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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W545880Tanks of greater capacity than 100.000LTanksI Have It
W545876specifically looking for a Multivac T-100 Tray Sealer or T-200Tray SealersI Have It
W545873Dott. Bonapace & C. output 25,000/hourSuppository LinesI Have It
W545866tank with agitation jacketed, capacity: 2000 liters located in PeruTanksI Have It
W545859specifically looking for a Multivac T-100 Tray Sealer or T-200Tray SealersI Have It
W545858specifically looking for a Multivac T-100 Tray Sealer or T-200Tray SealersI Have It
W545828But we are looking also looking for: Dryer Oven - 500-1000 litres Jet air sieve ( alpine or other) Drying OvensI Have It
W545827But we are looking also looking for: Dryer Oven - 500-1000 litres Jet air sieve ( alpine or other) Drying OvensI Have It
W545826Paper Rewinder 80" WidePaper Converting EquipmentI Have It
W545825Paper Sheeter 60" widePaper Converting EquipmentI Have It
W545824Die Cutter por paper and cardboard Thompson style Paper Converting EquipmentI Have It
W545823Shear machine to cut metals of 1/4" in 10Ft length.ShearsI Have It
W545819100-200L bioreactorBioreactorsI Have It
W545815Agilent plate lock microplate thermal sealerMicroplate Handler/StackersI Have It
W545814Thermo LTQ XL mass spectrometerMass SpectrometersI Have It
W545799Texture Analyser.AnalyzersI Have It
W544578NextSeq 500SequencersI Have It
W5445773730xlDNA SynthesizersI Have It
W544569Used Waterfall Glazer with Recirculating Pump and Tank - Jacket Temp: 40 celsius degreesChocolatesI Have It
W544557Sachet filler for dehydrated soups - 60-80 gr 70% dried vegetables / 30% powder bag size: 135 mm width x 180 mm length Speed: up to 35-40 cycles per minuteFillersI Have It
W544548DR6000 Benchtop SpectrophotometerSpectrometersI Have It
W544523 Nordson DuraDrum 8118546 Adhesive EquipmentAdhesive EquipmentI Have It
W544486Sachet filling line for high viscosity products with central cap: 10 ml product 160 upm Sachet dims: 55x95xmm 4 side sealed Vertical Form Fill Seal MachinesI Have It
W5444573 Cubic Foot V Blender Needed ASAP. No Intensifier Bar Needed.BlendersI Have It
W544450MTS 858 Mini Bionix II Table Top Servo Hydraulic SystemPressesI Have It
W544440Roll-on Antiperspirant lotion Roll on (Filler + Ball inserter + capper & labeler) 25ml-150mlForm Fill Seal MachinesI Have It
W544434Need (2) Waters QDa mass detectorsDetectorsI Have It
W544431Thermal Shock System (Liquid to Liquid)EnvironmentalI Have It
W544414Sprinkler Fire SystemSafety EquipmentI Have It
W544383Pizza LineFood EquipmentI Have It
W544350Waters Acquity TQD LC/MS/MS SystemMass SpectrometersI Have It
W544282ThermoFisher Scientific Ion Proton SequencerDNA SynthesizersI Have It
W544279He is looking some HPLC Waters model e2695 XE Blue. He needs 6HPLCI Have It
W544264Hanson Dissolutioin System SR8 PlusDissolution SystemsI Have It
W544260Flour milling machinery especially BUHLER , seed cleaning machinery Food EquipmentI Have It
W544245European buyer is looking for a syringe labelerLabelersI Have It
W544042• tetra-pak-hoyer-dino-c-pick-and-place-system-with-dipping-station-for-ice • tetra-pak-hoyer-sl80f-horizontal-flow-wrapper • tetra-pak-hoyer-conveyor-chain Food EquipmentI Have It
W544008Customer needs a 30-50 Gallon CIP system with on-board portable heater, preferably with two tanks (detergent tank and water tank). This is an immediate need.CIP (Clean In Place)I Have It
W543982Model 8SR1216Blister SealersI Have It
W543976Looking for a sterilizer for milk (GEA or Gowling).SterilizersI Have It
W543975Buyer looking for a Cleveland Boiler for milk. BoilersI Have It
W543972Glass filling machine/line: · Capacity at least 36 000 bottles / hour · Glass · Crown cover closure · Aluminum plated cap · Bottle washing · Glass Bottles 200 ml and 250 ml FillersI Have It
W543945Customer needs a 500 gallon jacketed tank that has a 100 psi internal rating or better.TanksI Have It
W543233DNS SS-W80A-AR scrubberFAB Facility ScrubberI Have It
W542892buyer looking for a tabletop Watson Marlow Flexicon PF-6 Aseptic liquid dispenser for peristaltic fillingFillersI Have It
W541399buyer needs two 8,000 - 10,000 Gallon, at least 304 stainless steel, flat bottom tanksTanksI Have It
W541344Nanodrop 2000SpectrophotometersI Have It
W54132710,000 liter Becomix skid needed as soon as possibleHomogenizersI Have It
W541317buyer is looking for a Mark-10 Tensile TesterTensile TestersI Have It
W541300buyer looking for a couple of roller mills for grinding pigment (Exakt brand preferred), have to be big/industrial size, 18in. or wider, rollers 5in. diameter or bigger.3 Roll MillsI Have It