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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W52102912" ROUSSELET ROBATEL BASKET CENTRIFUGE, 316 SS, MDL RC30VXR One (1) used Rousselet Robatel basket centrifuge, model RC30VXR, 316 product contact parts, with 300 mm (12") diameter x 150 mm (6") deep and 200 mm (8") diameter x 100 mm (4") deep perforated baskets, 3000 rpm max bowl speed, 5 liter(.18 cu ft) and 1.2 liter (.04 cu ft) basket capacities, 6 kg(13.2#) and 1.5 kg(3.4#) load capacities, approximately 2 hp motor, 120 volt with control panel with vfd controller, serial# 35247, built 2007. Centerslung/Basket CentrifugesI Have It
W521024Capsule BanderCapsule Machine/DipI Have It
W521022E2M28 Vacuum PumpVacuum PumpsI Have It
W5210202000lb Chocolate TankTanksI Have It
W5209686000 gallon glass lined reactor rated for 90 PSI, FV.ReactorsI Have It
W520902Tablock Case Erector 10" x 8" x 9" to 16" x 12" x 12" Case ErectorsI Have It
W5208988 foot fume hood with sinkFume and Flow HoodsI Have It
W520860Blade Mill Hobart Colloidal Mill 200 liters per hour MixersI Have It
W520840European customer looking for a fluid bed dryer - 12 m2Rotary Vacuum DryersI Have It
W520836A European buyer is looking for shopping paper bag machine nr.02 hot melt going system with 4 guns on handle side, synchronize with the speed of the machines.Paper Manufacturing EquipmentI Have It
W520831Automatic Fiber Analyzer with analytical methods as Acid Detergent Fiber Method and Neutral Detergent Fiber Method.Chemistry AnalyzersI Have It
W520821Is always interested in 1200 or 2090 or 3090. Tablet PressesI Have It
W5208202003 or 2004 can seamer on 401Canning EquipmentI Have It
W520787Essa Ring Mill - LM23 Roll MillsI Have It
W520757Is looking CAM M92 younger than 2005. Blister SealersI Have It
W520756looking for 36” wide by 48” long. We could live with a width between 36” and 48”, and we could live with a length between 36” and 80”. We intend to dump/pour product (fresh apples) onto the conveyor surface, so a flat, smooth belt is preferred to a hard top conveyor or wire belt conveyor. We need precision speed control, so variable frequency drive is preferableConveyorsI Have It
W520651Mediseal Cp400 and cartoner 1600Blister Packaging LinesI Have It
W520583wants to purchase Second Hand Storage Tanks 100,000 M/T or 10 tanks for 10,000 liter capacity for their HFOTanksI Have It
W520542Client needs a 1,000-1,500 stainless steel 304L jacketed kettle with side scrape capability and dual motion agitation. Customer is ready to buy. TanksI Have It
W5205023000 gallon 316 stainless steel jacketed tank. atmospheric pressure and will use the jacket for cooling. the jacket has to be reated for at least 100 PSITanksI Have It
W520225Flattener with Plate max gauge 18mm. Roller width 1500mm.” They are hoping for a flatness tolerance of +/- 1mm Roller CompactorsI Have It
W520222Steel plate flattener. We are looking for a plate flattener. We currently use a 3 pyramid roller which does the job to a certain degree but cannot achieve a flat surface, below are the plate size and gauge and if you need any more info please contact me. Plate max gauge 18mm. Roller width 1500mm. Flattnes tolerance +/- 1mm if possible Misc. Machine Tools / Shop EquipmentI Have It
W520218Pfaudler style. 51.2 ft2 evaporation area, 316SS, and top vapor outlet design with 1.0 torr internal pressure capability.EvaporatorsI Have It
W520185 Bagging Line for50lb valved bags. Have opportunity for new complete assembly line including bag filler, conveyor, & adjustable height palletizing table Bagging MachinesI Have It
W5201672000 gallon open top kettle with sweep blades and single scrape agitationTanksI Have It
W520166Fryma Koruma stainless steel 500 L unit.HomogenizersI Have It
W520156Co2 tank -30 to 50 m3 Cryogenic Vacuum ins.LCo2 Storage horizontal Tank - 22 to > 24 barg ( with quality Stainless Steel Inner Vessel - Perlite Ins. ). TanksI Have It
W520150Buhler Pellets Mill Type LPellet Production LineI Have It
W520139 1000 Gal vertical (up to 1500G max, and not less) • 316L Stainless steel • With Agitator (2HP) • ASME Steam jacketed (50PSI range) full or partial • Atmospheric with manway or lid TanksI Have It
W520110He is looking only for a rotor in EU - DTablet PressesI Have It
W520109 Looking for a Inspection machines for vials with format parts for 2, 5 and 10 ml . Vial or Ampoule Inspection MachinesI Have It
W5201085,000 gl ss tank with 75psi/FV, Jacketed and agitated TanksI Have It
W520107RK Rotary Printer/Coater/LaminatorPrintersI Have It
W520064Forming Battering Breading Coating line but without the fryer since we have 4 fryers in our factory. Food EquipmentI Have It
W520063CFS Koppens Optiflour and Optiair Food EquipmentI Have It
W520062Stein 100-16 Preduster Food LinesI Have It
W520060Hiwell 400mm Batter Enrober EnrobersI Have It
W52000516ZVB2Cartridge Filters/ Filter HousingI Have It
W520002Malvern ZetasizerParticle SizersI Have It
W519981Customer looking for a Comil Model U-20 in USAMiscellaneous MillsI Have It
W519964Customer looking for a Schaefer Model 10 capsule fillerFillersI Have It
W519963Customer looking for Zanasi Model 40 fillerFillersI Have It
W519962HP/Agilent 34401A voltmeters under $200.00 each Testing EquipmentI Have It
W519945 rotary large volume filler. Able to fill 100oz bottles of laundry detergent at 80 bottles/min. 10" maximum bottle length to allow for growth.FillersI Have It
W519928Is looking for a fully automatic filling line for parfume with catoner and wrapper. FillersI Have It
W519831Tank: 150 – 300 liters Stainless Steel Agitated Jacketed Several ports on top; single port on bottom Ability to clean and steam in place TanksI Have It
W519826She is looking for about (30) 30"x27" desks for and R&D lab. Hoping for adjustable height, rectangular tables on castersFurnitureI Have It
W519821looking for a Gemco Double Cone Ribbon Blender that is 100 cubic feet and has a density of 100 lbs/cubic foot.BlendersI Have It
W519814o I am looking for an automated or semiautomated hard capsule filler. The purpose is to produce batches starting from 500 – 1000 capsules. We therefore do NOT need a big commercial machine. We are looking for a R&D scale machine like e.g. a Bosch 702 or a comparable machine from e.g. MG2 or Harro Hoefliger. o Ideally the machine is contained (like the Bosch 702 protect, means suitable for category OEB3 and OEB4. But I am fully aware that this is very rare – so please inform me about non contained machines as well. FillersI Have It
W519813Is looking for a spray dryer. Spray DryersI Have It