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Various Lab and Analytical Equipment

Round Lake, IL USA

EquipNet is working with a pharmaceutical manufacturer in Round Lake, IL USA to sell their surplus lab & analytical gear from a research facility. The inventory features: unused 8 port isolator glove box, thermogravimetric analyzer, ELS detector, 60 gal stainless steel steam kettle, (2) ELSD 2000 detector, 2100 bio analyzer, isolator hood, UV visible spectrometer, gas chromatograph, triple door refrigerator, biological safety cabinet, dispensing robot, density/specific gravity meter, stero pycnometer, laboratory press and gauge, freezer, (4) 60 PSI pressure gauge, laboratory oven, head space analyzer, vacuum pump, 1000 PSI pressure gauge, 0.25 inches of water pressure gauge, and much more. Some of the larger pieces of equipment are still installed.

OEMs for these assets include: Carslisle Life Sciences, TA Instruments, Waters Acquity, Groen, Alltech, Agilent, Plas Labs, Cary, VWR True, Baker, New Precision Technology, Mettler Toledo, Quantachrome, Carver, Anderson, Thelco, Light House Instrument, Welch, Wika and many others. If you are currently in the market for lab equipment, this is certainly a project to keep an eye on.

Listing 462351
Category: X-Ray
Location: USA
Manufacturer: Horiba