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Wanted Equipment - Conveyor Systems
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W421651Buyer is looking for 18''-24'' wide bed belt conveyors with variable speed motors anywhere from 5 feet to 55 feet long.Conveyor SystemsI Have It
W4199224 or 6 inch wide motorized conveyors, & roller conveyorConveyor SystemsI Have It
W406198In need of a Flexicon screw conveyorConveyor SystemsI Have It
W403209Client needs an interlock stainless steel conveyor, 15-30' feet in length with a width of 9 1/2- 12 1/2"Conveyor SystemsI Have It
W387208Dorner Conveyor System Series 3200Conveyor SystemsI Have It
W377495Powered Conveyor minimum of 4-5’ in length. Semi wet environment, so need to withstand some splashing of water to a certain degree. There is already an existing conveyor, so product will transfer from conveyor to the new conveyor. Conveyor SystemsI Have It