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Brand New Bioprocessing Equipment from Novartis


EquipNet is working with a Novartis facility to sell their unused surplus bioprocessing equipment. The equipment was for commercial manufacturing of recombinant protein products produced by microbial fermentation. Click here to download an informational brochure»

Facility Tour Video
Area Flow Diagrams Click to download PDF»

Equipment List
  • Solution Prep Autoclave (30-AC-50501)
  • Equipment Prep Autoclave (30-AC-50601)
  • 80L Fermentation Skid (30-X-52501)
  • 1750L Fermentation Skid (30-X-52601)
  • Harvest Vessels Skid (30-X-53201)
  • Depth Filtration Skid (30-X-53501)
  • Laminar Flow Hood (30-FH-55701)
  • Sanitary Peristaltic Pump (x12)
  • Sanitary Filter Housing (x5)
  • Homogenizer Skid (30-X-53601)
  • Sanitary Stainless Steel Can (14)
  • Bulk Benchtop Filler (30-X-55701)
  • Solution Prep Skid (30-X-51301)
  • Bench Top Agitiators (x2)
  • TFF (UF/DF) System (30-X-53701)
  • TFF (UF/DF) System (30-X-55601)
  • Chromotography Skid (30-X-55101)
  • Packing Vessel Package (30-X-55001)
  • Packing Skid (30-X-55002)
  • Fermentation Filter Carts (x2)
  • Purification Filter Cart (30-CT-55001)
  • Slurry Vessel CIP Cart (30-X-55003)
  • Process Air Filter Assembly (30-X-64501)
  • Nitrogen Air Filter Assembly (30-X-65501)
  • Air Driven Magnetic Stirrer & Ethanol Vessels (30-MSB-55001)
  • Equipment Prep Parts Washer (30-X-50201)
  • 50L, 2x500L, 1000L Single-Use Bag Mixing System (x4)
  • Incubator Shaker (30-INB-52101)
  • Containmentation Weigh Booth (30-LH-51001)
  • Jacketed Bag Holders (x14)
  • Bag Holders (x22)
  • Electric Hoists (x4)
  • Dust Extraction Arm (30-DC-51301)
  • BioSafety Cabinets (x3)
  • Column Packing Fume Hood (30-LH-55001)
  • CIP Skid (30-X-63201)
  • PUW Storage (30-X-60501)
  • WFI S&D (30-X-61501)
  • PUW Generation System (30-PUW-60101)
  • WPT System (30-WPT-60101)
  • WFI Still (30-WFI-61101)
  • CSG System (30-CSG-62101)
  • BioWaste Inactivation System (30-X-21501)
  • Waste Neutralization Skid (30-X-20501)
  • Lift (Transfer) Stations (30-X-20201/2)
  • QC Autoclave (10-AC-30501)
  • Fume Hood

All equipment is available for inspection. If you have questions, or would like to schedule an inspection, contact an EquipNet Sales Representative today!
Email: sales@equipnet.com
Phone: +1 781-821-3482

No listings found matching your criteria