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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W471704Mettler Toldedo AT460 Delta Range BalanceBalances and ScalesI Have It
W471688Agilent G1888 Headspace SamplerGas Chromatographs (GC)I Have It
W471313Client needs a 10,000-12,000 gallon stainless steel holding tank, max diameter is 12'TanksI Have It
W471303Buyer is looking for a chiller to meet the below requirements: So we are considering to use a chiller to bring the cooling water temperature 25 °C down to 15 °C. - The chiller to be air cooled type or water cooled type. If it is water cooled, the cooling water (not the cooling water mentioned below) used for the chiller should be self-circulated, and the equipment, including cooling tower, pump, etc., should be included in the chiller scope. - Process stream: cooling water - Cooling water temperature to chiller: 25°C - Cooling water temperature out of the chiller: 15°C - Cooling water flow rate: 715 m3/h. - Cooling water pressure to the chiller: 60 psig - Chiller to be installed outside ChillersI Have It
W471276Agilent 1290 HPLC with Quat pump, VWD and ALS ThermHPLCI Have It
W466274Buyer is looking for a stainless steel jacketed mix tank, at least 600 gallons.TanksI Have It
W466272barrier isolators with hydrogen peroxide decontamination cycle for aseptic manufacturingIsolatorsI Have It
W466196Need a line for filling salad dressings. approx. 60-80 bpm, 33mm-44mm caps ideally would like a rinser, filler, capper, sleever, heat tunnel and labeler.Liquid Filling LinesI Have It
W466194AKTA Process  I Have It
W466193I am looking for a Mettler Toledo Density meter and Koehler penetrometer.Density TestersI Have It
W466139looking for a Front & Back labeler, 6" high label, hold down bar, for an 8” tub.LabelersI Have It
W46613127-36" length, 24" wide, 18-19" tallUltrasonic CleanersI Have It
W466128Buyer is looking for some 500-600 stainless steel jacketed mix tanksTanksI Have It
W466126I am looking for a vacuum oven for our R&D lab that can go up to 300-400 deg C. We have a vacuum setup that can be used for the oven already. Vacuum OvensI Have It
W466058ROSS 100 Gallon triple action mixer  I Have It
W466032Swiss Style Lathe I Have It
W465990semi-automatic capsule filler - 150 cpm  I Have It
W465980Buyer is looking to buy a used Fortress Phantom metal detector. The unit must be for liquid use with 3” inlet/outlet.Metal DetectorsI Have It
W465975Buyer is looking for Jensen side entry mixersMixers/AgitatorsI Have It
W465973Buyer is looking for an ultrasonic washer with minimum dims 35'' wide by 30'' deepUltrasonic CleanersI Have It
W465967Linx 4800 Continuous Ink Jet PrinterPrintersI Have It
W465956European buyer is looking for a glass hotfill line to run both Hotfill and carbonated products at 24k bottles per hour in sizes from 250ml to 750ml all one way ie. running new glass no returns.Liquid Filling LinesI Have It
W465955European Buyer is looking for: - Rolling compactor Atex version, new or second hand. Capacity around 100 Kg/h. - Plate Filter type Sparkler Flow reverse with 11 or more plates. FiltersI Have It
W465954European Buyer is looking for: - Rolling compactor Atex version, new or second hand. Capacity around 100 Kg/h. - Plate Filter type Sparkler Flow reverse with 11 or more plates. FiltersI Have It
W46594710ft adjustable incline conveyor. - one end adjustable to change the height I Have It
W46594610ft adjustable incline conveyor. - one end adjustable to change the height I Have It
W465945 5-10ft pallet gravity rollersRoller ConveyorsI Have It
W46594420ft belt conveyor -12-14 inches wide belt. -able to move 20-25 kg bags I Have It
W465922 10" x 22" pouches largest size retail clam shells 10 x 10 small retail packaging 12 x 12 20 oz to 10 lbs. capacity 40 PPM voltage – flexible auto reject warning light or horn preferred Loma system (open to others) conveyorized for auto load and discharge Check WeighersI Have It
W465913Forte Bio Octet Microplate SpectrometerSpectrometersI Have It
W465912Buyer is looking for a Barmag winders, model Bar, Tube ID 110MM and the tube length is 200MMMiscellaneous Processing EquipmentI Have It
W465907  I Have It
W46589630 ton chillerChillersI Have It
W465894Thermo BIOMATE 5 UV-Vis SpectrophotometerSpectrophotometersI Have It
W465872Hauss Milling Machine, VF1 or VF2Milling MachineI Have It
W465500GE Lunar PIXI GE Lunar PIXImusMedical EquipmentI Have It
W465489Customer is in need of a lab/portable stainless steel or hastelloy basket centrifuge. Something 300MM diameter and smaller. Laboratory CentrifugesI Have It
W465452Myford Super 7 Lathe I Have It
W465443Laboratory Scale 2 Inch Wiped Film EvaporatorEvaporatorsI Have It
W465441Buyer is looking for a 1,500-3,000 gallon 304/316 vertical stainless steel tank to be used as chemical storageTanksI Have It
W465427Buyer is looking for ~15 gallon stainless steel reactor. 550 F & 50 psi / FV rating, jacketed - heating or electrical heater bands, agitator, atleast 2 inlet ports from the top, pressure relief valve, thermocouple inlet port, bottom discharge port ReactorsI Have It
W465424Buyer is looking for an extruder, no preference of manufacturer, 6" single screw, 30+:1 L to D I Have It
W465417European buyer is looking for grinding/polishing robots or robotic equipment for polishing and grinding. He is also looking for some galvanic line. GrindersI Have It
W465374He needs an Autoclave with these dimensions.The chamber dimensions that I need are 60" long x24" wide x36" tall or a little bigger. It needs to be steam fed and can be a single door or a pass through. SterilizersI Have It
W465363Buyer is looking for a mixer to mix plastic pellets with regrind flake. Mixing at an approximate 50:50 ratio. Not precise, +/- 10% is acceptable. Volume is 600+ lbs/hr I Have It
W465362Buyer is looking for a vertical or horizontal plastics grinder approx 20hp, 1/4'' screen, minimum 12" x 12" feedGrindersI Have It
W465341Buyer is looking for a plastics grinder capable of processing approx 1 ton/hourGrindersI Have It
W465296Buyer is looking for downstream extrusion belt pullers, 3-4 inch wide. I Have It
W465295Buyer is looking for a twin screw compounding extruder. 34-40mm.Twin Screw ExtrudersI Have It
W465280European buyer is looking for a distillation unit for his sterile plant. The necessary capacity is between 700-1200 It/h WFI. SterilizersI Have It