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Wanted Equipment - Horizontal Cartoners
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W402663Romaco, Promatic or IMA cartoner, Horizontal, automatic loading, 100/150 cartons pm. Horizontal CartonersI Have It
W392651Horizontal cartoner for vialsHorizontal CartonersI Have It
W388024Cam Cartoner Model HV Horizontal CartonersI Have It
W387317CAM 78Horizontal CartonersI Have It
W387316Cartoner 65Horizontal CartonersI Have It
W386948CAM AV 65 Horizontal CartonersI Have It
W385064Looking for a cartoner for blisters. Must be a Marchesini MA355, Marchesini MA350, or Uhlmann 2205.Horizontal CartonersI Have It
W384532Looking for a second hand cartoner and sealing machine and to use this type of machine to pack frozen ready meals in carton boxes ,(dimension of the tray 187 mm x 137 mm x 35 mm , to be packed in carton - dimensions 190 mm x 140 mm x35 mm .) The load will be done manualy at low speed and the carton box closed with glue. Horizontal CartonersI Have It
W383414Horizontal Cartoner fro Spray bottles, 100 bottles per minute.Horizontal CartonersI Have It
W377752In need of a continuous motion horizontal cartoner with speeds of 120-200/min. It will be packaging a blister packaged product and has to have an infeed. Seal or glue cartons, could have a reverse tuck option. Insertion of prefolded leaflets is preferable but leaflet feeding is a must. Ink jet printed. It will be packaging blisters from 30-90mm wide, 40-150mm long and 20-100mm thick at 8 blisters the most. Needs to have vision system capability. Needs in ASAP ~~ 3 weeksHorizontal CartonersI Have It
W377536CAM PG or PRX horizontal cartoner Horizontal CartonersI Have It
W366173Bosch CUT 120 CartonerHorizontal CartonersI Have It