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Wanted Equipment - Vacuum Pumps
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W424290Looking for a dry vacuum pump. Should be between 140 and 380 ACFM.Vacuum PumpsI Have It
W419992Need two Busch Cobra Vacuum Pumps - NC 100 Model Series. Can be other manufacturer.Vacuum PumpsI Have It
W418937Edwards E2M-28 Vacuum PumpVacuum PumpsI Have It
W388234Our customer is looking to purchase a KNF Neuberger Twin Head Diaphragm Compressor and Vacuum Pump Model PJ12571-1400.12 that is on the east coast. Thank you!Vacuum PumpsI Have It
W378219Vacuum pump made of Hastelloy or PTFE covered, 10 H.P. is Ok. Motor Ex.Vacuum PumpsI Have It
W349529200 CFM BUsch Huckepack Vacuum Pump.

Vacuum PumpsI Have It