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When closing manufacturing operations, your project plan often calls for the partial or complete demolition of the plant’s structures and buildings. In selecting a demolition contractor, companies have many concerns – safety, liability, cost, and timeline, to name a few. Many manufacturers fail to consider another very important factor – the value of the equipment in their building.

Sometimes it makes sense to raze the building, equipment, and all. Often, however, companies can obtain significantly greater value by developing a deliberate strategy for their equipment. This can result in hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars in additional revenue for the project, and can be the difference between a project that costs money, and one that makes money.

EquipNet has created this page for thought leaders to share best practices about maximizing returns while ensuring the safe and timely completion of a demolition project. If you are considering a demolition project now or in the future, check out the video, download the resources, and most importantly, call EquipNet before you engage your demolition contractor.

Visit the Demolition Case Study Library
Read real-world examples of the benefits of developing a proactive decommissioning and demolition strategy.
Download Free Demolition Prep Tips
Prepared by a seasoned demolition contractor, this step-by-step guide provides tips for a successful demolition project.
Download our eBook: Shearing Away the Competition
Learn the benefits of developing a pre-demolition strategy.
Check out our Glossary of Demolition Terms
Learn the language of demolition contractors.

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