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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W444002Buyer is looking for a grinder that can breakdown carbon to 45 microns or 200 meshGrindersI Have It
W443730Buyer interested in two identical 7500 gallon single wall stainless steel mix tank. Dims must be 9 ft diameter and 16 ft straight sideTanksI Have It
W443727Bohle powder batches blender system. BlendersI Have It
W443723Looking for a liquid rotary filler for lip gloss ideally 24 stations, plastic bottles are 4-8ml, 10ml max. Dia on caps are about 1/4".Liquid Filling LinesI Have It
W443718Semi-automatic debuit D-150PrintersI Have It
W443717Buyer is currently looking for a mobile rotary screw air compressorMiscellaneous CompressorsI Have It
W443716Buyer is looking for an ALL stainless steel center slung centrifuge. Basket size needs to be 42" x 18" stainless steel or 30" x 18" stainless steel. Top load, bottom discharge of water. It will have a top load removable filter bag.CentrifugesI Have It
W443706ACMA G.D 2002 Packaging LinesI Have It
W443705Pactec THEEGARTEN U1 Packaging LinesI Have It
W443699Looking for a small scale tube filler that runs 2oz plastic tubes  I Have It
W443697Needs a 12X12 roller compactor, production scaleRoller CompactorsI Have It
W443693Looking for a fryma koruma vacuum mixer between 30-100 gallonsTanksI Have It
W443690Need a complete muffin line as soon as possible Packaging LinesI Have It
W443447IMA Precisa Capsule Check Weigher machineCheck WeighersI Have It
W443438Waters XEVO G2-XS 4KMass SpectrometersI Have It
W443360Kemper 150 AL I Have It
W443344Needs a 100-120 cubic foot ribbon blender. No jacket needed. Can be any grade of stainless steel. Going to be buying immediately up to 30 days from now.BlendersI Have It
W443243Looking for a 500gal melting tank SST or mild steel, doesn’t matter.TanksI Have It
W443137MG PlanetaEncapsulation Machines and Capsule FillersI Have It
W443126My customer is looking for a freeze dryer: at least 4 shelves with a size of about (55cm x 55cm) (Daily drying capacity of 100 pieces of 10x10 cm2 sponge products). In addition; the shelf temperature should be at least -60 Celcius degrees. Freeze DryersI Have It
W443115Agilent 7890 Gas ChromatographGas Chromatographs (GC)I Have It
W443097Agilent 5975 Mass SpectrometerMass SpectrometersI Have It
W443096Agilent 6530 or 6520 QTOF Mass SpectrometerMass SpectrometersI Have It
W443018Packard Instant Imager SystemImagersI Have It
W442991cookie lines--->Depositors, mixers, ovens, etc.DepositorsI Have It
W442986Flexicon Monoblock - Filler / Plugger / Crimp CapperFillersI Have It
W442951Potato PeelerPeelersI Have It
W442929Varian Tap Density TesterDensity TestersI Have It
W442871client needs a double pass belt dryer for cattle feedBelt DryersI Have It
W442869Horizontal Pouching Machine for Liquids I Have It
W442864Auger Fed Bartelt IM-9 I Have It
W442835Buyer is looking for a sparkler style horizontal plate filter made of stainless steel construction.  I Have It
W442814needs a less than 5 year Scanning electron with EDS capability MicroscopesI Have It
W442807Buyer is currently looking for an Adams DL-1230 fertilizer conditioner with conveyor or a similar unit.Miscellaneous MillsI Have It
W442792Client needs two 6,500 gallon tanks in the near future. Side sweep agitation and jacket are a must. 304 or 316 TanksI Have It
W442759unused stainless steel bowls, 80qt Stainless Steel KettlesI Have It
W442657Buyer is looking for a 750-1250 gallon glass lined or 316 stainless steel reactor. Agitation is a plusReactorsI Have It
W442643Need two doboy stratus flow wrappers Flow WrappersI Have It
W442637client needs 400 ft of ss left 90's and right 90's  I Have It
W442631Buyer is looking for a glass bottling furnace line.FurnacesI Have It
W442588cheese vat, at least 32’ long, up to 50’. Round ends and agitator installation if possibleCheese Making EquipmentI Have It
W442568GPCG 1 or 3  I Have It
W442552Looking for a 75 gallon single wall ss tank no agitation. TanksI Have It
W442548Hi Perry, We are looking for a used homogenizer. Can you please provide quotes and pictures for : 2 stage SS homogenizer 5000-10000 PSI, min 200 G/Hour – max 500 G/Hour, 575V motor preferred. Thank you.HomogenizersI Have It
W442536Buyer is looking for a stainless steel 20k-22k gallons siloSilosI Have It
W442532Buyer is looking for a 12" to 6" glass lined reducing flange I Have It
W442531Looking for two dozen GS Coating Systems RA-S300. Ready to buy now.  I Have It
W442527Looking for suitability to wrap multi pack soaps.BundlersI Have It
W442524Buyer is looking for a bagging system to fill 25 kg paper valve bags (they are self closing). Need roughly 3 bags/minute I Have It
W442502Looking for a 400-600 gallon jacketed 316 ss side and sweep agitation, product has a viscosity for 50K-70K cps.TanksI Have It