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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W5743983000 gal vertical, jacketed(304 SS or better), reactor 316 SS body internal pressure in the 60-100 psi range, top mounted agitator with two 4 blade mixers. Max height from manhole to floor 13.5 ft. 2-3 inch bottom outlet. ReactorsI Have It
W574390buyer wants a small rotary tube sealer that accommodates change parts for plastic tubes ranging from 1oz-4oz. Does not want a filler--just sealerTube Filling LinesI Have It
W574389Looking for a lab balance which has a max weighing capacity of 8 - 10 kg, preferably with a residence of 0.1g. He would like the balance to be manufactured by either Sartorius or Mettler if possibleBalancesI Have It
W574387Looking for a benchtop P2016 or P2005/20Aerosol Filling LinesI Have It
W574299wants 2-3 non-jacketed 500-1000G SS tanks with a Conical bottom, Double agitation (top agitation very important), and an XP motor if possible (not a deal breaker--can be replaced) TanksI Have It
W574287Box Dimensions would be: L 140 - 650 mm W100 - 510 mm H 100 - 510 mm Carton FormersI Have It
W574064Customer is looking for a CMW270.Communication Testing EquipmentI Have It
W573962Buyer wants a Suppository machine (or line)Suppository LinesI Have It
W573961Buyer is looking for 200-250G jacketed vessels, no agitation necessary, only wants Groen so he can attach the homogenizer he already has to the tankTanksI Have It
W573960Seydelman o Laska CuttersI Have It
W573959need two 5,000 gallon or bigger jacketed tanks for PetrolatumTanksI Have It
W573957buyer wants a tabletop VWR vacuum oven with 3 racks. they do a kilogram drying. Vacuum OvensI Have It
W573926I am in need of a Fette data controller product code 208063MRO/Repair PartsI Have It
W573919Is looking for a Bruker NMR of a 400 mega hertz frequency. no preferences to where it would be located. NMRI Have It
W5739161,000 liter Greerco (or Lee) kettle needed immediately. Preferred double motion with homogenization jacket not required Stainless Steel KettlesI Have It
W573896Busch Cobra Vacuum PumpVacuum PumpsI Have It
W573713TubeWriter 360 printer for tubes and vialsPrintersI Have It
W573708Q500 TGA. TGA (Thermogravimetric Analysis)I Have It
W573704Volume: 3000 gal Material of construction: Hastelloy on the product side (cladded) Operating pressure: 300 psig Operating temperature: 200 Celsius Heated with outside half-pipe coils.ReactorsI Have It
W573701Looking for ACMA Soap wrapper model 791 or 771Wrappers/Overwrappers/BundlersI Have It
W573681Had interest in Western Environmental Clean Rooms from Omega Technical Services (listing 457549), wanted to know what class they were (mentioned ISO class 8 and 7, so likely looking for those)Clean RoomsI Have It
W573668Nikon 205 SCANNER ScannersI Have It
W573644Looking for complete donut production line capacity 100 donuts/hrBakery ItemsI Have It
W573356looking for a 25HP Kaeser Air Compressor, year 2000 or newer.Air CompressorsI Have It
W572840A washer similar to listing#515453 but in LatamTunnel Washer I Have It
W572827Buyer needs a Sencorp Ceratek MD2420Heat SealersI Have It
W572795Spray dryer - 316 with 250 liters capacity per hour to steam evaporationSpray DryersI Have It
W572590Ultrasonic Bath-Sonicator- used one 290 x 240 x 150 mm (11.5L x 9.5W x 6D") I.D.; 397 x 401 x 378 mm (15.6L x 15.8W x 14.9D") O.D. SonicatorsI Have It
W572545Looking for a Kaps All 6-8 spindle capper. Stainless steel base.CappersI Have It
W572302Need a Pneumatic Hand Bottle Crimper that can handle 30 - 40mm, not a capper. Crimp SealersI Have It
W572229Markem-Imaje 9040Printing or Code MarkersI Have It
W572202European buyer looking a Tetra Pak TBA-19FillersI Have It
W571985Megasonic SinkSinksI Have It
W571984Customer looking for approximately 300 Gallon single wall pressure vessel. Needs to hold 50 PSI internally, but no jacket needed. Can be stainless steel or carbon steel.TanksI Have It
W571983Customer looking for a 5 to 7 HP DRY vacuum pump, similar to a Busch Cobra. Vacuum PumpsI Have It
W571497laboratory rotary tablet press. 8 to 16 station, instrumented data acquisition system required. Tablet PressesI Have It
W571480He is looking a powder filler to suspentions, in glass bottles semi automatic, vel.de 50 bottle per minute, 60ml and 150 ml. He prefer a local equipment. Powder Filling LinesI Have It
W571418Model wanted: Kalix KPS Cartoner, only in France. Horizontal CartonersI Have It
W571415Tube Roll Formers: - mechanical or hydraulic. - Tubes with diameter 4 -6 inches, thickness 1/4" - Tube roll former for Square or rectangular tubesRoll FormersI Have It
W571408European buyer looking for a BÖHL JUNIOR / R-300 HAOverwrappersI Have It
W571407European buyer looking for a Nokia ECH 35/60 extractor headExtractorsI Have It
W571235Cosmetic Pencil FillerFillersI Have It
W571043European buyer looking for an Agilent 4500HPLCI Have It
W571030Wet granulator with a capacity of 1000 kg / hGranulatorsI Have It
W571025European buyer looking for a Visitab 2 (tablet sorter)SortersI Have It
W571024Palamatic Powder production lineFood EquipmentI Have It
W571023Looking for a domino printer preferably in Europe and UK. PrintersI Have It
W570752BOSCH 1 AND 2 ML AMPOULE FILLING LINEAmpoule Filling LinesI Have It
W570751European buyer looking a SB27 in EuropeCase PackersI Have It
W570611Model Inova SV 122 that packs 4,000 syringes / hour and closes with stopper. Works with nest. Model Inova SV 125 is more automatic up to 10,000 syringes / hour and shutter as well.Syringe Filling LinesI Have It