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Wanted Equipment - Vial Filling Lines
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W406106Power Dosage, equipped with all the format parts: 8H, 10H 15H, 20H, 50H, 100H glass vials Vial Filling LinesI Have It
W395673Vial Filling line - 18,000 vials /hour, set up for 3mls & 4 mls vials.Vial Filling LinesI Have It
W387269looking for a vial filling line. 2ml-100ml vials 80-90 vpm.Vial Filling LinesI Have It
W386781Cozzoli FPS1 Ampoule Filler and SealerVial Filling LinesI Have It
W386637Looking for a Macofar 18 vial filling line for powdersVial Filling LinesI Have It
W380257Cozzoli FPS1 Vial FillerVial Filling LinesI Have It
W378058Looking for a Flexicon FP-50 Vial filler Vial Filling LinesI Have It
W377530looking for a complete vial filling line. Washer,, depyro overn, filler, Stopperer, Capper, labeler, etc. 40-60k per per day. 5, 10, 20ml fills.Vial Filling LinesI Have It
W377490Needs a vial crimping system for 2ml vials. the have looked at cozzoli in the past.Vial Filling LinesI Have It
W362775A sterile liquid filling machine for vials 2-200ml with a peristaltic filler, with pre and post gasing station and a stoppering station for normal and freeze dried products (like the Flexicon FP50) with an output of about 1000-2000 vials/h.Vial Filling LinesI Have It
W362486Looking for a vial sleever. 60 vials/minutes (manual feeding 3 persons),23÷52 mm diameter, 35÷95 mm height, Vial Filling LinesI Have It