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Wanted Equipment - Packaging Lines
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W443706ACMA G.D 2002 Packaging LinesI Have It
W443705Pactec THEEGARTEN U1 Packaging LinesI Have It
W443690Need a complete muffin line as soon as possible Packaging LinesI Have It
W433656The line should be capable of packaging both round and square bottles with a target output of 150 bpm for 30-count and 120 bpm for 100-count. The major pieces of equipment to be included for a fundamental line are listed as follows: Bottle Unscrambler and Cleaner Electronic Tablet Counter and Filler Metal Detector Automatic Cotton Inserter Automatic Capper for screw caps Induction Sealer Cap Retorquer Bottle Labeler w/Sideserter - Thermal Transfer Printer - Laser Printer - OCV Vision System Shrink Bundler Other features that would be nice to have are: Desiccant Feeder Bottle Topserter Accumulation Tables Provisions for bottle serialization Packaging LinesI Have It
W416229Client is interested in acquiring a molding line. They primarily do 2 and 3 oz bars and small squaresPackaging LinesI Have It
W416072Ulma Packaging machinePackaging LinesI Have It
W407633In need of 2 rotary packers that can run at 50/minPackaging LinesI Have It
W406489Acma gd 2001 / 2002- Stickpack for sweetsPackaging LinesI Have It
W402348Our client is looking to purchase a fully functional benchtop tube sealer similar to ChemiPharm Grisotub MS-3 Benchtop Tube Sealer. Thank you! Packaging LinesI Have It
W395661RA Jones Pouch King ready to buy now Packaging LinesI Have It
W394300Soap Finishing Line, preferably in Europe.Packaging LinesI Have It
W384533Looking for a flowpack machine to pack frozen ready meals, 32 cm wide and 32 cm long.Packaging LinesI Have It
W383067Looking for a A-Line Heat Sealer Model.Packaging LinesI Have It
W378419Ravi is looking for something similiar to the CRESPI SUPPOSITORY FORMING AND PACKAGING LINE (Listing #141991), which is no longer available. Keywords: Glycerin, Loose Product, No PVCPackaging LinesI Have It
W363307I have a customer looking for a Tetrapack packaging piece of equipment, TDA19, capacity: between 200ml and 250ml. Packaging LinesI Have It
W363024esco Systems Goglio Automatic Packaging Line for Granules Powders and Chunks but needs to have a vacuum systemPackaging LinesI Have It
W360259We are currently looking for a used RapidPak Horizontal Packaging machine, model RP-30, RP-45, RP-55. We are looking for a relatively newer machine if good conditionPackaging LinesI Have It