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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W465500GE Lunar PIXI GE Lunar PIXImusMedical EquipmentI Have It
W465489Customer is in need of a lab/portable stainless steel or hastelloy basket centrifuge. Something 300MM diameter and smaller. Laboratory CentrifugesI Have It
W465452Myford Super 7 Lathe I Have It
W465443Laboratory Scale 2 Inch Wiped Film EvaporatorEvaporatorsI Have It
W465441Buyer is looking for a 1,500-3,000 gallon 304/316 vertical stainless steel tank to be used as chemical storageTanksI Have It
W465427Buyer is looking for ~15 gallon stainless steel reactor. 550 F & 50 psi / FV rating, jacketed - heating or electrical heater bands, agitator, atleast 2 inlet ports from the top, pressure relief valve, thermocouple inlet port, bottom discharge port ReactorsI Have It
W465424Buyer is looking for an extruder, no preference of manufacturer, 6" single screw, 30+:1 L to D I Have It
W465417European buyer is looking for grinding/polishing robots or robotic equipment for polishing and grinding. He is also looking for some galvanic line. GrindersI Have It
W465374He needs an Autoclave with these dimensions.The chamber dimensions that I need are 60" long x24" wide x36" tall or a little bigger. It needs to be steam fed and can be a single door or a pass through. SterilizersI Have It
W465363Buyer is looking for a mixer to mix plastic pellets with regrind flake. Mixing at an approximate 50:50 ratio. Not precise, +/- 10% is acceptable. Volume is 600+ lbs/hr I Have It
W465362Buyer is looking for a vertical or horizontal plastics grinder approx 20hp, 1/4'' screen, minimum 12" x 12" feedGrindersI Have It
W465341Buyer is looking for a plastics grinder capable of processing approx 1 ton/hourGrindersI Have It
W465296Buyer is looking for downstream extrusion belt pullers, 3-4 inch wide. I Have It
W465295Buyer is looking for a twin screw compounding extruder. 34-40mm.Twin Screw ExtrudersI Have It
W465280European buyer is looking for a distillation unit for his sterile plant. The necessary capacity is between 700-1200 It/h WFI. SterilizersI Have It
W465269Tridak Inserta 2200 Cartridge FillerFillersI Have It
W465256Buyer is looking for a single station cut sheet ~45'' wide thermoformer with trim pressThermoformers and Trim PressesI Have It
W465241Buyer is looking for a WinTech 6 station rotary table for making shoes. I Have It
W465240Plunger rod Insertion Machine I Have It
W465223Buyer is looking for a ribbon blender that can mix between 500-800 lbs. at a time for blending resin pellets.  I Have It
W465222Buyer is looking for a regenerating desiccant dryer capable of drying approximately 500-800 lbs. per hour and/or has a hopper with a 2000-4000 lbs capacity. Industrial Washers and DryersI Have It
W465209Retsch Planetary Ball Mill PM 100Ball MillsI Have It
W465201Buyer is looking for a hydraulic or electrical injection molding machine. 50-120 Tons. Nearly new, 2012-2015 vintage to be used for non conventional thermoplastic materials. Prefer DEMAC, Boy, Arburg, Netstal Injection MoldersI Have It
W465200May have a need for a lab spray dryer. Like a Buchi B-290 or even smaller.Spray DryersI Have It
W465199need 50 to 250 gallon 316ss tanks that can be made portable for transferring product around the building. Much prefer a lid, hinged lids are even better.TanksI Have It
W465195She wants a Fume Hood with a down draft or spout Fume Hoods and Flow HoodsI Have It
W465194She wants a fume hood with a with a down draft or spout Fume Hoods and Flow HoodsI Have It
W465193She needs a Flow Hood with a down draft Fume Hoods and Flow HoodsI Have It
W465192She needs a Flow Hood with a down draft Fume Hoods and Flow HoodsI Have It
W465191She needs a Flow Hood with a down draft Fume Hoods and Flow HoodsI Have It
W465190High Shear mixer/Homegenizer -preferably inline -mid range 10-20 gallons per minute I Have It
W465177FOSS BactoScanFlow CytometersI Have It
W464977Leica CM1850 CryostatsCryostatI Have It
W464969Buyer is looking for a 4000-5000 gallon 316 stainless tank with cone bottom. Dims 8-9' w and less than 14' height.TanksI Have It
W4649601-3 gallon triple motion mixerHomogenizersI Have It
W464956Buyer is looking for a water tank, 2000-2500 gallon 304 or 316 stainless single wall tank. Preferably with a large center bottom discharge outlet (~12'').TanksI Have It
W464953Buyer is looking for a Cumberland 50 granulatorPlastics GranulatorsI Have It
W464948Looking for a volumetric monoblock (ideally) liquid filler/capper. Speeds capable of up to 150 bpm and the liquid laundry detergent ranges from about 100-120oz. His pitch needs to be at least 10"Liquid Filling LinesI Have It
W464945 NCT turn press year 2008  I Have It
W464943Client is running a 64 oz round bottle, does not need an entire line just an automated filler, slow speeds Powder Filling LinesI Have It
W464938Buyer is looking for a twin screw extruder capable of producing approx 1000-2000 lbs/hour for masterbatch processingTwin Screw ExtrudersI Have It
W464923250L Jacketed (Electric jacket) VesselTanksI Have It
W464919Looking for a machine that would make plastic pouches and also label them after they are made. Looking to do 3-6 bags a minute, sizes ranging from 5-50kg. I Have It
W464916Silverson L5T laboratory homogenizer or something of a similar model Lab MixersI Have It
W464898needs 5 cubic ft v blenderBlendersI Have It
W464668She needs two -Leica 1850 cryostatCryostatI Have It
W464649Lightnin' LabMaster model L1U10FMixers/AgitatorsI Have It
W464648Lightnin' LabMaster model L1U10FMixers/AgitatorsI Have It
W464621Waters: Pump Control Module PCM WAT200460Miscellaneous Lab EquipmentI Have It
W464570Do you have any UV/VIS/NIR spectrophotometers?SpectrophotometersI Have It