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Wanted Equipment - Conventional Coating Pans
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W44098438'' 42" 48" Stainless Steel Coating Pan in EuropeConventional Coating PansI Have It
W384489Looking for automatical coaters like Dumoulin IDA 1000 / 2000 or Driam models Driacoater, between 1000-2000 kg. Can be Glatt or Vector. Conventional Coating PansI Have It
W384310Looking for an automatic coating pan, either Dumoulin, Glatt, Vector of 2000 KG capacity.Conventional Coating PansI Have It
W378333We are looking for an R&D scale coating pan with 32'' , 24'' and 15'' pans.Conventional Coating PansI Have It
W377792Our customer is looking to purchase a conventional coating pan that is similar to a Keith Machinery 16 Inch Laboratory Coating Pan. Conventional Coating PansI Have It