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Wanted Equipment - Granulators
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W462031Buyer is looking for a Cumberland granulator 7x12GranulatorsI Have It
W461809Buyer is looking for a 10-20 hp plastics granulatorGranulatorsI Have It
W421769Table Top High Shear Granulator - Bottom DrivenGranulatorsI Have It
W420895Looking for a High Shear Granulator 400L (Vector, Diosna type)GranulatorsI Have It
W420892Looking for a U-20 ComilGranulatorsI Have It
W418825196 comillGranulatorsI Have It
W418824196 comillGranulatorsI Have It
W403149Co-mil model 197 ready to purchase now.GranulatorsI Have It
W402479Manesty Rotogran, Pilot ScaleGranulatorsI Have It
W395031Quadro Comil, Model G96GranulatorsI Have It
W388136Looking for an Alexander Roller Compactor. Needs to be a capacity of 100Kg +GranulatorsI Have It
W387274IMA Roto-P Granulation LineGranulatorsI Have It
W377537Looking for a small volume granulator no more than 2HPGranulatorsI Have It