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Surplus R&D Equipment Available in MA

Featuring GE Healthcare Biacore 3000 Automated Surface Plasmon Resonance Analyzer

EquipNet is working with a leading R&D company to help sell its surplus laboratory equipment in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This project's inventory features: Sterilizers, Pumps, Roller Drums, Balances, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Analyzers, Spectrophotometers and much more.

OEM's for these assets include GE Healthcare, Beckman Coulter, Bayer Healthcare, Waters, CEM Corporation, Perkin Elmer, Bausch and Strobel, and many other respected manufacturers.

All equipment is available for inspection. If you have questions, or would like to schedule an inspection, contact an EquipNet Sales Representative today!

+1 781.821.3482 sales@equipnet.com


Listing 577851
Category: Analyzer
Location: USA
Manufacturer: Roche Diagnostics

Listing 525851
Category: Analyzer
Location: USA
Manufacturer: GE Healthcare

Listing 525852
Category: Liquid Handler
Location: USA
Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter

Listing 526134
Category: Blood Cell Analyzer
Location: USA
Manufacturer: Bayer Healthcare

Listing 527259
Category: Spectrometer
Location: USA
Manufacturer: Aviv

Listing 539060
Category: PCR and Thermal Cycler
Location: USA
Manufacturer: Agilent

Listing 577669
Category: Microplate Washer
Location: USA
Manufacturer: BioTek Instruments

Listing 577579
Category: Refrigerator
Location: USA
Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Scientific