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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W485357Syringe Assembly Machine. Only in need of machine that will insert a plunger into the syringe barrel. Does not need to fill, label, or sterilize the syringe. Syringe DispensersI Have It
W485311Bartelt ziplock/pouching machine, 6 x 7, 6 x 8 [deep] at largest Packaging LinesI Have It
W485082Looking for a Cetac ASX 510, ASX 500 or ASX 400 Autosampler Miscellaneous Lab EquipmentI Have It
W485081Looking for a swing bucket centrifuge with rotor that will handle 1 liter samples. Laboratory CentrifugesI Have It
W484989Complete Cracker Biscuit line Candy Making LinesI Have It
W4849882nd hand Flat Wafer Line Candy Making LinesI Have It
W484986 vacuum stoppering machine designed for pre-filled syringes 1mL, 5mL. wants an Impro system or cozzoliSyringe Filling LinesI Have It
W484981 ( Loading turntable/Dispenser/Vacuum Transfer/ Powder Filling system/ Automatic Capper/ Induction Sealser/ Labeler/Sleever&Heat Tunnel). 500 CC – 2000 CC, 110 mm lid size, 1~2 lb fill weight. Packaging LinesI Have It
W484970zanasi 25F for pelletsTablet PressesI Have It
W484927European buyer is looking for a purified water production unit capable to meet injectable production standards. Capacity : no less than 1000L / hr Year of manufacturer: 2000 and forward Water Purification and Still SystemsI Have It
W484926Is looking for PRB Unipocket packaging system casepacker brushless and with servo engine. Case PackersI Have It
W484916Ross PVM-100 Mixer (100 gallon) MixersI Have It
W484913European buyer is looking for Buchi R210 rotavapor. EvaporatorsI Have It
W484912European buyer is looking for a fermenter (2,000 to 5,000 L). Fermentation UnitsI Have It
W484907Confocal Raman System ( AFM )MicroscopesI Have It
W484873850 gallon stainless steel double motion kettle with side scrapesKettles - Stainless Steel (Jacketed)I Have It
W484869V-Blender with Intensification Bar (Liquid-Solid), 10-20 ft3 or 50 ft3.BlendersI Have It
W484864ROPP capper for stelvin closures as well as a bottle rinserCappersI Have It
W484849Labeler for bottles. 28 Strokes/Minute with a Web Width of 230 MM. (OEM - Hapa or Gottscho are most commonly used by this facility). Will be used along with Klockner CP3 Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine. LabelersI Have It
W484847100-150 Gallon Jacketed Tank which can handle up to 100 PSI. Looking to have easy to open top (with a cover). Will be used to dissolve powders. SS 316VesselsI Have It
W484840Buchi Mini Spray Dryer B-290 The world leading R&D solution for Spray Drying Spray DryersI Have It
W484832I'm looking for tank of 3,000 or 4,000 Gal, with jacket and agitation. TanksI Have It
W484828Kaps All bottle unscramblerUnscramblersI Have It
W484824Water Chiller at least 180 ton Capacity and Refrigerante different from R22. ChillersI Have It
W48480512,000 gallon stainless steel tank with a cone bottom, it can have agitation but does not need it and does not need to hold any pressure. TanksI Have It
W484804pail lid closer http://heislerind.com/category/products/lid-closers/Miscellaneous Warehouse EquipmentI Have It
W484785Stainless Steel tank. 250/300 gal. Single wall, cover and bottom outlet (2") . Bottom cone or slope. Preferable on wheels TanksI Have It
W484777Buchi 5-20 Liter Jacketed Stainless Steel Kiloclave Pressure Reactor vesselReactorsI Have It
W484773looking for 3 identical pallet reefersTransportersI Have It
W484733Eye Drop Filling Line IMA f940 or similar.FillersI Have It
W484670European buyer is looking for LABCOATER PDS-2010/SCS 2010 Parylene Deposition System with FTS Flexi-Cool. Lab/PartsI Have It
W484663Biostat Aplus bioreactorBioreactorsI Have It
W484657ForteBio Bio sensors SensorsI Have It
W484655Facs Aria LSR2Flow CytometersI Have It
W484651Lee Industries 75 Gallon Mobile Jacketed Mixing Tank with Load CellsTanksI Have It
W484643Caron Photostability ChamberEnvironmental and Stability ChambersI Have It
W484029Agilent 1100 or 1200 with DAD detector. HPLCI Have It
W483987Electronic Tablet Capsule Counter Filler Ubicada en MEXICO. Electronic CountersI Have It
W483986Slitter Rewinder that let bend the toilet paper jumbo roll and cut napkins. GENERAL DESCRIPTION: • Velocidad 800 mt/min. • Ancho de papel hasta 2,8 mtr. • Dos unidades de desenrrollado. • Unidad de corte. • Unidad de calandreado.Paper Manufacturing EquipmentI Have It
W478838Labconco Freeze Dryer Freeze DryersI Have It
W4787863500-4000 gallons with anchor swept agitationReactorsI Have It
W478785 3, 6000 gallon tanks, stainless steel with top agitation and a dish bottomTanksI Have It
W4787843 Waukesha Rotary Lobe PumpsVacuum PumpsI Have It
W4786243 Candy production lines as follow: 1. Linea Para producto crocante. Example: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Daim_chocolate.jpg 2. Linea para caramelo blando tipo skittles. Example: http://skittles.com/ 3. Linea para golosina tipo cluster. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sgFjja_k9o Wrappers/Overwrappers/BundlersI Have It
W478612Polycut E Sliding Microtome MicrotomesI Have It
W478605 2000 Gallon Tank (up to 3000 Gallon), Stainless Steel 316, Must be Jacketed, with or without mixerTanksI Have It
W478569European buyer is looking for Sepha de-blistering machine. Deblister MachineI Have It
W478562Hitachi HPLC's and SpectrophotometersHPLCI Have It
W478511small vial filing machine 30-40 vial a minute in isolatorFillersI Have It
W47842815,000 gallon insulated holding tank. No agitation. Ability to heat TanksI Have It