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Wanted Equipment - Photometric Analyzers
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W440520The Micromeritics Gemini 2360 of surface area Analyzer is fully automatic, single- or multi-point.Total Organic Carbon AnalyzersI Have It
W440451Biacore 3000 Interaction AnalyzerPhotometric AnalyzersI Have It
W438481Foss – fat analyzerTotal Organic Carbon AnalyzersI Have It
W433573NOVA Biomedical BioProfile FLEX AnalyzerMicrobial CharacterizationI Have It
W424953ABI 3730xl DNA AnalyzerPhotometric AnalyzersI Have It
W394495Buyer is looking for TWO Beckman Vi Cell XR unitsPhotometric AnalyzersI Have It
W387616ABI 7500Total Organic Carbon AnalyzersI Have It
W387291Oil Analysis Optical Spectrometer for Wear Particle Analysis, Spectroil M/C-WPhotometric AnalyzersI Have It
W387268Sievers 900 TOC AnalyzerTotal Organic Carbon AnalyzersI Have It
W386732YSI 2700 SELECT Biochemistry AnalyzerPhotometric AnalyzersI Have It
W384499Thermo Scientific MGC 240 Benchtop AnalyzerPhotometric AnalyzersI Have It
W384498Olympus AU400 Chemistry AnalyzerAnalyzersI Have It
W384480Drug analyzer needed immediately, preferably Olympus or BeckmanPhotometric AnalyzersI Have It
W384378GE Sievers 900 Laboratory TOC Analyzer with AutosamplerAnalyzersI Have It
W384221Malvern Master Sizer 3000Photometric AnalyzersI Have It
W382439Siemens ADVIA 1800 or 2400 Clinical Chemistry SystemAnalyzersI Have It
W382438OLYMPUS AU640 CHEMISTRY IMMUNO ANALYZERPhotometric AnalyzersI Have It
W382398Sartorius Stedim Biotech BioPAT Trace Analysis System for simultaneous analysis of glucose and lactateAnalyzersI Have It
W382397Flownamics Seg-Flow 201D Automated Online Sampling System with Feed Control or like modelPhotometric AnalyzersI Have It
W381920Spoke with Samuel. He is looking to start-up his own lab with a $30K budget. Looking to purchase within the next 1-2 months. He is in need of a Lab Auto Analyzer for Hemotology and Biochemistry, CT Scan, XRay Machine, Ultrasound, etc.AnalyzersI Have It
W378287Yunfeng is searching for a Sympa Tec Particle Analyzer in the Texas areaTotal Organic Carbon AnalyzersI Have It
W377973Hushan is looking for a Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer, with at least the software Photometric AnalyzersI Have It
W377972Moustafa is in need of a Hitachi Amino Acid Analyzer. Total Organic Carbon AnalyzersI Have It
W377709A customer is looking to purchase Texture Analyzers.Photometric AnalyzersI Have It
W377376Needs a malvern mastersizer for powdersPhotometric AnalyzersI Have It
W377127Applied Biosystems 3730 XL DNA AnalyzerAnalyzersI Have It
W364827Molecular Devices ImageXpress Micro XLAnalyzersI Have It
W362758Biacore T100/T200Total Organic Carbon AnalyzersI Have It
W361026Biacore T100/T200, X100, or 3000Photometric AnalyzersI Have It
W360988Biacore T100 or T200 Interaction AnalyzerTotal Organic Carbon AnalyzersI Have It
W354684YSI 2700 AnalyzerPhotometric AnalyzersI Have It
W354683YSI 2700 AnalyzerTotal Organic Carbon AnalyzersI Have It
W336342Horiba Sulfer Analyzer


Microbial CharacterizationI Have It