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Wanted Equipment - Pasteurizers
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W444007Buyer is looking for a tunnel pasteurizer (not a flash pasteurizer). The needed capacity is from 10,000 up to 15,000 can / 500 ml Canned beer . PasteurizersI Have It
W407284In need of a 100 gallon batch pasteurizerPasteurizersI Have It
W392506Customer is in need of a milk pasteurizer which can process 5 to 10,000 L /hour of milk.PasteurizersI Have It
W392495Fruit juices, output 40 TN/DayPasteurizersI Have It
W387946In need of two (2) 75-100 Gallon Pasteurizers PasteurizersI Have It
W377672Used 300 gallon Dual Vat pasteurizer that does both cheese and milk PasteurizersI Have It
W377671In need of a small batch pasturizer around the size of 50 gallons. He would be flexible to go as high as 200 gallons as long as the thermometer can reach down enough to do smaller sizesPasteurizersI Have It