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Proactive Asset Management

DECEMBER 11 2013

Over decades, the chemical industry has applied many strategies and refined its operating procedures to drive down variable costs and enhance return on investment. The intelligent use of automated monitoring and control technology, a proactive approach to plant maintenance, and the rigorous application of highly structured programmes, such as Six Sigma, have all played a part.

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Asset Management: Ripe for outsourcing?

NOVEMBER 13 2013

As the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries continue to outsource core activities, companies find themselves with more and more idle and surplus manufacturing machinery,

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In the Hot Seat: Interview with Roger Gallo

AUGUST 29 2013

CEO and President of EquipNet, Roger Gallo, gave a brief but interesting interview with ProcessIndustryInformer.com.

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EquipNet holds Laboratory Equipment Showcase in its state of the art Showroom; Online Auction to Follow

AUGUST 9 2013

EquipNet Auctions is proud to announce that it will be holding a lab showcase event in its state of the art lab showroom,

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Ask the Expert: Strategies to Maximize Return on Idle Equipment

JULY 25 2013

Strategies to maximize return on idle equipment from pharma and biopharma labs and manufacturing plants.

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I had never purchased anything through a company like yours. But I am more than pleased the way you make it easy for a guy like me to look for equipment and easy payment methods.

Carlos Alfaro
Alfaro Trucking, Freight Service
It has been a great experience working with equipnet. Very good at communicating.

John Alestra
The EquipNet ARMS software is an outstanding tool.

Greg Milosch
These days, lenders can leave no stone unturned when making financing decisions. EquipNet is always the first company I call when I need a business valuation or equipment appraisal to help my bank make lending decisions. The appraisers are quick to respond to my requests, and I have the utmost faith in the appraisals they provide.

Brianna Harrison
Excel National Bank
After being given the daunting task of organizing and finding new space in our existing labs, I was so thankful to find the services of EquipNet. They made the auctioning process easy and hassle-free.

Jessica Jones
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation