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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W526333Machine needs to have a thermoforming section and vacuum section (tray sealing) Capable of handling two products side by side as large as 12.6 x 5” (cylindrical) Designed for and previously used for med device or pharma (cleanroom ready) Less than 5 years old Horizontal Form Fill Seal MachinesI Have It
W526317ABI 3730XL DNA SequencerDNA SynthesizersI Have It
W526301Need Grinder to grind up plastic milk jugsMiscellaneous GrindersI Have It
W526292Looking for a RA160 Vacuum Pump and a Huckepack Vacuum PumpMRO/Repair PartsI Have It
W526288SureKap SK6000-BS6CappersI Have It
W526281Looking for Tablet inspection machine. Capsule or Tablet Inspection MachinesI Have It
W5262746500 gallon horizontal about 25 ft long for chocolateTanksI Have It
W526250Looking for a gasonics for 6"FAB Equipment RF GeneratorI Have It
W526246 Anthony he wants a 300 mil plasma etch tool ICP tool preferablePlasma EtcherI Have It
W526240Homogenizer 3,000 PSI 16,000lbs/hr for cheese makerHomogenizersI Have It
W52623825,000 Gal Reconditioned Silo For CheeseSilosI Have It
W526234Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS system. Detailed description in internal notes.MicroscopesI Have It
W526133It is an oil roaster with a 30 inch wide belt and is a continuous roaster (not a batch roaster). We are familiar with Mastermatic/Heat and Control roasters. This one should be rated for at least 2000# per hour. It would be automatic. RoastersI Have It
W526077Meat FlakerFlakersI Have It
W526037Steam Heated Shrink Tunnel For Meat ProductionHeat TunnelsI Have It
W526035Can Seamer For size 307 Cans 400/m plus w/ steam flow Prefer ANGELUS 61HCanning EquipmentI Have It
W526034200-250 gallon rectangle cheese vatTanksI Have It
W526029looking for an ascending or descending water cooling conveyor, would prefer a descending conveyor Food EquipmentI Have It
W526028Preformed bag filler with combination scale Weighpack PreferredForm, Fill and Seal Weigh ScaleI Have It
W525965Anything Gen 4.4 or 4.5, referring to OLED and AMOLED subtrate sizesSemiconductor Spare PartsI Have It
W525964Ge Telemetry sytemParts and AccessoriesI Have It
W525959looking for a small coating line for films, papers, or textiles. needs it to be between 12-40" web and does not need to be explosion proof.Miscellaneous Plant EquipmentI Have It
W525948Looking for the 760 DPNBlister SealersI Have It
W5259161-2L Stainless Steel Horizontal Media Mill, HP can be flexible.Media MillsI Have It
W525889500 gallon refrigerated ice cream tankTanksI Have It
W525885ABI 3730XL DNA SequencerSequencersI Have It
W5258761000 gallon Fermentation tank w/ jacket and agitation.Fermentation UnitsI Have It
W525875Elmar filler RPE-514 stainless steelFillersI Have It
W5258713D printerPrinters/Scanners/CopiersI Have It
W525841Washdown Metal Detector 4" wide belt. Product is 1" high or less. Minimum aperture needed would be 6" width X 2" height. Metal DetectorsI Have It
W525840Wash Down Metal Detector 30" wide belt. Product is 2" high or less. Minimum aperture needed would be 31" width X 3" height. Metal DetectorsI Have It
W525752Brewer Science Spin Coater Cee 200xConventional Coating PansI Have It
W525745Instrumented R&D Scale Tablet Press Tablet PressesI Have It
W525744small scale bar soap extruder doing a small fill .5 ouncesSoap Making EquipmentI Have It
W525743xp filler lab scale bench topFillersI Have It
W525742small scale bar soap extruder doing a small fill .5 ouncesExtruders - Pharm.I Have It
W525705AB Sciex 5500 w/ Agilent or Shimadzu front endMass SpectrometersI Have It
W525701Fulton 20J Fuel Fired Steam Boiler - With pumps, valves, water softener, blowdown vessel, hot water reservoir. Manufacturer: Fulton Boiler Works, Inc. Pressure Rating (Pressure): 11.2 BAR Pressure Rating (Temperature): 250 DEG C Fuel Type : Electric CE Marked: YES Model: 20J Capacity Size : 200 KW Boiler Type: Steam Voltage: 400 VOLTS Frequency: 50 HERTZ Phase: 3BoilersI Have It
W525683Skimmer for milk, flow rate 20,000 liter/hour. Workingconditions: milk at 2-5° C HomogenizersI Have It
W525682High speed form fill seal machine for 4 side sealed pouches like splenda ones. 700-1000 cycles per minute. OEM's: Jones, Cloud, Mespack Form Fill Seal MachinesI Have It
W525681Need Labeler for pails square labelsLabelersI Have It
W525680Need a rollercompactor open to fitzpatick and other OEMSRoller CompactorsI Have It
W525679Full vaccuum rated mixing vessel in the 1,000-1,250 gallon range for toothpaste manufacturing ready to purchaseStainless Steel KettlesI Have It
W525673Water Still - 1875 Gallons per hr. Water Purification and Still SystemsI Have It
W525669Acquity TQD systemUPLCI Have It
W525663(Huber) Scrubber UnitWater Purification and Still SystemsI Have It
W525662Mobile Reactor Vacuum Transfer and System for PowderReactorsI Have It
W525654Need seasoning drum tumbler for popcornSeasonersI Have It
W525653Continuous fryer for snacksFrying EquipmentI Have It