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Low-Cost Equipment Sourcing...Are You Being Left Behind?

Companies today are under constant pressure to cut costs, conserve cash, and “do more with less.” For a growing number of leading companies, EquipNet’s Procurement Solutions are providing a significant (if unexpected) source of savings.

EquipNet’s Procurement Solutions is a revolutionary program that helps companies save millions of dollars per year by sourcing high-quality, pre-owned assets. Drawing on over a decade of experience serving brand name corporations, EquipNet has designed this program to allow companies to benefit from 25% to 75% savings off the cost of new – while avoiding the time, effort and risk traditionally associated with the used equipment market.

Are you looking for ways to stretch your organization’s capital budget? Contact EquipNet today to explore how we can help you meet your savings goals.
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ebook_icon Equipment Procurement & Professional Engineering - A Winning Combo of Value
& Peace of Mind
ebook_icon Purchasing Reality Check - Debunking Common Myths About Buying Pre-Owned Industrial Equipment
whitepaper Low-Cost Equipment Sourcing - New Strategies for Driving Costs Out of Capital Equipment Purchases
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