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Wanted Equipment - Vacuum Pumps
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W424290Looking for a dry vacuum pump. Should be between 140 and 380 ACFM.Vacuum PumpsI Have It
W419992Need two Busch Cobra Vacuum Pumps - NC 100 Model Series. Can be other manufacturer.Vacuum PumpsI Have It
W418937Edwards E2M-28 Vacuum PumpVacuum PumpsI Have It
W388234Our customer is looking to purchase a KNF Neuberger Twin Head Diaphragm Compressor and Vacuum Pump Model PJ12571-1400.12 that is on the east coast. Thank you!Vacuum PumpsI Have It
W378219Vacuum pump made of Hastelloy or PTFE covered, 10 H.P. is Ok. Motor Ex.Vacuum PumpsI Have It