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About Us
EquipNet is a leading provider of proactive asset management solutions and services to leading corporations in the biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical, and consumer packaged goods industries, such as Merck, Novartis, Unilever and many others. EquipNet’s vision is to revolutionize the way companies manage their surplus assets by maximizing financial returns and minimizing the risks associated with idle capital assets.

EquipNet Services
Demolition Planning
The Service
EquipNet can provide your company with the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills to successfully plan and execute a demolition project. EquipNet serves as general contractor for your demolition project. This service includes the following activities:
  • Project analysis and expectation setting
  • Development of a demolition scope and process
  • Valuation of your surplus and used equipment
  • Scrap estimation and calculations
  • Pre-screening, qualifying, bidding, and contract negotiations with a third-party demolition sub-contractor
Why choose EquipNet?
  • Leverage industry contacts and expertise.
    Due to our many joint projects, EquipNet has strong relationships with numerous demolition companies, so we can connect you to the appropriate contractor for your needs. EquipNet can help you find the right-sized contractor for your particular project. You won't mistakenly hire an over-qualified or under-qualified contractor.

  • Centralize demolition project management.
    EquipNet can manage your project from beginning to end; from evaluation through demolition and from asset valuation through scrap. As your project manager/general contractor EquipNet can help you stay on schedule and complete your demolition project in a timely and safe manner.

  • Avoid costly mistakes.
    EquipNet's extensive experience with demolition projects can help you avoid potential setbacks and expensive pitfalls.

  • Maximize value.
    Many companies mistakenly give away valuable assets or destroy them along with the building during the demolition process. We can help you identify, evaluate, and liquidate valuable assets through the best possible channel before demolition begins.