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About Us
EquipNet is a leading provider of proactive asset management solutions and services to leading corporations in the biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical, and consumer packaged goods industries, such as Merck, Novartis, Unilever and many others. EquipNet’s vision is to revolutionize the way companies manage their surplus assets by maximizing financial returns and minimizing the risks associated with idle capital assets.

EquipNet Services
Auction Services
EquipNet's Auction Services are part of our overall Clearance Liquidation StrategyTM designed to get you the highest possible value for your idle and surplus assets.
EquipNet generally recommends auctions to cost effectively clear a large volume of equipment in a limited amount of time. Depending on the asset class and your time frame, EquipNet offers a variety of auction options.
  • Live and Webcast Auctions.
    EquipNet manages the sale of pre-owned, used and unused equipment at a live auction with online bidders participating remotely via a simultaneous Webcast. Our Live and Webcast Auctions are often the right option for sellers with significant quantities of equipment or for companies that are downsizing and need to liquidate equipment quickly. With a Live and Webcast Auction, EquipNet specialists visit a seller’s facility to inventory and prepare the equipment and the site for a live auction. The EquipNet Marketing team promotes the auction to a targeted group of potential buyers. On auction day, EquipNet auctioneers conduct live bidding at the seller’s facility and manage the bidding of remote bidders via the webcast. EquipNet collects and manages distribution of funds and oversees equipment removal. Where a seller’s facility might not allow for a live, on-site auction, we can conduct all bidding over the Internet via the webcast.

  • EquipNet Online Auction.
    EquipNet's Online Auctions are conducted entirely on the web utilizing a "high-bidder-wins" competitive bidding process to sell pre-owned equipment. The Online Auctions are hosted on the EquipNet website using our own proprietary auction software. An Online Auction is often the right option for sellers that want to liquidate assets that have not sold on the EquipNet MarketPlace™.

  • Sealed Bid Offering.
    EquipNet offers a seller's pre-owned equipment in a closed or sealed bid environment. As part of this service, EquipNet markets the items and, when they sell, EquipNet will manage the payment and shipping. The Sealed Bid Offering is often the right option for hard-to-move equipment without a lot of potential buyers.

  • eBay Store Buy-it-Now.
    A Buy-it-Now listing is posted for a month in the EquipNet eBay Store with a price set at a level that the owner has already approved as an acceptable offer. The Buy-it-Now option allows sellers to liquidate their items in a timely manner, but still remain in control of the selling price. In turn, buyers have an opportunity to purchase pre-owned equipment at a pre-determined, non-negotiable fixed amount at a considerable cost savings over the price of new equipment.

  • eBay Store Seven-day Auction.
    The Seven-Day Auction on the EquipNet Store is often the right solution for selling lower-cost, high-turnover items that would appeal to a broad customer base. Sellers send us their used equipment and we photograph, inventory, catalog, and post to the EquipNet eBay store for auction. Remote sellers can choose to supply us with inventory detail and images and manage their own shipping.

Auctions PlusTM
Sometimes, you don't have time to use our traditional auction channels. Companies that must liquidate assets quickly can choose to take advantage of EquipNet's Auction PlusTM service. Your surplus and used equipment is sold as part of an accelerated process:
  • Step 1 - Set an auction date and create a "MarketPlace™ Push" listing.
    Your high-value items will immediately be listed on the EquipNet MarketPlace™ with an intensive marketing push designed to sell quickly.

  • Step 2 - The Auction.
    The assets that do not sell during the MarketPlace™ Push phase will be included in the pre-scheduled auction.

  • Step 3 - Post-Auction MarketPlace™.
    While historically, a high percentage of premium assets sell during the MarketPlace™ Push and/or the prescheduled Auction, we will repost your equipment to the MarketPlace™ and market those listings that are not sold during Steps 1 and 2.
Why choose EquipNet?
  • Benefit from the overall strategy.
    Auction and Auction PlusTM services are offered as a part of the EquipNet Cascading LiquidationTM Strategy. We are committed to getting you the best price possible for your particular assets. It's a seamless transition to move your equipment from MarketPlace™ to Online Auctions.

  • Trust the experts.
    We have unsurpassed industry and equipment expertise to ensure accurate listings.All EquipNet Auction services are supported by licensed auctioneers and a full-time Auction staff.

  • Value experience and success.
    EquipNet has been providing successful equipment auctions for several years. EquipNet is a Power Seller on eBay with a 98% positive feedback rating.

  • Meet all your buyers' needs.
    We offer buyers additional services such as hosting inspections, shipping activity management, and bidding reports.

  • Target prospective buyers directly.
    EquipNet has an extensive database of pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, and consumer packaging companies and highly-targeted marketing systems to reach these prospective buyers.

  • Utilize state-of-the-art technology.
    Our proprietary EquipNet Online Auction software utilizes the latest technology.

  • Pay only for success.
    We guarantee clearance—if an item doesn't sell, we scrap it at our expense.