146920HP, Steam Generating, Natural Gas Boiler BoilersI Have It
W451468Freeze Dryer 3 sq metersFreeze DryersI Have It
W451467How about a 10 gallon lee kettle double agitation. Model d9mt. Has to be this type and size. No other models are of interest even if same size. TanksI Have It
W451423Argonaut Technologies Nautilus 2400 Obsolete Chemical SynthesizerChemistry AnalyzersI Have It
W451422100 gallon vacuum kettleKettles - Stainless Steel (Jacketed)I Have It
W451398Agilent 6520, 6530, 6540,6550 Mass SpectrometersI Have It
W451396Waters Acquity UPLC System with SQ Single Quadrapole Mass Detector System to include:
  • Waters Acquity Sample Organizer,
  • Waters Acquity PDA Detector,
  • Waters Acquity Column Manager,
  • Waters Acquity Sample Manager,
  • Waters Acquity Binary Solvent Manager,
  • SQ Detector,
  • Pump
  • Computer and software
  • UPLCI Have It
    W451389Stein Heritage Breaders (Model SHB42) I Have It
    W451373Facs Aria Flow CytometersI Have It
    W451339Eppendorf 5702R Centrifuge rotor for regular sized tubesCentrifugesI Have It
    W451334Bruker Matrix F Near-IR spectrometerMass SpectrometersI Have It
    W451333Agilent: 6500 Series QTOF mass spectrometerMass SpectrometersI Have It
    W451332Agilent: 6495 Triple quad mass spectrometerSpectrometersI Have It
    W451325a large freeze dryer with stoppering. at least 440sqf. but would entertain up to 880 ft.²Freeze DryersI Have It
    W451257Needs a stainless steel tank around 5000 gallon, 316 Stainless steel, insulated, and no more than 13 ft tall.TanksI Have It
    W451193blistering machine for this type of products http://www.discounto.de/Angebot/Lufterfrischer-Minispray-51052/#.VGu0aIsdI0M I Have It
    W451192sleeving machine for spray cansSleeversI Have It
    W451191European Buyer is looking for GEA spray drier for both 5 kg trials and 500 kg per hour production.Spray DryersI Have It
    W451185Looking for a Vector LDCS-PILOT Tablet Coater System. Prefer something 2005 or newer. Perforated Coating PansI Have It
    W451174European buyer is looking for a roller compactor. Capacity up to appr. 100 Kg/h pressure : around 15 tn Ex proof for dust zone 21 Equipment won´t be connected to another equipment the machine wasn´t use for compaction of highly toxic or penicillin, hormones or cytostatics products GMP (MOC and cleanability) Roller CompactorsI Have It
    W451169Need 4 Agilent 1100's with Quat Pump and DAD detector.HPLCI Have It
    W451168Hockmeyer HCP 20 production model immersion mill. Would be open to Netzch/Premier/Hockmeyer.Media MillsI Have It
    W451160Columbia HL2000 or HL4000PalletizersI Have It
    W451159Valve bag filler, auger system, to fill 50 pound bags at about 3,000 lbs hour  I Have It