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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W451095Buyer is looking for a pelletizer 1/4, at least 8 inch, 16 blades Pellet MillsI Have It
W451093double twist machine for hard candy. We prefer Pactec EK 2 or EK3.Candy Making LinesI Have It
W451092double twist machine for hard candy. We prefer Pactec EK 2 or EK3.Candy Making LinesI Have It
W451062Looking for 5000 L. and 2000 L. Jacketed kettles w/ Lightnin Mixer.TanksI Have It
W451061Looking for 5000 L. and 2000 L. Jacketed kettles w/ Lightnin Mixer.TanksI Have It
W451041Orbitrap Mass SpecMass SpectrometersI Have It
W451033Granola Bar LineCereal LinesI Have It
W451028Looking for an AKTA Chromatography skid system. I Have It
W450878Buyer is looking for a jacketed kettle in the 500 liter range with scrape agitator.Kettles - Stainless Steel (Jacketed)I Have It
W450852Buyer is looking for a Modern Packaging cup filler. 3 head in-line. Filling 1 pound cups with 4'' diameterFillersI Have It
W450844We are looking for one or two tanks to use for filling a liquid: Single wall; 304/316 construction; Prefer a flat lid, however, man-ways will be considered if large enough Min 280 gallons Max 550 gallons Should be on wheels; Bottom should be conical, dish, or angled flat; 2” tri-clover preferred; 1 ½” would work; Two identical or close to identical tanks would be ideal; Mounting for or including propeller mixer a big plus; Do Not want horizontal shaft turbine mixer. TanksI Have It
W450840European Buyer is looking for Buchi rotavap (preferably in the UK) with coil glass wear. Diagramphic pump and vac controller. EvaporatorsI Have It
W450839European Buyer is looking for Polytron or Brinkman PT3000 homogenizer. HomogenizersI Have It
W450838European Buyer is looking for 3 Litre (4 x 750ml) refrigerated table top centrifuge with swing buckets between 4000-7000rpm.CentrifugesI Have It
W450835Biacore T100 and Biacore T200AnalyzersI Have It
W450747Buyer is looking for ~20,000 gallon horizontal tank rated for min 11psig. Carbon Steel works.TanksI Have It
W450697European Buyer is looking for a glass lined reactor approx. 10000 liters. In fairly good condition. ReactorsI Have It
W450695Buyer is looking for an automatic highlight pallet stretch wrapper with a remotePallet WrappersI Have It
W450694European Buyer is looking for blistering machine for production scale - Ulman T40. Blister Packaging LinesI Have It
W450693European Buyer is looking for blistering machine for production scale - Ulman T40. Blister Packaging LinesI Have It
W450691European buyer is looking for Fluid Bed Dryer (1-6kg) - Either GPcG2 or Aeromatic NT1 - electric heating, top spray. Fluid Bed DryersI Have It
W450666Buyer is looking for a Rosler Z800 Basket Centrifuge 1CentrifugesI Have It
W450662Langen Model B1 Semi-Automatic Horizontal Glue Cartoner My box size is 6”wx4”lx6”h Carton FormersI Have It
W450625Sekura VIP 5'sTissue ProcessorsI Have It
W450624GE Akta Pilot  I Have It
W450609I have a client looking for an extruder for PET. Output: 200-300 Kg/h as new as possible. Located in the USExtrusion EquipmentI Have It
W450587GS Coating Systems|GS Coating Systems RA-S300 Drum coaters, looking for 30+ units if availablePerforated Coating PansI Have It
W450495a client is looking for a spray dryer. Evaporation 8L/h Stainles Steel 304 or 316. To dry dairy products DryersI Have It
W45044350lbs per hour. Spray DryersI Have It
W450439Two dehumidifiers to maintain 80% humidity, maintain 38 celsius, and surface of 616 mts3, and another one for a 2000 mts3.  I Have It
W450428Buyer is looking for a Micron Powder Systems Micron AirJet Sieve with a Nilfisk 118 CFM vacuum canister or a similar unitSieves or SiftersI Have It
W4504063 to 5 Cubic Foot V Blender that has a density rating of at least 110 lbs/cu.ft.BlendersI Have It
W450402Looking for a small horizontal double sigma mixer to do small batches, customer is doing 50 lb batches I Have It
W450389(2) Ransohoff LeanVeyor Parts WasherWashersI Have It
W450388Buyer is looking for a Gala Model 7 pelletizing system I Have It
W450387Batch Cooker For CaramelCookersI Have It
W450365small kiln to dry cereal grains I Have It
W4503641,000 lb. SS jacketed chocolate melterMeltersI Have It
W450363Barrington Mini Bagger I Have It
W450362Hayssen Horizontal BaggerBag SealersI Have It
W4503611500 or 1700 30HP min prefer 40HP with 9 blade paddle and 212 microcut head I Have It
W450339a small sized convection oven with conveyor for continuous baking and/or drying I Have It
W450093Buyer is looking for a Fristam FS3532 shear pump I Have It
W450075Requirement for a Tablet Coating Machine: 24 inches to 36 inches Tablet PressesI Have It
W450067THEEGARTEN W H D - Double Twist - MachineWrappers/Overwrappers/BundlersI Have It
W450066THEEGARTEN U1 - D.TWIST - Machine Wrappers/Overwrappers/BundlersI Have It
W450065Tray De-nesterTray ColumnsI Have It
W450063VAT Dumper I Have It
W450057Client is looking for two identical non-jacketed tanks. 316 is preferred but 304 will work, dimensions are as follows; 108" dia with 16' straight side approx. 7600 gallons. Center mounted agitator is needed. Also, looking for portable ss drums 150-250 gallons with agitation. TanksI Have It
W449824FLIP - TOP - CARTONING - Machine for CHEWING GUM- PelletsCarton FormersI Have It