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Wanted Equipment - Stainless Steel Kettles
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W442759unused stainless steel bowls, 80qt Stainless Steel KettlesI Have It
W421778looking for tote baskets,(1000 units.)And dispenser for these. The size of totes needs to be around 23 by 20 by 7.Stainless Steel KettlesI Have It
W421219Looking for 20-30 totes for diced vegetables (5-8 gallon capacity) SS or heavy duty plasticStainless Steel KettlesI Have It
W415758In need of a few stainless steel portable mixing vessels in the range of 30 liters to 1000 litersStainless Steel KettlesI Have It
W3845538 kettles needed, about 150 gallons ideally (can do 100 or 200 gal), diameter equal to the height, ideally 2 feet off the ground, on casters, open-top, no agitation, 304 or 316.Stainless Steel KettlesI Have It
W38225880 gallon electric steam needed immediately, no agitation necessary Stainless Steel KettlesI Have It
W37735780 gallon kettle neededStainless Steel KettlesI Have It