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As a registered user at EquipNet, Inc., you'll have free access to a wide range of asset management tools and services in a secure environment. Whether you want to manage the assets that you posted on the site, look for items you are in need of, or learn more about Idle Asset OptimizationTM, we offer a world of online resources.

Manage Your Account at Your Convenience
Registered users have round-the-clock access to My Account, our secure online asset-management center. You'll be able to:

  • Update and maintain all of your account information including your username, password, and email address.

  • Manage your Watch List. Allows you to easily track a group of listings on one comprehensive page. A Watch List will save you time when you visit the EquipNet MarketPlace™ because you can quickly return to the assets you are interested in.

  • Create Notification Agent. The system will automatically send you an email notification when equipment meeting your specified requirements becomes available on the web site. Notification Agents will save you time. Instead of going to the site everyday, the agents will prompt you to visit the site only when the items that meet your needs become available.

  • Sellers can select View My Listings to get a quick and easy look at the activity that has occurred on the assets they have listed on the EquipNet, Inc. MarketPlace™.

  • Communicate confidentially with EquipNet, Inc. about your account via our secure messaging system.

Other features you will have access to once you become a registered user.

  • Post Equipment gives you the power to post equipment listings on the EquipNet, Inc. MarketPlace™. With this tool, you’ll be presented with dynamic forms with tailored specifications based upon the type of equipment you are posting.

  • Receive periodic emails updating you with what’s new at EquipNet, Inc. These emails will point out new features and functionality on the MarketPlace™.

  • You can make offers and bids on any piece(s) of equipment that catch your eye. Remember, to purchase equipment on the EquipNet, Inc.MarketPlace™, you must be a registered user with an active account.