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Equipment Inventory and Reconciliation

Most companies don't have an accurate inventory of their assets. Whether it's due to asset turnover, mergers and acquisitions, legacy accounting systems, or human error, the average asset register is only about 65% accurate.

Without asset accuracy, companies often pay property taxes and maintenance contracts on equipment they no longer own or need. Reporting irregularities can result in material misstatements and Sarbanes Oxley violations. To make smart, strategic decisions, companies need accurate information.

EquipNet can help you dramatically increase your asset accuracy with our on-site, physical inventory service. We will travel to your facility, inventory and digitally photograph the equipment, and create a written and electronic (CD) inventory and reconciliation report.
  • Year-end Financial Reporting
  • Cycle Inventory Counts
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Planning Facility Moves
  • Divestitures/Facility Sales
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