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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W538926800 Gallon Single Wall Stainless Steel Mixing Tank, with top agitation. No jacket needed.TanksI Have It
W538925We are in the specific search for a used, handmade brewery. Hand craft beer These plants are basically composed of 2 sections. Brewhouse and fermenters vessels, plus the section for filling barrels and bottling. Sizes are specified in BBL, 10 or 15 BBL for our case. Our goal is to buy a complete plant, not parts or minor components, or at least the complete brewhouse which are composed of 2 or 3 main elements (lauter, mash, kettle) and their auxiliaries.Beverage Filling LinesI Have It
W538906 Guttridge Easyflo Stainless Elevator Feeder Conveyor 528Food EquipmentI Have It
W5388181 tonne chocolate tempering machineConfectioneryI Have It
W538784AB Sciex 5500 QTRAP LC/MS/MSMass SpectrometersI Have It
W538768Cermex CP18 in good working condition.Wrappers/Overwrappers/BundlersI Have It
W538695125 Gallon Pony MixerMixersI Have It
W538690Hastelloy jacketed 100-250 gallon reactor, 50 PSI or Higher and 200C, type of agitation not particularReactorsI Have It
W538686Any capacity, this customer is always looking for Freeze Dryers food industry.Freeze DryersI Have It
W538673Autoclave horizontal doble puertaAutoclavesI Have It
W538587Manufacturing line for soft candy like rolling ans scoring / Línea de fabricación de media capacidad para caramelos blandos troquelados tipo Rolling and scoring. Candy or Confectionery EquipmentI Have It
W538507Cocoa Butter Press with 5 Pots vertical model ChocolatesI Have It
W538460looking for a UHPLC that can handle 1000 BAR pressure or greaterUPLCI Have It
W538453Coating pan 100 grs. Conventional Coating PansI Have It
W538349Omega DL-27 bundler BundlersI Have It
W538241Seidenader V90-AVSB-75-LR 4 Lanes Vial Inspection SystemVial or Ampoule Inspection MachinesI Have It
W538127Customer is looking for a Fette 1200i within 2016 Tablet PressesI Have It
W538099Buyer is looking for a Gerhardt Digestor.AnalyzersI Have It
W538090We’re in search of PFA-lined heat exchangers.Heat Exchangers/CondensersI Have It
W538033Spray Dryer - Pilot ScaleSpray DryersI Have It
W537810Pressure Filter: Horizontal plates with the follow characteristics: Filter Material: SS 316 L Plates material: SS 316L Filtration Area: 20-30 m2 Operation Conditions: Temperature: 70 °C Pressure: 5 bar Flow: 30 m3/h Density: 1200 - 1300 kg/m3 Viscosity: 35 - 45 cP Pressure FiltersI Have It
W537796European customer looking tank Glass Lined. 2x 2000 L Jet mill 20/30kgTanksI Have It
W537791Buyer is looking for a cheese mill and a cheese/milk skimmer. Cheese Making EquipmentI Have It
W537790Buyer is looking for a Stephan machine that melts cheese.Cheese Making EquipmentI Have It
W537789Buyer looking for a Dobby Ice cream wrapper.Ice Cream FreezersI Have It
W537784The buyer is looking for a liquid-milk pulverizer. He wants different options. Cheese Making EquipmentI Have It
W537728machine that decorates products with narrow stream of chocolate like on the pictures belowConfectioneryI Have It
W537487Looking for a Belcor 252TapersI Have It
W537463We are interested in an SD-1 or larger unit. If you are able to find one, please let us know.AttritorsI Have It
W537314Bartec XP gun MC9090 http://manualzz.com/doc/972197/bartec-mc-9090ex-g-user-manualScannersI Have It
W537299Is looking for a IMA 70C Capsule Machine/DipI Have It
W537261Homogenizer Capacity: 2000 gph Pressure: 3000-3500 psiHomogenizersI Have It
W537216Customer needs a 3-4k gallon stainless steel, agitated tank with a robust agitator/motor. Needs something with a 1.5 height to diameter ratio.TanksI Have It
W537215Customer needs a 7-10k stainless steel, agitated tank with a robust agitator/motor. Needs something with a 1.5 height to diameter ratio.TanksI Have It
W537206Double screw extruder - capacity 100-125kg per hourTwin Screw ExtrudersI Have It
W536740photoresist coater/ bakerDisc DryersI Have It
W536731Spectra Star 2400RTW (R&D)SpectrometersI Have It
W536710Wants Mbraun boxesGlove BoxesI Have It
W536632Specifically Looking for a Bruker Tango FT-NIR model. FT-IRI Have It
W536628Primate caging needed, preferably one that fits 4 animalsAnimal Cages - NHP CagingI Have It
W536574marel (grader) with 6 gates. Food EquipmentI Have It
W536558European customer is looking for LC-MS system. HPLCI Have It
W536556X-Ray Fat analyser, Foss mm1 or 2 or Eagle Fa SystemExtractorsI Have It
W536046looking for a 140 quart bowl mixer, has an all in budget of 9K. does not want the tall boy version.MixersI Have It
W533315European buyer looking for a 3V Cogeim FPP 300 TDFilters- Nutsche Filters and DryersI Have It
W533296SAAS 9 SAAS 6 SAAS 15 Suppository LinesI Have It
W533295Looking for Anhydro S1 or S3 Spray DryerSpray DryersI Have It
W533275looking for a 1000 gallon glass lined holding tank, does not need to hold pressure, does not need agitator, no specific temperature range.VesselsI Have It