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Wanted Equipment - Bioreactors
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W451722 500 L and 1,000 L Sartorius STR disposable bioreactor systemsBioreactorsI Have It
W440629European buyer is looking for bioreactor/fermentor. Over 75 Liter. Preferably Braun, Sartorius or New Brunswick. BioreactorsI Have It
W4220745-15 gallons, 316 stainless steel, jacketed, top agitation, dished bottom discharge.BioreactorsI Have It
W42008050L Sartorius single use bioreactorBioreactorsI Have It
W417339(7) Applikon Bio Bench 15 liter bioreactorsBioreactorsI Have It
W415706New Brunswick Bioflo 3000 Bio ReactorBioreactorsI Have It
W409392Bioflo bioreactor fermenter of 20L or 30L capacityBioreactorsI Have It
W409391Bioflo bioreactor fermenter of 20L or 30L capacityBioreactorsI Have It
W406137We would like to buy 100L-200L bioreactor for microbial fermentation (in very good condition)BioreactorsI Have It
W40610530L vesselBioreactorsI Have It
W403192two bioreactors that are 20,000 litres in size.BioreactorsI Have It
W388300Wave Biotech 20/50EH single-use bioreactorBioreactorsI Have It
W387701Disposable 50-200 litersBioreactorsI Have It
W377967Wave 20-50EH BioreactorBioreactorsI Have It
W377940Erik is looking for a Wave Biotech 20/50EH Wave Bioreactor in the California areaBioreactorsI Have It
W377487bioreactors on the ~100L-250L scale. Can use both mammalian and microbial unitsBioreactorsI Have It