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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W477297Rudolph Research Polarimeter Model Autopol IVPolarimetersI Have It
W477288Lasetec 2, FT50 fill level inspectors Lasetec CI100 case inspectors Miscellaneous Packaging EquipmentI Have It
W477285200-250 cu ft single ribbon blenders sanitary stainless steel BlendersI Have It
W477283Prep HPLC located in USAHPLCI Have It
W477218Probat Sample Coffee RoasterRoastersI Have It
W477215Koehler K25310 Copper Strip Corrosion Test Bomb BathWaterbaths and CirculatorsI Have It
W476768100 square foot tantalum heat exchanger rated for 150 PSI/FV @ 350 degrees F.Heat Exchangers/CondensersI Have It
W476705130 quart Stephan VCM (Vertical cutter mixer)MixersI Have It
W476688He needs an 8 foot wide fume hood none on the MP Fume and Flow HoodsI Have It
W476662Customer needs an encapsulation machine for powders, set up for size 1's, at least 25,000 CPM. FillersI Have It
W476659100 / 100 38L Kearney Graphite Condenser 100 psi at 360^F 2 ea - 6" process ports - single pass 2 ea - 6" process ports - single pass Teflon impregnatedHeat Exchangers/CondensersI Have It
W47665360-100 cu ft carbon steel ribbon blender with xp motorsBendersI Have It
W476623Thermo TSQ Ultra mass spectrometerMass SpectrometersI Have It
W476616Rotary XP Bottle Filler for flat bottles with round cap, 120 ml to 1000 ml, speeds around 1000 to 1500 bottles per hour. Also needs a labeler, bar coder.FillersI Have It
W476607Electric Golf CartMiscellaneous Plant EquipmentI Have It
W4766041,000-1,500 gallon jacketed tank w/ dual agitation as well as side sweep. open top w/Hinged lids TanksI Have It
W476602Inline single or Double Head XP Liquid Filler for F-Style Plastic Gallon Containers, Volumetric or Gravimetric, 10 BPMFillersI Have It
W476601100-200 Square foot tantalum heat exchanger. Heat Exchangers/CondensersI Have It
W476591Tecan M1000 Microplate ReaderMicroplate ReadersI Have It
W476590Tecan M200 microplate readerMicroplate ReadersI Have It
W476527100 PSI Steam Boiler with range of 75-110 HPBoilersI Have It
W476519Waters Fraction Manager - Analytical module for Acquity UPLCUPLCI Have It
W476504If you have an Olympus BX51WI (must be this model) fluorescent microscope MicroscopesI Have It
W476488Need a 300L 316 Stainless Steel Pan Dryer.Industrial Washers and DryersI Have It
W4764665 ton chiller, air cooled, 3 phase, 460 voltsChillersI Have It
W476335Caterpillar 300 kW stationary generator set, 208 or 480 V, 1800 rpm, year 1999 or newer, preferably enclosedGenerators - OtherI Have It
W476312Netzsch Media Mill, approximately 10L and above and explosion proof.Media MillsI Have It
W476309Looking for a 48 and above square foot rotary drum filter.FiltersI Have It
W476263Any Slat walls, glass display cases, gravity bins, scoops and scales ConfectioneryI Have It
W476241500 gallon single wall SS tanks for sale, vertical tank, dome top with man way or flat top with half cover. Agitation is optional TanksI Have It
W476226a 3,000 gallon tank (PE or SS), conical bottom and preferably with mixing capabilityTanksI Have It
W476099DRC ICP Perkin Elmer Mass Spec Mass SpectrometersI Have It
W476075100 Gallon Hastelloy Reactor.ReactorsI Have It
W476010trifilling into one tube. tube filling line. for toothpaste for 3 colorsTube Filling LinesI Have It
W476005750 - 1000 gallon hastelloy reactor rated for at least 300 PSI/FV.ReactorsI Have It
W47600125-75 square foot hastelloy shell and tube exchangers (Hastelloy C22)Heat Exchangers/CondensersI Have It
W47600050-gallon De Dietrich glass lined reactor 100-gallon De Dietrich glass lined reactor 200-gallon De Dietrich glass lined reactor ReactorsI Have It
W4759991m2 to 1.6m2 agitated Hastelloy Nutsche Filter DryerFilter- Nutsche Filters and DryersI Have It
W4759971,000# capacity single sigma mixer (Shaffer/Peerless type) ASAPMixersI Have It
W475988Doboy Linium 301 with dual feed rollers for breakfast barsFlow WrappersI Have It
W4759684000 gallon Pfaudler RA Model Glass Lined Reactor rated for 100 PSI/FV.ReactorsI Have It
W475967150-200 Cubic Foot Glass Lined Double Cone Dryer, Full VacuumReactorsI Have It
W475930Merrill 72-16Slat CountersI Have It
W475848Waters Alliance 2695 with 2996 (PDA) detectorHPLCI Have It
W475842ABI 3130XL or ABI 3730XL DNA AnalyzerParts and AccessoriesI Have It
W475841API 4000 & API 3200 QTRAPMass SpectrometersI Have It
W475821(2) 20-30 thousand jacketed food grade tanksTanksI Have It
W4757142-3 square meter hastelloy C-22 Nutsche Filter DryerFilter- Nutsche Filters and DryersI Have It
W475640Merrill 72-16Slat CountersI Have It
W475611New Brunswick BioFlo 3000Fermentation UnitsI Have It