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Wanted Equipment
ListAsset DescriptionCategoryDo you have it?
W475542Air Filtronix HS3000 Portable HEPA FilterFiltersI Have It
W475535he needs the solvent exchanger for the Dionex ASE 200.ExtractorsI Have It
W475485Tecan Infinite M200Microplate ReadersI Have It
W47540530 Barrel Fermenter Fermentation UnitsI Have It
W475395Perkin Elmer LabChip GXIIElectrophoresisI Have It
W475344Risco RS750 MixerMixers/AgitatorsI Have It
W475307Bosch 2000Encapsulation Machines and Capsule FillersI Have It
W4753021-10L glass bioreactor (Applikon, Sartorius preferably)BioreactorsI Have It
W475229Pulva model D Pulva-Sizer, Hosokawa Micron MikroPul #4 hammermill (or equal) MUST be stainless steel for spice application PulverizersI Have It
W475195BD FACS Canto flow cytometerFlow CytometersI Have It
W475178Slitter/rewinder at least 45" wide and prefer even widerConverting EquipmentI Have It
W475150Molecular Devices Image XpressImagersI Have It
W475147My customer is looking for used aluminum can manufaturing line (500ml for beer);and used 200 or 250 prisma A3;used PET filling line (hot);if you have other A3,we may think about buy a new conversion kitFillersI Have It
W475086Benhil 8345 filler-wraper machine capacity 250-500grmsFillersI Have It
W475074API 4000Mass SpectrometersI Have It
W475067Looking for a 200 gallon that will heat the tank to 250°F with steam to the jacket. This tank will be used as a hot deionized water storage tank. Needs to be 316L. Needs a bottom port for draining of the tank.TanksI Have It
W475063looking specifically for the Cellestis Portable Incubator, catalogue number 08600201 The incubator is designed to perform the initial blood incubation phase for up to 300 QuantiFERON tubes, and also act as a cold storage device for the same samples. The affordable Cellestis Portable Incubator combines proven rugged ability with accurate temperature control. In addition, the multiple input power sources offer great versatility of use.IncubatorsI Have It
W475056Need a complete bottling line for liquids 2-16oz Liquid Filling LinesI Have It
W474904Need a paperwrap for Bar Soap - ideal speeds is about 125 bars per minute, OEM preferred ACMA and SAS OverwrappersI Have It
W47489864 channel or more EEG system (Medical Device)Miscellaneous Lab EquipmentI Have It
W474839needs it to reach 325 degrees fahrenheit and 265 pounds of PET per hourIndustrial Washers and DryersI Have It
W474825500 KW GeneratorGenerators - OtherI Have It
W474737looking for a labcono 8 foot floor mounted hoodHoodsI Have It
W474666Customer is looking for a Breddo LDT-50 Likwifier. Mixers/AgitatorsI Have It
W474642Donaldson DFT3-6 dust collector Dust CollectorsI Have It
W474566Metro HM780pH MetersI Have It
W474563Looking for a Tube filler/ Bottle filler with capper/stopper for glass tubes on the smaller side. This type of machine is called a monoblock filler/capper combination, and that's what Dave is looking for. looking for an average operating speed of 50 bottles per minute. Glass 16mm dia x 100 mm long, 19mm dia x 150mm lg with cap placement and torqueing stations. Although I'm not sure that size is mandatory.FillersI Have It
W4745604,000 Lbs Chocolate TempererChocolatesI Have It
W474519100 cubic ft. ribbon blenderBlendersI Have It
W474400looking for vertical stainless steel 304L, 5000 gallon tank to hold 200 degree water that has a flat bottom.TanksI Have It
W474315looking for a one to ten gallon tank that has top agitation and is looking for a high pressure and temperature rating, stainless steel 316LVesselsI Have It
W474313Biorad Microplate Benchmark ReaderMicroplate ReadersI Have It
W474298cooling capacity 1300 kw / 382 tons number of cooling circuits: 2 voltage: 400 V absorbed power 263 kW cooling capacity 2 – 0°C water outlet temperature ChillersI Have It
W474287we needed another module 7697A, which is the newer version of the Agilent headspace. Gas Chromatographs (GC)I Have It
W474281Head scale with 4 or less heads ConfectioneryI Have It
W474178I am looking for Vertical Airflow Clean Workstation. I do not need exact model or manufacturer, want to see if you have any of this type Clean work station for clean room application? HoodsI Have It
W474177Drum sealer/pressCrimp SealersI Have It
W474176WinTech EVA Injection MoldersInjection MoldersI Have It
W474174Akta Ready or Akta Pilot unitsChromatographyI Have It
W47417315L Glass Bioreactor (Applikon or similar) for mammalian cell culture.BioreactorsI Have It
W474161Stokes 328 - 45 station Tablet PressesI Have It
W474159Peanut Cluster Machine "would prefer something we could roll up to a table (enrober cooling line)"ConfectioneryI Have It
W474154Need a 3-4 hastelloy filter dryer for a GMP Environment.Filter- Nutsche Filters and DryersI Have It
W474136Westfalia Centrifuge model CSC-20 Laboratory CentrifugesI Have It
W474076PDR-1200Peristaltic PumpsI Have It
W474075European Buyer is looking for powder capsule filler. Small scale/ pilot study size.FillersI Have It
W474036two identical 500 ton water cooled chillersChillersI Have It
W474035two identical 500 ton water cooled chillersChillersI Have It
W474017looking for an incubator that has at least a 48" chamber depth or width so he can fit long tubes of plastic inside to cool them.IncubatorsI Have It
W474010Complete liquid filling line, 1 gallon jugs product is laundry detergent Liquid Filling LinesI Have It