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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W515488looking for a vertical 10,000 gallon tank that has a cone bottom, can be either 304 or 316 stainless steel, does not need a jacket and does not need agitation, but jacket is a bonus.TanksI Have It
W515459Under 40kLabelersI Have It
W515458Piston Filler FillersI Have It
W515438Looking for a three phase Centrifuge Separator (Solids, Heavy Liquids - Water, Light Liquids - Oil). De-Sludger Design CentrifugesI Have It
W515435GEA Niro Mobile Minor Spray Dryer 0,5 - 6,9 Kg/Hour Sample Volume: 100 ml - 10 l Drying air flow rate: 80 Kg/hour at 200 °C Heating Power: 9 kw Nozzle types: Rotary atomizar, two-fluid nozzle in cocurrent or fountain modeSpray DryersI Have It
W515411AB 3730 XL DNA Analyzer, AB 3730 DNA Analyzer, AB 3130 XL DNA Analyzer, AB 3130 DNA AnalyzerAnalyzersI Have It
W515406European customer is looking for a tablet press, D-tooled, up to 25mmTablet PressesI Have It
W515401European buyer is looking for a Fette 1090 D Turrett compression machine. Tablet PressesI Have It
W515396Customer looking for benchtop liquid capsule fillerFillersI Have It
W515395Customer Looking for Benchtop capsule filler for powdersFillersI Have It
W515391Drying / Cooling system for starch to adapt to a Mogul line (Gum).Cooling Tunnels I Have It
W515390MarketForge Sterilmate SterilizerSterilizersI Have It
W515387Equipment for chicken bouillon cubes, including: blenders, compression machines ans packaging machines.Packaging LinesI Have It
W515382100 500 mph less than 8kAir CompressorsI Have It
W515376top load cartoners, Bivans style erect, hand fill, close and seal.Vertical CartonersI Have It
W515367Customer looking for Stainless vertical tanks - 1000-2000 gallon capacity, with mixers, double propeller. tanks needed for pharma purposesTanksI Have It
W515358Customer needs a stainless steel vertical insulated tank 12' dia max or less. Will be used for ethanol. Ideally between 12,000-18,000 gallonsTanksI Have It
W515351ATS Ultrasonic Banding Machine BanderI Have It
W515347fork lift able to lift 4 tons Fork Lift TrucksI Have It
W515346looking for a centrifuge less than 50k located in the USCenterslung/Basket CentrifugesI Have It
W515345Silverson homogenizer drop in style HomogenizersI Have It
W515285600-700 Gallon Storage Tank, Stainless Steel, height of Tank needs to be 5 Feet or less.TanksI Have It
W515284Complete line to produce Parmigiano Chesse Linea de Proceso y empaque de Queso Rallado: Cortador de block Transportador Ralladora existente Transportador Aplicador de anti apelmazante Transportador Multi Bascula Llenadora vertical de bolsas. Cheese Processing LinesI Have It
W515272a Savage Brothers table top fire mixerMixersI Have It
W515249European buyer needs a pilot scale tablet pressTablet PressesI Have It
W515248European buyer needs a pilot scale tablet pressTablet PressesI Have It
W515247European buyer needs a pilot scale Ima granulatorGranulatorsI Have It
W515246European buyer needs a pilot scale granulatorGranulatorsI Have It
W515231Noack DPN 760 Blister machine Blister SealersI Have It
W515206LEE INDUSTRIES, jacketed kettle, 25 gallons and homomixerLab MixersI Have It
W515199Customer looking for (2) 2000 Gal jacketed, SS tanksTanksI Have It
W515156Volpak F-11 Form Fill Seal Machines (for parts)FillersI Have It
W515141Be able to lift any where from 3.5 to 4 tons Fork Lift TrucksI Have It
W515130Cryovac 2050 Vertical Form Fill SealVertical Form Fill Seal MachinesI Have It
W515114Client needs a pair of tanks 10K-12K gallon ss holding tanks, insulated & not have the dia larger than 12'. Going to be used for ethanol TanksI Have It
W51504824sqm Freeze dryer needed for a European customerFreeze DryersI Have It
W515043Zeiss Stemi 2000-C Stereo MicroscopeMicroscopesI Have It
W515036Zymark, Biotage or Caliper TurboVap LV concentratorEvaporatorsI Have It
W515030Liquid filler that can fill Oil, 32 ounce, 1 gallonLiquid Filling LinesI Have It
W515011Unused Labconco XPert Nano 4 Foot Enclosure with a ULPA filterBiological Safety CabinetsI Have It
W514996looking for a 2500 gallon-3000 gallon processing jacketed tank for emulsions/cream blending. It needs to have at least two strong mixersTanksI Have It
W514990looking for a bag dump station with an integral sifter (like a Kason brand). Bulk Bag Loader and UnloaderI Have It
W514988looking for one of these specific models. Hosokawa ACM-300 Netzsch CSM 560, 720 or 900.Miscellaneous MillsI Have It
W514977High Shear Mixer 100 Liter Capacity, top drivenMixersI Have It
W514967600 CC scientific oven FurnacesI Have It
W514966Spencer turbines Cat# B-24204D multistage blowerBlowersI Have It
W514958European customer looking for Model: KAMATA WB-1 (S/N: SG-25282 & SG-25283) onlyEncapsulation Machines and Capsule FillersI Have It
W514946Mettler Toledo CS3600 or something similar Check WeighersI Have It
W514930Multivac R - 125Thermoformers and Trim PressesI Have It
W514920Looking for a 60” HASTELLOY top unloader centrifuge. Looking for one manufactured by ATM or Western States, but would consider any top unloader basket type centrifuges you have that are 60” and Hastelloy. Centerslung/Basket CentrifugesI Have It