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Wanted Equipment - Fork Lift Trucks
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W441779Needs walk-behind fork lift in mid-october. Fork Lift TrucksI Have It
W4204805000 Lbs. capacity, electic preferred, 18 ft. lift height required.Fork Lift TrucksI Have It
W406142Buyer is looking for one or two Multiton ELE-45 fork liftsFork Lift TrucksI Have It
W38437312,000-15,000 lbs capacity, immediate need. Prefers an American brand Fork Lift TrucksI Have It
W382840Looking for a double reach fork truckFork Lift TrucksI Have It
W379878looking for an explosion proof forklift (EX 40 or EX 60). Fork Lift TrucksI Have It
W377153Customer is looking to purchase Fork Lift Rotators. Rotator Models - 25D RR or RRB, 35D RR or RRB, 50D RR or RRB, 55D RR or RRB, 70D RR or RRB or 80D RR or RRB. All fork lenghts ranging from from 36 inches to 50 inches.Fork Lift TrucksI Have It
W377151Customer is looking for Fork Clamps, Rotating Fork Clamps and Bale Clamps. Fork Clamp Models - Class II or III 35D CFS, 50D CFS, 70D CFS all 42 or 48 inch forks. Rotating Fork Clamp Models - Class II or III 35D CFR, 50D CFR, 70D CFR all 42 or 48 inch forks. Bale Clamp Models - Clas II or III 35D BCS, 50D BCS, 25D BC, 35D BC, 50D BC all arm lengths over 24 inches. Fork Lift TrucksI Have It
W377149Customer is looking for Fork Lift Slip Sheets. Model 35E PS and 35E PB. Specifications for both slip sheets are 15 X 48 or 18 X 48 inch Platens. Fork Lift TrucksI Have It
W350150Fork Lift Truck
- Max fork height at least 240”
- Mast height around 83” max…must be able to get into shipping containers.
- Ability to lift 3000lbs to put on a 20’ high rack. I am guessing it needs to be at least 5000lb, maybe more.
- Tight turn radius, preferably less than 80”
- Prefer electric, however, LPG is feasible.
- Must have indoor tires on it.
- Must have side shift capability.
- Standup/sit-down/etc

Fork Lift TrucksI Have It