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Wanted Equipment - Pressure Sensitive Labelers
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W388058In need of a serum vial labeler for 5 to 20ml serum vialsPressure Sensitive LabelersI Have It
W385970Looking for a Krones labeler that has a speed of 500bpm for the given bottle: The bottle is a 16 oz, 66.5 MM in dia. It comes with two versions of the label. A wrap around label and a two panel label, front and back. The wrap around is full wrap, less than ¼ gap where the edges meet. The two panel leaves about 2 gaps of ½ and inchPressure Sensitive LabelersI Have It
W378255In need of a pressure sensitive labeler for a tube that has a 19mm diameter and is about 100mm long that can do 60/min nad has specific orientation for the print registration on the frontPressure Sensitive LabelersI Have It
W365653I have a customer who is looking for a labeller for 3 mil. vials that is suitable for Europe Hertz. Thanks, AngeloPressure Sensitive LabelersI Have It