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Wanted Equipment - Tanks - Pressure Vessels
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W438845• Approx. 300-500 gallons • Pressure rating: min. 50 psig • 316 stainless steel • Four (4) support legs • Side nozzles: o 18” manway o Three (3) – 2” nozzles (or what is available) • Bottom center outlet nozzle - 2” (or what is available) • Top nozzles: o Three (3) or four (4) – 2” nozzles (or what is available)  I Have It
W4359183000 gallon jacketed and insulated tank with a cone bottom discharge I Have It
W435454looking for three 300 L to 500 L kettles that has the following as minimum requirement: 1) 300 – 500 L s.s. Kettle 2) Sweep mixing capability (single action, or dual action) 3) Turboshear (built in homogenizer) 4) Vacuum and Pressure Rated 5) Jacketed 6) Internal product contact steel - 316 S.S. (of course)  I Have It
W377380Kevin is looking for a 2000 gallon mixing tank. Anchor agitation at minimum I Have It
W364826Rated Membrane Pressure:1000 psi Actual Size is; 16 ' Height 3 ' Diameter This tank needs to maintain this pressure(840 psi min - 1000 psi max) to supply Hydraulic Oil to six 6 machines in the same system. I Have It
W350536600-800 Gallon Pressure Vessel Stainless Steel 30-50 PSI I Have It
W346867500 Gallon Pressure Vessel
Stainless Steel
500 Gallon

 I Have It