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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W571497laboratory rotary tablet press. 8 to 16 station, instrumented data acquisition system required. Tablet PressesI Have It
W571480He is looking a powder filler to suspentions, in glass bottles semi automatic, vel.de 50 bottle per minute, 60ml and 150 ml. He prefer a local equipment. Powder Filling LinesI Have It
W571418Model wanted: Kalix KPS Cartoner, only in France. Horizontal CartonersI Have It
W571415Tube Roll Formers: - mechanical or hydraulic. - Tubes with diameter 4 -6 inches, thickness 1/4" - Tube roll former for Square or rectangular tubesRoll FormersI Have It
W571408European buyer looking for a BÖHL JUNIOR / R-300 HAOverwrappersI Have It
W571407European buyer looking for a Nokia ECH 35/60 extractor headExtractorsI Have It
W571235Cosmetic Pencil FillerFillersI Have It
W571043European buyer looking for an Agilent 4500HPLCI Have It
W571030Wet granulator with a capacity of 1000 kg / hGranulatorsI Have It
W571025European buyer looking for a Visitab 2 (tablet sorter)SortersI Have It
W571024Palamatic Powder production lineFood EquipmentI Have It
W571023Looking for a domino printer preferably in Europe and UK. PrintersI Have It
W570752BOSCH 1 AND 2 ML AMPOULE FILLING LINEAmpoule Filling LinesI Have It
W570751European buyer looking a SB27 in EuropeCase PackersI Have It
W570611Model Inova SV 122 that packs 4,000 syringes / hour and closes with stopper. Works with nest. Model Inova SV 125 is more automatic up to 10,000 syringes / hour and shutter as well.Syringe Filling LinesI Have It
W569267looking for a continuous fluid bed dryer similar to this listing that is 15-20 tons per hour, this listing only does 5. http://www.equipnet.com/carrier-vibrating-conveyor-continious-fluid-bed-dryer_listid_529503/Fluid Bed DryersI Have It
W569259Medtronic Urodyn 1000 Urine Chemistry AnalyzersI Have It
W569258Waters e2795 HPLC with 2998 detectorHPLCI Have It
W569246Seeking J750, UltraFlex and MicroFlex full SystemsDevice TesterI Have It
W5691712000 gallon reactor with jacket and agitator, glass linedReactorsI Have It
W568965Please let me know if you can locate a KLA FLEX 2320.Wafer TestingI Have It
W568943Bosch 1500 and Bosch 1200Encapsulation Machines and Capsule FillersI Have It
W568934Looking for a Mettler T7 or T9 titrator, please send me info if you should get one. Thanks Mark Calhoun Valero Texas City Cell 281-415-7693 TitratorsI Have It
W568932Marchesini BA 300 or 400 Package Auto TrimI Have It
W5689233 tanks of 100,000 lt in stainless steel, to store vegetable oil, it needs a spiral in the baseTanksI Have It
W5688483 glass lined tanks, pressure of 3 K / cm2, without jacket.500 galsTanksI Have It
W568847Nuclear magnetic resonance, Bruker Fourier 300SpectrometersI Have It
W568846Thimonnier OZA 2000Vertical Form Fill Seal MachinesI Have It
W568831Tube filler machine for metal tubes. 3,000 units per minute. 10grs - 20grs.Tube Filling LinesI Have It
W568810Rotary dryer stainless steel 2500 lts.Rotary DryersI Have It
W568809 Glazed Rotary Dryer DeDietrich SR-2500Rotary DryersI Have It
W568435Automatic Die Cutter from 50 to 70 tonsCuttersI Have It
W568434Electric shear cutter 2.20 cms cutting width up to ¼ thickShearsI Have It
W568431Fette 1200 Tablet PressTablet PressesI Have It
W568263Wrapping Machine to wrap packages of 10 boxes of cigarettes. o Product to pack: Boxes in 100mm format o Packaged Quantity: 10 packs o Package dimensions: 285mm x 103mm x 46mm o Packing material: Polypropylene 350mm wide o Strip/band to open: Between 2 and 4mm o Maximum speed: 25 - 30 packs per minute o Power supply: 220 VAC Three-phase Wrappers/Overwrappers/BundlersI Have It
W568241Fette 1200iTablet PressesI Have It
W568208 extruder for powder paint from 50 to 75 hp buss series PLK or Pr. 70 or 100. 1 screw and or baker perkins. 2 screws o w&p. 2 screwsTwin Screw ExtrudersI Have It
W567894Horizontal Machining Center Doble Pallet 400 - 500mm Machining CentersI Have It
W567766Cartoner for feminine pads. Horizontal CartonersI Have It
W567297Fitzpatrick Fitzmill Model DAS06, Stainless Steel UnitPulverizersI Have It
W5672965-10 gallon stainless steel jacketed mix tankTanksI Have It
W567294Osgood Model 6900-UC six lane, double indexing, filling and sealing machine. Model 6900-UC or better. Cup size 104mm, which no one has. Need the machine to have enough room in between deposits to do this. Filler needs to do at least 280cpm.FillersI Have It
W567288A Hastelloy Sparkler filter with the following characteristics: Sparkler Filter 22 "diameter 14 plates 32 long or highFiltersI Have It
W567265liquid seal vacuum pumps of 10 to 20 HP of two stages, of any brand and construction material.Vacuum PumpsI Have It
W567244: Radiometer VIT90 Titralab Autotitrator or equivalent Reference electrode, e.g. Radiometer REF601 or equivalent. Glass pH electrode, e.g. Radiometer PHG202C or equivalent. AnalyzersI Have It
W567243Color a, b, L: Minolta Chroma Meters or similar equipmentParts and AccessoriesI Have It
W5672401500-2000 Gallon Hastelloy C276 ReactorReactorsI Have It
W566987Candy Wrapper GD5000 for square candy, primary and secondary wrapping, 9 units per package. Maquina Envolvedora GD 5000, para envoltura de caramelo formato cuadrado, con envoltura primaria y luego envoltura secundaria en paquetes de 9 unidades (Tipo Hall) Candy WrappersI Have It
W566985Small explosion proof filler (preferably filler/capper) speeds of about 40 bottles per minute or more, capable of filling 100ml glass or plastic bottlesFillersI Have It
W566980benko sahara hot box for 8 totesHeatersI Have It