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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W492968Cor-Pak ozidizerMiscellaneous Plant EquipmentI Have It
W492958European buyer is looking for a fermenter (3000-5000 litre). Fermentation UnitsI Have It
W492944Laska Cutter 500 lt or 750 lt capacityCuttersI Have It
W492917Looking into clean room grade automated tubing cutters and cut, coil, & banding machines. Seeking tubing cutting and handling solutions for PVC tubing with under 5/16” outer diameter. CuttersI Have It
W492903Looking for a JEOL USA Transmission Electron Microscope within the next 6 months.MicroscopesI Have It
W492896Capsule filler - 200,000 capsules per hourCapsule Machine/DipI Have It
W492893Agilent 6420 or 6430 LCMS Mass SpectrometersI Have It
W492840European buyer is looking for a Norden tube filler - type: 602 or 702. FillersI Have It
W492771Looking for a "PerSeptive BioSystems BioCAD Vision" in good working order.Inspection MachinesI Have It
W492764Textile cutting system.Miscellaneous Processing EquipmentI Have It
W492750Client is looking for two model FE 4 Kaps-All retorquers before the end of the 2015 yearCappersI Have It
W492596Meat Dicer- cutting meat in cubes like 1/2 or3/4 in squaresGrindersI Have It
W49259550 or 60 feet of primary cooling tunnel with a chilled deck and 26” to 36” wide belt. A secondary cooling tunnel of 36” to 39” belt width, 60 to 80’ long, without a chilledCooling Tunnels I Have It
W492594Enrober - 36 or 39 “ belt. Must be modern SS onlyEnrobersI Have It
W492582Enercon Super Seal 50 Induction Sealer (air cooled opposed to water cooled)SealersI Have It
W492581MarketForge Sterilmate SterilizerHorizontal AutoclavesI Have It
W492555Westfalia Centrifuge CSC20 - only this model ClarifiersI Have It
W492513High Technologies (Hitachi) L-8900 Amino Acid AnalyzerChemistry AnalyzersI Have It
W492478Hamilton Star Liquid Handling SystemLiquid HandlersI Have It
W492477Velocity 11 plate loc systemMicroplate ReadersI Have It
W4924631. Has to be U stamped 2. Has to be National Board registered 3. 115-150 FT2 area 4. 150 PSI/FV shell side 5. 150 tube side 6. Stainless steel shell and tubes 7. Heads can be stainless or carbon steel. Heat Exchangers/CondensersI Have It
W492462- Priority 1 : a filling line in bottles RABS isolator gold (priority 1) available on the market . o Minimum speed: 200cps / minute o target searched Speed : 600cps / minute o Format: 3, 4 ml and 7 ml ( if feasible ) o Pre- clogging as lyophilized vials o Optional : if possible, integrated IPC FillersI Have It
W492461Bottle washer & oven Tunnel.Bottle WashersI Have It
W492459Offices CubesFurnitureI Have It
W492439G&A Perfector of capacity 150X1+1+1+1ProcessorsI Have It
W492420FESA EA 60 Type Model 1997 PACKING MACHINE Bakery ItemsI Have It
W492397filler for roll on deodorant. 150 bottles per minute. FillersI Have It
W492385Fette 2090Tablet PressesI Have It
W492364Looking for a detergent powder plant. PlantsI Have It
W492316Need Multiple IM70 kneeders.ConfectioneryI Have It
W492249Need Small Flow Wrapper For MuffinsFlow WrappersI Have It
W491719Agilent Cary 5000 spectrophotometerSpectrophotometersI Have It
W491697Lightnin Agitator DriveAgitatorsI Have It
W491627European customer looking for a comminuting millHammer MillsI Have It
W491625European customer looking for a nasal spray (with pump) filling lineLiquid Filling LinesI Have It
W491622European customer is looking for a comminuting millHammer MillsI Have It
W491621A European customer is looking for a comminuting millHammer MillsI Have It
W491601apv homogenizers 800 gph, 5000 psi 2 stage unit. the MC series or so HomogenizersI Have It
W491573looking for a 14-18000 gallon tank that can be either 304 or 316 stainless steel, looking for agitation with the motor having a HP between 5-10, looking to have a jacket, operating at atmospheric pressure, only using the jacket for heating, prefers a cone bottom with legs, but is open to dish and flat.TanksI Have It
W491572Munsen Drum Mixer 4 cubic meter capacity DrumsI Have It
W491569Looking for a Fette 2090.Tablet PressesI Have It
W491567DIMAC shrinkwrapper for PET bottles with the output of 25-30 packs/min (ideally Starfilm LS-30 )Wrappers/Overwrappers/BundlersI Have It
W491560Comments : 2000-6000 gallons 316stainless jacketed Full vacuum, can be atmospheric 100psi in the jacket Agitator with HP >5 ReactorsI Have It
W4915583,000 Gallon Jacketed Tank - needs to be able to handle sugar & syrups - premixed cocktailsTanksI Have It
W491545AktaProcess Skid with dual pumps and newer if possible. Chromatography Skids I Have It
W491530Looking for a 2000 Gallon jacketed Processor Tank, with Vertical Agitator, 316L TanksI Have It
W491529Looking for a 15000 Gallon Tank or Silo, 316LTanksI Have It
W491526 Need a 4-6-8 head inline XP filler for 946 ML to 1 gallon fill. FillersI Have It
W491518Looking for a washing machine empty ampoules (before depyrogenation tunnel ) .Format 1 to 5ml and maximum rate 21.000amps / hour. Bosch if possible.Parts WasherI Have It
W4915121000L Glass Lined Reactor with Agitator. ReactorsI Have It