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Wanted Equipment - Air Compressors
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W459860Buyer is looking for a natural gas air compressor, 50-100 hpAir CompressorsI Have It
W459677My customer is looking for an air compressor that would meet these requirements: 1. Manufacturer ither Atlas or Kaeser 2. The power from 30HP to 100HP or from 22KW to 75KW 3. The pressure is 10 bar 4. The model year from 1995 to 2010 Air CompressorsI Have It
W425097Preferably oil free Preferably VFD = variable speed 100hp & minimum of 400cfm Air cooled 480VAC Air CompressorsI Have It
W420486Buyer is looking for a 50 hp rotary air compressor with dryer packageAir CompressorsI Have It
W420484Buyer is looking for 50 hp rotary air compressor with dryer packageAir CompressorsI Have It
W420013Buyer is looking for a 200 gallon or so air tank (high pressure).Air CompressorsI Have It
W417304Buyer is looking for a 150hp variable speed air compressor with air dryer.Air CompressorsI Have It
W415788Buyer is looking for a York Model M426A6 Turbomaster multi-stage Centrifugal, R-12 Compressor w/ 1 1/4 inch CPLGAir CompressorsI Have It
W387622Atlas Copco Model ZT55 Air Compressor 75HPAir CompressorsI Have It
W377930 The basics of what we are looking for are as follows: Operating pressure: 125+ psi Minimum Capacity (CFM): 400 (ideally we would have multiple units with capacity of 1000 or so) Electrical: 3ph 260v (NOTE: the facility that we are purchasing for does not have 480v service) Purpose: The compressed air will primariliy be used for abrasive blasting and coating operations. As such there should be adequate intake filtration to prevent contaminates from entering the system. In addition, we will likely consider a new air dryer to match the capacity of the new compressor(s) in order to maintain 10 degrees F from dewpoint at all times. Air CompressorsI Have It
W377535A customer is looking to purchase compressors with hp range from 10 hp to 600 hp. His preffered manufacturers are Ingersoll-Rand, Gardner-Denver, Sullair, Joy, Fuller, Quincy, Curtis, LeRoi, Atlis Copco, Worthington, Rotary Screws, Reciprocating, and Slide Vanes. Air CompressorsI Have It