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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W529906Vacuum Double Drum DryerDrum DryersI Have It
W529873Freeze Dryer with High Capacity – around 20m2 We need in total 20 square meters capacity We need stoppering CIP & SIP Autoloading system is not required Freeze DryersI Have It
W529759Drew Scientific Hemavet 950 (or any series Hemavet)Blood Cell AnalyzersI Have It
W529756ITC or Accriva Avoximeter 4000Oxygen MetersI Have It
W529653Bio Rad - Chef Dr II SystemDNA SynthesizersI Have It
W529560Accumulation table (or buffer table ) for glass bottleAccumulators - Rotary TablesI Have It
W529508We are looking for a Stainless Steel tank, double jacketed, big slowly stirrer, isolated and volume 2500-3500 liters, for mixing of flavors into gelatine masses.Lars Jern.TanksI Have It
W52950520-30 Liter filter reactorReactorsI Have It
W529473film converting machine What I need is a machine that turns rolls of printed films into the sleeves themselves, for example… Unwinding the roll of film Sealing the bottom or sides Perforating each sleeves Rewinding as a completed sleeve onto a reel. LabelersI Have It
W529189- Homogenizer 1000 liters per hour; - Creamer 1000 liters per hour; - Sill 1000 liters per hour. Food EquipmentI Have It
W529181European buyer is looking for a 1000-1200litre glass lined tumble dryer. Drying ChamberI Have It
W529180European buyer is looking for for a 500gal glass lined vessel (Pfaudler AH series). This may not be possible as it is quite old however a good alternative he would be interested in a 2000-3000Iitre glass lined vessel. VesselsI Have It
W529146Rovema VPR 220 180 bottles per min.Form Fill Seal MachinesI Have It
W5291386000 gallon to 8000 gallon cone bottom jacketed tank. Looking to buy in 2-3 weeks.TanksI Have It
W52908340 Liter Bottom driven tank w/ impeller TanksI Have It
W528927Need an Agilent 1100 with UV detector. Customer is also looking for a unit with Chemstation Software.HPLCI Have It
W528770any 6", 8" or 11" Cumberland Granulator.Plastics GranulatorsI Have It
W528763looking for any 20,000 30,000 or 40,000 carbon steel tank that has already been removed and is ready to be loaded on to a truck.TanksI Have It
W528717IMA Zanasi 70C Capsule FillerCapsule Machine/DipI Have It
W528392Scholle TrueFill or SureFill aseptic filler for bag-in-box application We will be filling approximately 1,000 units per week. FillersI Have It
W528323Syringe Filling Line for 10mL syringes; 60-100 per minute; capable of running viscous material, such as a lube or jellySyringe Filling LinesI Have It
W528317Vi-CellParts and AccessoriesI Have It
W52830820 600lb Euro/meat buggies 1 buggy lift that reached 7.5 feet 1 buggy lift that reaches 9 feet 1 buggy washing machine Bin DumpersI Have It
W528286Cooling tank 2500 Lt - SS 316 TanksI Have It
W528279a lab scale autoclave, lab vacuum pumps, and also a 5 axis gantry millAutoclavesI Have It
W528258ACMA GD 759FillersI Have It
W528243 zebra barcode printerLabelersI Have It
W528225Film Evaporator, Capacity: 500 sqft or twof of 250 sqft. / Evaporador de tubos de película ascendente de 500 sqft, o dos de 250 sqft. EvaporatorsI Have It
W528202Agilent QTOF Mass Spec w/ LC and softwareMass SpectrometersI Have It
W528166Flow Wrapper if possible with modify atmosphere. 40/60 units per minute. Good working conditionFlow WrappersI Have It
W528153 Need a 40-90 sq. foot Hastelloy C (C22 or C276) shell and tube heat exchanger. Tubes and heads must be Hastelloy C, C22, C276. Shell can be carbon steel or alloy alloy. Can be either horizontal or vertical. Short fat one with more tubes is better than a very long skinny one with not as many tubes. Shell and tube single pass ONLY; no U-tubes or plate type.Tube pressure rating must be 100 psi or higher and 350 F or higher. Shell pressure rating must be 100 psi or higher and 350 F or higher. Heat Exchangers/CondensersI Have It
W528131 Tea Bagging Machine IMA C24/C27.Bag MakingI Have It
W52813060.000lt Tank, Stainless Steel 316 for Food IndustryTanksI Have It
W528124Looking for a 1000 lb/hr coffee grinder roller mill.Media MillsI Have It
W528081Genesis Residual Seal Force Tester Electronic Testing and Measurement EquipmentI Have It
W528027DARFRESH VSP Form Fill Seal For MeatForm Fill Seal MachinesI Have It
W527938Air Over Steam Pressure Autoclave for IV Bags [100 mL - 1 Liter] w/ ouput of 1000-3000 bags a day. Preferably a Fedegari, ICOS, or BoschAutoclavesI Have It
W527912Customer is looking for a Volpak 220 or 240 homogenizer. Used for juices. Has to be a Volpak.HomogenizersI Have It
W527911Looking for a used or new TetraPak carton filler/poucher machine for juices, 200 ML, s1. FillersI Have It
W527904looking specifically for a Ktron T-35 Gravimetric Twin Screw Feeding System.Screw FeederI Have It
W527901 need a single or double arm sigma mixer with SS jacket. 1000lb capacity. Peerless or Similar would work. MixersI Have It
W527900chocolate melter with agitator Need to melt 1000lbs min per hour.ChocolatesI Have It
W527892Flash Pasteurizer. Speed: 2500 Lt/dayFood EquipmentI Have It
W527890full line for making margarine, with a production of 1500 kg / hr. including the packaging line for these presentations: • Sticks / bar - 45 gr. • Sticks / bar - 90 gr. • Potted - 230 gr. • Potted - 100 gr. Cheese Processing LinesI Have It
W527885depulping machine for pineappleFood EquipmentI Have It
W527862Looking for either a sachet filler or Stick pack machine. European specification and CE. Bagging MachinesI Have It
W527852Aquarius LVM 2 or LVM 4 Lollipop Bunch Wrapper / Máquina formadora de caramelos planos con palo marca Aquarius modelo LVM2 ó LVM4 Flow WrappersI Have It
W527850Single Phase Hammer Mill For Pet Food GrindingHammer MillsI Have It
W527845modern enrober 36”.wideEnrobersI Have It
W527844modern cooling tunnels. 26” and 36” widthsCooling Tunnels I Have It