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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W460028Buyer is looking for an Ohaus MB45 Moisture AnalyzerMoisture AnalyzersI Have It
W460023Pfaudler probe [pH] Type 18, 40ProbesI Have It
W460010Density Meter: Model: DE40, Make: Mettler ToledoDensity TestersI Have It
W460009Moisture Analyzer: Model: HR73, Make: Mettler ToledoMoisture AnalyzersI Have It
W459975Visualsonics Vevo 2100 high frequency ultrasound system  I Have It
W459941Buyer is looking for a lyophilizer of 27-50 ft2 cleaning in place, sterilization in place and optional liquid nitrogen refrigerationFreeze DryersI Have It
W459934Client needs two 300-350 stainless steel 316L agitated kettles. Product is a viscous lubricant, facility is on the west coast. Kettles - Stainless Steel (Jacketed)I Have It
W459902NanoDrop ND-1000 Spectrophotometer. SpectrometersI Have It
W459900Agilent 1100 or 1200HPLCI Have It
W459896Fette , hight capacity , 700,000 , per hour Tablet PressesI Have It
W459860Buyer is looking for a natural gas air compressor, 50-100 hpAir CompressorsI Have It
W459845Wrap Ade or similar strip packer, 1 -3 tablets per pouch, 240 ppmForm Fill Seal MachinesI Have It
W459842European customer is looking for BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer with Fluidics CartCytometerI Have It
W459837Silverson L5HomogenizersI Have It
W459772Stainless Steel Decontamination Pass Box Enclosure/ Autoclave 30m3 (cubic meters) by chamber, single doorHorizontal AutoclavesI Have It
W459771Stainless Steel Decontamination Pass Box Enclosure/ Autoclave 30m3 (cubic meters) by chamber, single doorHorizontal AutoclavesI Have It
W459728Thermo Nicolet 380 FT-iR Spectrometer SpectrometersI Have It
W459727Thermo TSP UV6000 UV detector for parts DetectorsI Have It
W459677My customer is looking for an air compressor that would meet these requirements: 1. Manufacturer ither Atlas or Kaeser 2. The power from 30HP to 100HP or from 22KW to 75KW 3. The pressure is 10 bar 4. The model year from 1995 to 2010 Air CompressorsI Have It
W459580Semi-auto L-bar 20" x 24" seal area with 11" high tunnelL Bar SealersI Have It
W4595796 spindle XP capperCappersI Have It
W459552Bruker D2 Phaser X-Ray Diffractometers X-Ray DiffractometersI Have It
W459110Meyer Burger DS 265 Wire saw 6 diamond wire or slurry configurationSawsI Have It
W459109WALK-IN Stability Chamber I Have It
W454070Buyer is looking for a small sheet extrusion die. 6-8 inches.Extrusion DiesI Have It
W453887Buyer is looking for a Fryma mill MZ-150. Must be 316 stainless with double cut rotor. The seal must be Carbon on Tungsten water cooled. The motor needs to be 40 hp. Operation must be horizontal not vertical. I Have It
W453869Genome Analyzer GA 11AnalyzersI Have It
W453812Buyer is look for a Hach DR 1900 Portable SpectrophotometerSpectrophotometersI Have It
W453767Buyer is looking for a desiccant dryer that can do ~15,000 pounds per hour with a hopper capacity of 2500-4000 pounds. Prefers Conairs.Industrial Washers and DryersI Have It
W45363610,000 gallon vertical 316SS preferred but can work with 304, needs to be jacketed. TanksI Have It
W453628Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger -Surface area: Approximately 200 sq ft -Preferred ID of tube : 1.5 inches -Material of Construction: carbon steel shell, tubes zirconium or other alloy suitable for application -Tube sheet Zirconium cladded. -Application: Process Fluid on tube side: Mix of Gases HCl gas 95%, Hydrogen 2-3%, water vapors 2-3% , Temp 240 Degrees C. -Maximum condensation of HCL gas required. -Cooling water: Shell side at ambient temperature no restrictions. I Have It
W453625Looking for Ultrasonic Cleaners ranging from 2 -2 1/2 gallons (9 liters) Ultrasonic CleanersI Have It
W453437Buyer is looking for a 6 ton air cooled chiller. Must be 6 tons.ChillersI Have It
W453402Capable of running 32 ounce up to 96 ounce I Have It
W453336Hastelloy or graphite block condensers in the range of 400 to 800 ft2Heat Exchangers/CondensersI Have It
W453319We are looking specifically for Distek Dissolution equipment. Need 4 x Evolution 6100 Bathless Disso units and 4 x Evolution 4300 autosamplers (with the 2 pump configuration). Dissolution SystemsI Have It
W453317Leica 5010 autostainerStainersI Have It
W453316Tissue Tek TEC 5 two piece embedder I Have It
W453315VIP 5 Tissue processorProcessorsI Have It
W453314Leica 2255 motorized microtomeMicrotomesI Have It
W453313Leica 2235MicrotomesI Have It
W453287Benhil model 8304 filler-wrapper machine Wrappers/Overwrappers/BundlersI Have It
W453277Customer needs a 400 (or plus) HP twin shaft shredder.ShreddersI Have It
W453256Buyer is looking for a tap density tester with dual platforms.Tap DensityI Have It
W453246Buyer is looking for a 316 stainless steel jacketed mix tank with full agitation anywhere between 1500-3000 gallons.TanksI Have It
W453231Rheon Cornucopia KN440 & 550 Encrusting MachineEncrustersI Have It
W453019Email: We are considering purchasing a Ultra-Turrax grinder (Model no. TP18-10) from the company. However, seems this model is discontinued in your company. Could you please let me know it can be substitute by which one now available in your stock?HomogenizersI Have It
W453005Client needs a double motion jacketed kettle between 50-100 gallons 316 SS product is a high viscosity skin cream.Kettles - Stainless Steel (Jacketed)I Have It
W4530033000 liter plow mixer. - preferably a Littleford brand  I Have It
W453002Jacketed 700-1,500 gallon reactor -300-400 degrees F -cone or dish bottom -agitation close to side, or possible wing doorsReactorsI Have It