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Wanted Equipment - Ribbon Blenders
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W462285Double ribbon blender 40 -75 cb ft I Have It
W461415Buyer is looking a 50-60 cu. ft. double ribbon w/s.s. contact parts and a 50-100 lb. bag  I Have It
W453000Bowers 5 Cubic Foot Ribbon Blender I Have It
W441902300-400 cubit foot ribbon blender I Have It
W441867Buyer is looking for a ribbon blender / dryer. Needs to be jacketed and closed system so that distillation can occur. Approx 700g required. I Have It
W4384761 or 2 cubic foot ribbon blender or paddle mixer I Have It
W434894Buyer is looking for a 3 cubic foot ribbon blender I Have It