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Data Security

Whether you are upgrading, performing inventory, transferring, or recycling technology assets, you need to protect confidential data, reduce your environmental footprint and seek a secure, ethical and cost effective solution to erase data.

Consequently, EquipNet Technology Services utilizes Blancco data erasure software. Blancco is recognized as the world-leader in data destruction. These tools ensure 100% data erasure of sensitive data within your technology environment. Data destruction offers advantages over physical destruction, giving a device that's safe for second life applications such as remarketing and redeployment.

The Blancco Pro solution offers the client maximum flexibility enabling erasure of desktops, laptops and/or servers. Utilizing extensive server and RAID support, the PRO solution can dismantle the RAID array allowing for simultaneous erasures, itemizing each hard drive within a comprehensive report that becomes your digitally secure audit trail. Security is further enhanced through the erasure of locked or hidden sectors such as the DCO (Device Configuration Overlay), the HPA (Host Protected Area) and the remapped sectors. Some or all of these areas may have been used through corporate policy or through employees with local Admin rights on their respective machines or servers.

As with all of Blancco's product offerings, bad sector detection is mandatory within the erasure report. EquipNet will advise you when a drive does not meet your acceptable security threshold. Consequently, physical destruction is the recommendation. As a multinational, regulatory compliance has become the order of the day; Blancco addresses this through 16 international accreditation and certifications, including DoD 5220.22-M, guaranteeing regulatory compliance in any jurisdiction, globally. Lastly, our comprehensive digitally secure reports are exportable in a .csv or .xml format for easy importation into an existing database so they may be configured into your required format for ease of use or remote viewing.

For some companies, shipping the assets off-site is not an option. EquipNet can provide secure, onsite sanitizing upon request.

How reliable is your data security process? If you aren't sure, contact EquipNet Technology Solutions today to learn more about DoD 5220.22-M Compliant Hard Drive Sanitizing.

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